Chapo subreddit: Marx didn't like this "revolution" stuff actually

Chapo subreddit: Marx didn't like this "revolution" stuff actually

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How'd gun control work out for Allende? Fucking socdem cucks.

Yawn keep your shit in the containment thread

if you think that's bad, check out their current book club book

The person isn't saying that Marx doesn't like revolution, just that he considered armed insurrection to be infeasible and not strategic in many industrialized nations. If Marx were alive today he'd probably be accused of being a reformist by many of the more infantile tankies. I'm not a huge Chapo fan, but you're misreading the fuck out of that post.

Marx was a reformist socdem in his later years tbh


Liberals are everyone unfortunately. Check our own cyclical if you don't believe me

Yeah, that's not true. Reformism isn't necessarily SocDem, and Marx only advocated for reformism when it was strategically appropriate, which it was later in his life.

Socdems were different back then than today

If you support violent revolution for the sake of violent revolution instead of as a last resort you're incorrect.
You're also incorrect if you advocate for doing nothing or even cheering if the State makes moves to impair your ability to effectively resist it.


I get that, but the difference is that Marx advocated for reformism because it was tactical, whereas the socdems advocated for it on ideological grounds.

Further down the thread the dude is quote mining Marx trying to turn him into a market socialist and using ancap tier logic to conflate isolated commodity production in feudalism to generalized commodity production. Fucking succdems.

stop pretending that any social network is homogeneous

this is even lamer than that, it's not about their opinions it's a thread to complain about a subsection of their fanbase's opinion in their reddit fanclub, and specifically in a thread where the majority opinion is "don't take away guns"

nothing has ever deserved saging more


I hate to say it, but I think we all knew this day would come: It's time to gulag Marx, the filthy liberal.

No he wasn't you shithead

I hate Marxology of this type so fucking much.

Is anyone calling him out on this BS or is the thread just eating it up? I expect the latter considering it is reddit and he's got tons of upboats.

That subreddit is actually pretty torn, both sides have upboats.
With chapo being vaguely leftist but actually funny they've attracted succdems, MLs, and orthodox communists in equal amounts. It's always a shitshow when they actually start talking theory.

The struggle session never ends

So much for the violent, well armed revolutionary left!

The horror

Chapo have talked shit about their reddit page, it's its own self contained pit.

It's always the same handful of liberal pansies too

The page was fine before 10k but yeah it's fucking garbage now

weird that its quality seems to fluctuate parallel to here so much

Sometimes I hate this fucking board. The truth of the matter is, we haven't the faintest idea of how much (if any) violence will be needed for a successful revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist class in any particular country. It all depends on material conditions.

Sure, but the main argument behind keeping proles armed isn't about going 0 - full revolution anyway but about the power imbalance with the state under society as it stands now. There's a reason cops are more afraid to get into a standoff with right wing loons than with any average group of libs

That's fair. I certainly don't believe in disarming people in general, but I do think it's a little ridiculous that America has a shitload of safety standards, bureaucracy, and tests for driving a motor vehicle but getting a semiautomatic rifle can be a simple as going to a gun show and handing them the cash.

It's ridiculous that this, of all things, is causing such a shitshow when any form of gun control is probably even less popular among Republicans than Medicare for All

Like shit ain't gonna happen anyways

I actually think it's a good thing I don't get stuck in some database just for buying a gun. Would be almost no effort to cross reference their activist database with gun owners to see who they think is the biggest threat real or imagined.

Gotta stir shit up to drive up gun sales.

Wow, what a surprise.

The difference between Bundy Ranch mysteriously being fucked off from, versus Standing Rock getting walked all over, was like night and day. Nothing says you're serious quite like hundreds of rifle-toting protestors.

Culture influences personality

Nothing destroyed the internet more than the forces that lead to the inevitable construction of this website. You are angry you got banned from FYAD.

Or, the ironic illuminati is very real and bent on destroying your freedom.

It's causing a shitshow because there are like a dozen fags from /r/leftwithoutedge that correctly saw that a bunch of edgy liberal idiots just LARP all day and then incorrectly decided that "good socialism" should be about being more polite and agreeing with liberals at least half the time. They brought their retarded liberal audiences with them and shit up the only marginally good sub (which isn't saying much since it's still leddit). On the other hand because it was the only marginally good sub for so long it attracted people who are legitimately socialists and farther left than anyone else there and any time real praxis is relevant they speak up and get shot down by the lurking libs that otherwise never say shit

yes I know I'm a faggot for knowing/caring


My least favorite, cringiest thing I ever see here is people who grew up on 4chan thinking that SA was some big super-secret club hivemind secretly controlling the internet (and they only think that because it's a mirror image of all the gay "we r legun" autism on Holla Forums)

The rest of your post is basically correct though, reddit is garb and leftists need to arm themselves

FYAD were literally the Patriots and anyone who tells me otherwise is a god damn sjw

The worst part is that liberal analysis is just about muh privilege and goes no deeper than that. Pathetic

really deflates my balls

It's not that it was a secret club. If anything, quite the opposite, that it encouraged the formation of cliques, the sort of cliques that were prone to leverage and subversion by sociopathic powermongering losers.

