Why do liberals still complain about "holodomor denial" when even the arch-propagandist Robert Conquest admitted the...

Why do liberals still complain about "holodomor denial" when even the arch-propagandist Robert Conquest admitted the famine was not intentional?

Socially safe stance to take.

Just a natural consequence of the socialist system.

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With the USSR gone, lies became even bolder. Even the diehard propagandists like Robert Conquest and Solzhenitsyn denied that the Holodomor was intentional. Go figure, most anti-communists go even beyond the claims of these wankers and of the black book of communism (Molyneux once claimed 150 million while the black book struggled to get to 100)

Soon it's gonna be 200 million, then 250, and so on and so on.

Riiiiight. OOOps, we sold all the food.


Extensive utilization of primary sources user, very impressive.


When will this stop?


What motive is there to holodomor denial if not to support Stalin?

to fight the fake news industry

I raise a counter-question:

What motive is there to support official holodomor propaganda if not to support anti-communism?

It pokes holes in the "socialism = starvation" bullshit more effectively than explaining why the USSR wasn't socialist does

To defend the legacy of socialism, to dispel propaganda which is used to discredit socialism, etc.


Recently debated a bunch of liberals on this, there argument was that most countries in the world recognize the Holodomor as a genocide, therefore, it must be a genocide and I must be some tinfoil nutcase to go against the official stance of most western countries.


to portray history accurately

the socialist system in the ussr put an end to famines


You do realize the only reason they exported grain was because the UK insisting on grain as the only payment in exchange for tools and machines needed for industrialization - it was a deliberate attempt to starve the USSR out, the USSR itself preferred the gold standard as a trade currency.

That isn't even true. I think Canada and Ukraine, and a handful of eastern european countries believe it to be a genocide. Even US doesn't claim so


wtf, the Communist party needs to break the coalition in order to get this removed.

pleasantly surprised by this

marx was wrong the planet was always socialist