Why do Americans worship Elon Musk?

Why do Americans worship Elon Musk?

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What's not to like about him? To normies, he is a visionary; to Holla Forums, he is an accelerationist.

Because Steve Jobs is dead and they need a new hero.

Why do Americans always pick the most retarded heroes?


He wants to build a greenhouse on Mars and drive around it up there in his electric car.

Musk is the last of the worthwhile capitalists, those deranged psychopaths who would grind a million people under his heel to accomplish his stupid ass vision of a transcontinental railroad or whatever.
Other than Musk, all we have are the Trumps, Kochs, Heffners, and so on who do nothing but build their boring investment portfolios (and call such piles of paper "empires" without even a trace of irony) and give boring, ass-kissing interviews, and play in boring political games they're guaranteed to win because they have billions of dollars.

This essentially.
I don't know why Holla Forums hates Musk so much. Yes he's an anti-union dishonest porky, but unlike hundreds of other US porkies with ofen even worse track records, he's using his wealth to develop new technologies that will one day benefit us all, like hyperspeed tube trains and so on. Plus single-handedly restarting the space hype is a pretty good move, I want to see a Space X or Chicom cosmonaut on Mars before I die, goddamnit.
Holla Forums should concentrate it's autistic rage on people like Jeff Bezos or Dara Khosrowshahi, those people are real 21st century slavers woth way worse than Musk, they're the embodiement of the "he just sat on it" meme, they contribute absolutely nothing to humanity as a whole.

Musk is basically the last Scarsdale Vibe

You want the technology for porkies to escape global warming and begin space capitalism before you die? The horror!


What space capitalism? Non-terrestrial ressource extraction still costs orders of magnitude more than it brings back and Space X or any other scientific breakthrough bar cheap light speed space travel is going to change that. Space capitalism only becomes viable once we've completely strip-mined earth and that won't be for another 500 years or so.

Like most Silicon Valley techbros, his ideas are fucking awful and sometimes even dangerous in hindsight.

t. Elon Musk

I'm less up to date on Pychon than I am on AMC, so I was thinking more of

Although it probably works out the same.

Unlike literally everyone else in Silicon Valley, Musk has ambitions that are huge.
Trumpbashing is passe, but he makes a good contrast. Trump honestly believes his piles of paper are important, his name being listed among the presidents of the USA is important, he honestly thinks people eat Trump steaks and read Trump magazine, and he can be fooled about what he has done.
Musk is that last reserve of history progressing by its bad side, in that no matter how much evil he wreaks, if he leaves a greenhouse on Mars no one can say he didn't. In fact, noone needs to say anything, since the greenhiuse is there.

Why do commies worship capitalism ?

I assume he has hired a PR firm to manage his image and promote him.


Okay, I'm convinced - he gets two bowls of cabbage soup in the forced engineering gulag.

If you actually check the site no jobs are listed you absolute brainlet.

This. He's an idealist but he's still a capitalist. On the one hand without him we wouldn't get the government helping to fund space exploration and shit. On the other hand people like Musk are like the "benevolent dictator" who give people hope that there's nothing inherently wrong with the position and will willingly try out tons of shitty ones out of nostalgia for that one good one centuries ago and the hope that they'll hit the lottery again.

To be fair, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates forced themselves into that position. Particularly Bill Gates, by taking advantage of competing computer science companies at the time, his deal with IBM lead the person who was going to get the deal to end in divorce and eventually die in a bar fight. I forgot the name of the company before that, it was a husband and wife. This was really early on in Microsoft's years.

So yeah, Bill and Steve essentially conned their way to the top and created the model for the computer industry tycoon icon.

I don't think it's a purposeful thing any one group of American does, its just the way the media reports on technology that makes it seem like that.

i did and there is jobs for you white supremacist non for black folk you piece of europe caveman shit.

I'll give him this: he has vision and is hands-on in employing his capital. Not my idea of an ideal future, but at least he has a conception of a future that is different from a perpetual now. It's a slight victory of human agency over cold capital mechanically reproducing itself, or bottom feeding rent-seekers like Shkreli.

Shkreli was a patsy, he was set up

Why does everyone here find the need to defend mouse boy Shkreli

because hes a white boy just like them.

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or at least give me the names of the books I need to read

Louis Pierre Althusser (16 October 1918 – 22 October 1990) was a French Marxist philosopher.

he was a "Stalin did nothing wrong" tankie who opposed emerging communist humanism

What is this shenanigans? I actually somewhat like Musk now. On the other hand, I wish free market nerd would stop heralding this man as some proof of the market's superiority, everything he does is either funded by the state or is built on technology handed down by the state

Why do you talk like a MSM article on Musk lmao

Humanism can't be communist.

Like for real
I didn't even know who this guy was and never heard fellow burgers mention him in real life either.


Because half the people here are liberals who uphold cultural signifiers over material conditions in judging anyone or anything.


That's pretty much universally agreed to be one of the worst simpsons episodes next to the Gaga ep., honestly.



Yeah this is why you need a classical education in addition to math & physics. That's some serious bullshit right there.

It's like talking to the average soccer mom.

lmao what


Elon Musk is a snake oil salesman trying to push fantastical garbage decades or centuries old as new, just like any old huckster.