Who the fuck cares this was shit from like ten to five years ago

If you see someone being ironic its actually secret code because posting is the most important duty of any social internet conspirator. If you make ironic jokes you are Revolver Ocelot.

This is what State and Revolution was made for, jesus.

I can tell from the thumbnail this picture is really going to gargle my balls.

Irony twatter is cancer, not in quite the same way as the rabid SJWs that evolved from the same rancid primordial soup, but cancer nonetheless. Because it discourages actual principled ideological expression, in favor of postmodernist pseudopolitical masturbation.

Yes, those exact screenshots are what every single person who spend their childhood on Holla Forums saw and freaked out about around the relevant time, mostly because SRS was the big boogieman of the time. It all hinges on the idea that SRS = SA = the driving force behind idpol liberals which everyone who spends any time here (or really any leftist) should know better

But don't you know that reading lenin automatically makes you a tankie?

…no seriously, that's what this lib retard thinks unironically


goddammit chapo

Maybe nobody wants to talk to you about politics because everyone has to go through hoops to make sure they didn't post on FYAD and what jokes they tell in order to be considered worthy, because you're all weird and ruined my fun

They obviously are far from the sole driving force, the cancer in academia greatly antedates them, and the evolution of the stereotypical Tumblrina is an independent phenomenon. But the goon diaspora cancer has metastasized into a particularly extensive one online, where it blankets every moderator and community position, and within journalism/HR, where it forms an impenetrable network of incestuous nepotism.

Also, goons have (much as with Holla Forumsacks on the right) formed a model of how to obtain and consolidate influence through online corporate presences for those other tendrils of SJW-dom such as academia and Tumblrinas.

That's funny because I don't think anyone on Chapo likes the book. I think even the writer has said it was shit.

this is where you lose me, and I've never seen any convincing evidence of it. In fact, when I ask for it, all I get is the screenshot you gave me (which I've seen myself because I grew up on Holla Forums like most of the users here, and basically just says that SRS feminists also used SA) or just accuse me of being a goon myself (even though I think paying for internet friends is possibly the gayest possible idea)

check the thread, it's a weird troll job and most of the thread is people saying they won't read it

Truly, Felix Biederman and Adam Friedland deserves all the credit in the world for ruining your day every time their content is mentioned.

Stop posting this video of me

There are Redditors among us

hmm go on

NEVER trust a socdem


This is the least materialist thing I've ever read

Why is this not surprising.

Why is this not surprising.

user, FYAD ended up creating SJWs.

This. Socialism is for kids. Once you're older you will understand.


Nah, from what I'm seeing people seem to defend it

red liberals are obnoxious

You are all responsible. How can you sleep at night?

With a loaded shotgun.

We're already at the last resort stage.

Top comment is to read "Don't bother reading Settlers" by Ross Wolfe instead. Second is complaining that 11 comments to fuck with everyone else are why it's the chosen book. Next is just straight up bringing up a totally different book for next time and the one after that is a "Settlers lets you say the n-word" joke. So no, this is literally not true

CTH is liberal as all shit. I don't know why you retards listen to that garbage.

wtf I hate Chapo now

He's right.

Back in the mid to late 00s, yeah sure. SA was definitely the driving force behind a lot of things. Now? Lol

D&D is a shell of it former self. Pretty much every single poster of worth was banned long go. The only ones left in that shithole are the mentally ill contrarians and liberals.

GBS is basically just 4chan now and has been for years.

LF was closed down and all its good posters were permabanned or migrated to twitter/one of the several-LF off-shoots

Lowtax disappears for months at a time and then comes back when he needs some extra money and goes on a banning spree

SA is a complete joke now

No, he's wrong and any leftist that thinks that understanding movements is about analyzing cliques and subcultures and having the right cultural signifiers are the worst fucking liberals

Almost all current liberal strongholds on social media have some root in SA goons. That SA itself is dead is irrelevant to the infrastructure it helped build.

That's a piss poor excuse for an argument. The fact is that goons colonized reddit to give us the fempire and birthed sjws who were the vanguard of today's rainbow capitalists.

No, I'm here.

LF was the first place I ever saw people shit on the troops and cops online and IRL, true story. I got banned years ago in YCS though.

