I got fired for mentioning my union membership

I started a new job today, one which I quit another decent paying job for and when I got home my agency told me that they won't be needing me again because of what I said in private to a fellow worker about being a union member.

It turns out I got ratted out after I fell for some bait, I just asked if there's a union in the workplace, to which my would be colleague (the rat) told me that they don't have one as they get rid of union belly achers and no union will touch the place. I was disgusted and told him how I felt about porky and working class in general without going into Marxist terminology and said I'd secretly organise the place if I had to.

He apparently told the management everything and now I've been dropped on my arse. It's illegal to fire someone in the UK just because they want to promote or talk about unions in the workplace and I'm waiting on what my union are going to say which I won't hear from till tomorrow.

The nerve of some people, how does this bootlicker sleep at night.

The chans aren't healthy for you.

Sounds like an 'unfair labor practice' - hope your union's lawyers will go after your former employer


You retard. May as well dox the grass.

All in favor of purging classcucks raise your hand.

I was naive, people in general may not be leftist but from experience I've found that there's an unwritten rule that you don't snitch on your fellow coworkers if it has nothing to do with you.

I guess I have to reassess my faith in my fellow proles after I've recovered from this sudden derailment to my life.

Was he by any chance a low level manager? They're usually the worst bootlickers in my experience.

To be fair one would think that this shit was no longer accepted in the 21st century.
Welcome to corporate-dominated Earth(tm) all rights reserved.

You're a fool, user. If it is beneficial for your coworkers to rat your ass out, then they will do so. Porky's got it set up that way so the workers self-regulate and he can save money on unionbusting.

No, I knew who the supervisor and shift manager were. He was just a shit shovelling labourer like me.

I don't even know his full name, I hope it's the last time I ever see that bastard.

So what kind of dogshit family business were you working at and why were you too dumb to wait to figure out who the family members were?


It's actually a very large multinational food manufacturer, I never heard of it prior to getting the job and neither will anybody here but they have 3 plants in the UK, others in America, Asia and Europe too apparently according to their website.

Oh dear, how horrifying.

Someone used to rat me out in the corporate office I used to work at. My bosses would go, "Oh user, stop saying such mean things about the CEO!", so I'd shut up around them and only talk shit with my coworkers. Sure enough, they continued to say "Oh user, you're such a good worker and all our customers love you, you'd be perfect if your attitude towards the company was better!", even though I made sure to never say anything even a little challenging around the big cheese.

Sure enough, one of my coworkers got promoted for working so hard and they offered me my job back, like it wasn't obvious that he was the guy who'd been squealing on me for months and not saying anything to my face. I told them to fuck off.

If you keep Holla Forums updated and there is gonna be sit ins/protests etc I could maybe bring some bodies down from Scotland

Indeed I will, it'll serve as a lesson as to whether UK laws protecting right of free association mean fuck all or not and whether my union dues paid for legal protection for such circumstances were worth it.

What union you with? You a wob or a normie(clout) Union?

Unite, oh the bitter sweet irony should they be powerless or unwilling to get my back.

The stories ITT make me fucking livid, the fact that union busting is still taking place n 2k17 is fucking horrifying, and I say this as a conservative.
Right to unionize is one of the fundamental rights of every labourer and people who don't respect that need to piss off.

Well pretty sure if you've more or less been told you were fired cos of your Union connections they should be. Although the problem might arise that you were only there for a day. Keep us posted anyway

A conservative that likes unions that posts on leftypol, you seem v confuse user

google "right to work laws"

read Adam Smith, right to unionize is one of the basic principles of functioning capitalism.

I know what """"right"""" to work is, and it's proof positive that the American "Revolution" completely failed to establish a Republic of virtue and instead established a Republic of money.

hey some old fart said it so it must be true

And natural selection failed to produce virtuous beings. What're ya gonna do, right?


Not sure what you were expecting.

What did your union say OP?

I've got a "ticket" and someone is supposed to get back to me in 48 hours.

I'm currently scrambling to find whatever shit scrubbing work that'll take me on at such short notice, assuming I get full time work I'm taking a 33% pay cut.

My partner hasn't realised I've been fired yet, I told her I'm having a late start as I'll be training in a different department and I'll let her know later that I got sacked for being 15 minutes late, she'd wouldn't let me live it down if I told her I was larping on the first day of work, even if I've alway's had better jobs than her and her current boss is an exploitative prick.

Most people are sympathetic I've found so far, besides this guy goaded me, telling me how he used to be a union member a long time ago and how he went on strikes in the past and how Thatcher was a bitch (I didn't pay too much attention to this bit) but he did now say at 60 that he's too old to give a shit anymore.

Sage because I just bumped the thread a minute ago.

Guy's like op are worm food in a capitalist society.

I'm sorry that happened to you lad but you need to play the game.

You need to know which of your coworkers you can and can't trust and act accordingly,

To add, actually I believed I found a fellow comrade in that rat, I did not bother saying a single word to anybody else about my union affiliation who I worked with, everyone else I had a bit of casual conversation about what they were about but absolutely nothing political or contentious apart from one guy who had a sports degree saying how he hated working there and was trying to find something better (the job paid above median income) and I sympathised at how repetitive it must have been for someone like him and to keep his chin up.

This is the first time I've been baited and the last I hope, I always believed "if you don't speak up, someone else will", though at the same time I've never bothered to tell off Sun readers in my previous work places for regurgitating the antiworking class crap they were spewing so yes I'm a tactless fool who walked into this mess of my own volition, I should have just hid my power level and went along with it.

This is not at all true.

Whenever someone at work grassed me up I'd always drop them in the shit for absolutely every single thing I've noticed them doing that I didn't bother grassing for. When managers would ask me why I didn't grass at the time I'd just tell them that I thought they would notice since they're always doing stuff like that :^)

Loads of people are greedy little shits, he probably grassed you up for the hours. You should honestly go full Lenin style bully boy on him if your union doesn't get involve and kick the shit out of him some time.

OP did nothing wrong, ya cunt

Besides tell some fuckwit boomer on the take for grassing up union workers that he was a union worker.

i like this guy

This is true in some workplaces but not all you should feel out the environment first next time. In my old warehouse job as long as you weren't doing something to effect someone else nobody would rat.