People knew things like traveling around Earth by rocket or vacuum tube trains were a bad idea fifty years ago, but he counts on gullible porkies not reading history or being scientifically literate.

That explains how he raked in so much cash.


This is top kek, the dude must be an actual idiot to think that this is true in anyway.

Pls explain how it's bad. I'm totally willing to believe it but I want to prove it to my obnoxious stem friends


aka anti-marxism

go back to the hospital before you choke your wife

If you are going to distroy class consciousness by getting the proletariat to fight each other over petty differences like ethnicity than you must be cointelpro faggot.

I love being a Musk Melon farmer in Dwarf Fortress so you best stop talking shit of mah fruit!


A capitalist will kill a thousand men for some comfort. I dont see how people dont see this.


It's questionable whether it would ever work (let alone reliably) due to the engineering issues

But the manchild had fun playing with his legos that deign the fate of many.

Right. He's a garden variety libertarian who believes if you get enough CompSci majors in the same room; the magic of the free market will come up with a solution to anything.

Suffering is just an image on a screen or some text to a capitalist. They have lost their ability to see what they do and its effects on others.

Besides tube trains, I dunno, Paypal is fucking horrible

Because as a homeless drug addict, I am responsible for writing 60% of articles about silicon valley innovators.

Not to play the devil's advocate here, but people probably viewed trains and cars as equally dangerous when they where introduced (and for good reason, cars are fucking speeding deathtraps). All I'm saying is you simply can't disregard it because it seems dangerous

Nigger he just explained why it's dangerous.

You mean develop useful technologies that will be patented, and then price gouged or manufactured in sweatshops. He will hardly be helping humanity as a whole, rather he will only increase the divide between the poor and wealthy, while granting the ruling class technology that will only solidify their rule further. Not to mention he treats his engineers like shit, even if they get a nice salary; they often leave after a year or so of working there.

And don't get me wrong, I hate Jeff Bezos and Dara Khosrowshahi just as well, but I don't see a point in playing the "who's your favorite class enemy" game.

This is how you can define literally any techbro's invention idea.

How about dangerous and stupid on multiple levels?

Sometimes I think he spends all his income on self-promotion and advertising, which attracts investors to his companies, whose money he spends on self-promotion and advertising ad infinitum, like a horrible Spectacular Ponzi scheme.

Capitalism cannot be allowed to spread into space.

Why is he always saying we are in a simulation and scaring us… Oya another Jew scam


They do not have the agency to even choose their heroes


Aerospace Engineer here. Finally I get to use my knowledge here.

That sounds like a good point until you remember that most wide body passenger jets also carry "hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel" in them. The Airbus A380 carries 323,545 litres of fuel and even smaller jets like the Boeing 787 carry 126,372 litres, for example. Along with this, SpaceX is gaining a very good track record with their landing technology. A system of regular flights won't likely happen until they can prove that they can transfer that track record on to BFR, but if SpaceX keeps up the way they are it's entirely possible that they could be approved for such a service.

Only if you want it to be that way, the sky's the limit with rocket tech right now.

Have you ever ridden on any amusement park ride? Chances are you've experienced a sustained force of at least 3Gs, if not more. 3Gs is pussy shit. Unless you have brittle-bone disease you'll be able to handle 3Gs perfectly fine. Astronauts wear protective gear and have training in case of failures which could subject them to harsher conditions than a paltry 3 fuckin Gs. However it's likely that passengers on a Earth-to-Earth BFR flight wouldn't experience that much force as they are on a suborbital trajectory rather than the orbital trajectory of the shuttle. It should also be noted that until STS-51L astronauts on the shuttle didn't wear any protective gear (and even if they had they'd still be fucked). Now, the next logical question would be "if trained astronauts were fucked then, wouldn't passengers be even more fucked?" And the answer is simply that the Space Shuttle was a critically flawed design in terms of crew safety. The SRBs severely limited what kind of aborts could be done, and RTLS in a shuttle is a strange abomination of physics that I'm not sure was ever practically possible. BFR inherently doesn't have a lot of these flaws. The first stage not only has numerous engines for redundancy, but it's completely liquid fueled, meaning that it can't have the same failure as in STS-51L. On top of this rapid abort and RTLS is entirely possible with BFR, so if it does have to abort it can safely return in a way the Shuttle never could.

This is true, but this is where markets come into play. Systems like BFR likely wouldn't be directly competing with modern commercial airliners. Instead, they would be filling the niche previously filled by the Concorde. High speed travel for rich people who need to get somewhere fast. I can't really say whether this idea will succeed or not, as it's highly dependent on whether supersonic airliners become economically feasible (which I have doubts about too), but it does have a niche and if it succeeds it would also drastically reduce the unit costs of BFR.

This is also true, but Elon is correct when he says that reusability will be able to significantly reduce the cost of sending things to space. The current disposable rocket model is unsustainable in the long run. If SpaceX can achieve the reusability and turn around times they're projecting, then we are guaranteed to see a greatly reduced cost-per-kilogram, potentially enough to make it a commercially viable (albeit still expensive) transport system.

Are you ready for President Zuckerberg and Pope Musk to harness neoliberal capitalism in order to bring about the Platinum Age of Humankind?


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