Semper Games!

You're the one that needs to provide an argument that this happened besides "prominent people used a prominent networking site". It's seriously only a few steps removed from saying that using reddit makes you a part of this scheme.

Everyone was so embarrassed by LF they wouldn't even mention its name for like 5 years, but it probably did have an impression on the development of internet culture writ large. Hard to say though. Like was /srs/ good, in the end? But there is also a clear line from them to Chapo. Whatever. I think Rhizzone is the only offshoot left. I hope "WDDP" finally was put to rest.

That other guy is right enough about SA's culture really being responsible for the heavy-handed moderation across pretty much all online/tech platforms where it was possible. It wouldn't surprise me if the primary community manager for any given company was a goon. I don't think their approached worked very well outside of the walled garden, though. You can't ban someone from the whole internet! "Or can you?" I guess is the question asked today.

We just have to wonder… what if… what if we had chosen a different future.

you're a huge nerd

The alternative being having nothing, not actually being able to do anything, and getting blasted with water cannons, beanbag slugs and microwave dishes. They're not just going to carpet bomb city blocks, suppression of a revolution would mostly involve street to street fighting. The most daunting thing that could be used against them would be helicopters. Hell, even if they did bomb city blocks, look how that's been working in Afghanistan.

I'm actually ok with that claim, but the claim i always see is "if you used SA ever you're in on a huge feminist conspiracy plot" and not "all these asshole mods used to use SA". Two very different accusations.

I think Holla Forums is one of the last leftist refuges untainted by the SA diaspora and Jacobin/DSA/extremely online cottage industry. There's a lot of garbage from obvious false flagging and Holla Forumsyps but that just might be what's keeping the board from being appropriated.

lol so now D.S.A is also part of this devious fempire? Can anyone, just one person, give me evidence for once for any of this shit except "yep it's true"?

And yet current Holla Forums is flooded with Reddit refugees and Holla Forumsposters and most threads are shit.
The place was significantly better before the U.S. election derailed everything.

Again capitalists will never give up power. If there’s a crisis of falling rate of profit they’d rather kill us and establish there own communism, then give the workers control.

Holla Forums isn't any kind of paradise though. This place has become flooded with ex-gators and Holla Forums parasites

ex-gators and 8/pol/ are the norm for 8ch, though I agree they're both cancer

Goons became mods at reddit and other places, this created their ban happy moderation and ended up creating the fempire. The fempire was the precursor to sjws, or the rainbow capitalists who dominate social media. It's similar to how stormfront colonizing Holla Forums created the aut-right you retarded redditor.

This isn't fucking proof or an additional argument, it's just restating the same fucking copy pasted bullshit from halfchan circa 2012 you condescending retard

It's all true and you know it redditor. Kys or go back to your shit hole.

lol you stupid fucking faggot, liberalism is the natural and unavoidable ideology of the ruling class, and its conclusions - including idpol and sjw bullshit - are natural derivations of it. It wasn't invented or spearheaded by teens on the internet you projecting dork

I get you're triggered someone insulted your dear reddit but come on now, if you can't see how recognising where movements originats from is important you're a retard.

It's weird that this is your go-to when you're obviously a huge newfag and way more into reddit history than I am
It does matter, because it didn't come from your internet culture wars you had as a teen. Stop exculpating the ruling class by focusing on random people online

We both know you're from reddit, you can stop pretending otherwise fam.
You're a retard and should kys.

I didn't say that, I said you're a dweeb obsessed with reddit history
Nope, just someone who can see through your bullshit. Sorry that you think just saying the word "retard" over and over is so edgy and cool that you can replace any actual evidence with it?
I do recognize where it comes from, unlike you

Wasn't Holla Forums's initial population pretty much just ex-gator and ex-Holla Forums? I mean, I guess, there was some /lit/ too, but idk what else

Yeah pretty much.
the /lit/ posters were the only good ones

god you're retarded

Just what I'd expect from a reddit tankie.
You've stuck you fingers in your ears because you're a trigged fag. The ancom's evidence holds and there have been no arguments against it.
No you don't, you're pretending that the porkys conjured up the rainbow capitalists from air because lol fags are kewl. In addition you dismiss recognition of the conditions from which they organically grew, namely the settling of reddit by goons over a decade ago.

That's what they called themselves you fuckwit.

I honestly think the election was handled very well on this board. It did bring inn a bunch of newfags but that was expected. I still stands that tripfags like xexixy and rebel and their pretensions to becoming ecelebs on Twitter and YouTube, alongside the infestation of nazbols were the biggest drains on quality

Lmao you're such a projecting faggot

The perfect example of how fucking awful everyone who found the chans during the Obama years are


Go back to reddit edgy socdems.

I'm a leftcom, retard

It's time for you to go back.

Both of you shut up no one gives a shit


You're golden.

I will say without a shadow of a doubt that it would have been better for the internet in the long term if 4chan never existed and Something Awful took its place.

This is basically inarguable.


I wouldn't know where to go to get them tbh

They get posted here, I got that one from a tankie my golden boy.

Are you retarded, or pretending to be retarded? The iron grip of the fempire over Reddit is well-known fact:

As for IRL orgs like Democratic Cops of America, their infiltration is widely acknowledged for completely derailing OWS.


4chan was the last gasp of good goons before SA went full dumpster fire. Web forums were a mistake, I miss USENET.

Got me there, I've definitely seen every single post

If SA turned into a dumpster fire then 4chan turned into a dumpster fire filled with children.

wow really opened my eyes there

Too many people who were attracted to imageboards by project chanology

And that's one of many reasons why I was saying the internet would have just been better off if 4chan never existed while Something Awful continued to exist.

I like that the word filter has a better understanding of why this happened than you do


All the teenagers who were on SA a decade ago are cops (and not people who were led, infiltrated, or influenced by cops/feds) is definitely in the top ten retarded takes I've seen on this board.

hey that thread is me

please don't start this thread up again, the lurking aspies will start up another gamergate flamewar

some dude responded to this in another thread

ooops I posted it twice


there was nothing there in the first place fam

saying goons created social justice warriors is like saying social justice warriors created neonazis. some materialism sometime guys

Not to mention that the kind of problems described by "SJWism" were seen long before anyone on this board were born. Hell, Marx had to kick a prominent one out of the org when she was shitting everything up.

Victoria Woodhull? I'm actually related to her. That part of the family is still running the healing magnets scam.

Lmao my condolences bro

guys, what's a "gator"??

Literally the most peaceful bougie democratic example of socialist revolution was destroyed partly because of gun control

what's the tactical advantage of reformism though?

Is it because they're right wing loons themselves.

Are you kidding me?

Communism is not about "justice", but about improvement of society for everyone. Obviously it's ridiculously unrealistic for us to say to even the mega-rich that they'll live just as prosperous a life that they are now or better, but we really ought not be relishing at the prospect of killing or impoverishing them. They will have to have their living standards decline for the sake of the elevation of the majority, but it's not like we want them to decline or anything. Implementing communism through the ballot box will allow us to be as nonviolent as possible, which is a good thing unless you're a reactionary twit who cares about revenge.

Even if you're a nitwit who does care about revenge and think I'm being class collaborationist or whatever, there's the matter of the actual condition of the MoP to attend to. Believe it or not, oppression by other humans is not the only ill humans face! Communism seeks to abolish class distinctions and oppression, but the presence of communism doesn't really imply much about the "non-human" factors in the quality of human life. Revolution is destructive, and if revolution destroys productive equipment that means the quality of human life will decline. It's a much better situation if the MoP remain unharmed so when we reach communism our ability to fulfill human needs and desires is as high as possible.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying violent revolution isn't an option that we should hold open to us. It's very likely to be the case that even if communists seized control of the State apparatus that the bourgeois would strike back and attempt to seize control through violence which would force us to respond with violence or lose it. What I'm saying is that violence isn't desirable; we should strive for the non-violent option if at all possible.

Also, besides those things, there's the matter of making communism into an actual popular movement rather than just a thing some clique does, which implies participation in bourgeois democracy which implies reformism.

Read the other post I've quoted

What you wrote is the later, you're advocating for social-democracy on ideological grounds.

I was asking about the former, how is reformism a tactical move for a socialist revolution?

How can we overthrow porky from his power and seize the means of production if we just do it by whatever rules they define as fair and democratic?

Yeah sure we win elections and the capitalist class gives us temporary concessions, then what? They elect another Reagan and Clinton and then they push for deregulation and welfare reform. Or they give us concessions and stops us from pushing further because we had enough.

I just don't understand the logic behind rocking the boat only a little bit instead of rocking it hard enough to make significant change. It only makes sense if you think rocking the boat just a little is enough.

There's so much old stuff I wish I saved. Like that forums-wide banner "LF salutes the troops / of the Iraqi resistance"

Not surprising, considering the then-new head admin himself had a massive e-penis envy over LF's success and did everything he could to shit it up, since he didn't have authority to just close it down. If you ever get in a spat with @fart on Twitter, remind him to eat the eggs.

What happened to WDDP? Also I think there was a third one, maybe it was just LF, maybe WLFP, not sure.

I'd say Weird Twitter was the real precursor to socjus, but now that you mention it, the Reddit mod infiltration faggotry was a factor too.