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Why not change the board so that Anonymous becomes Comrade. I figure that one: it sets us aside from everyone else further, and encourages antisectarianism, which is something we need more of.

We gotta stop being so divided if we're ever gonna achieve anything at all (except for shitpost flags, obviously)



Calling people comrade is total LARP tier, both irl and online

I don't really see a problem with that. As opposed to being just user, we'd all be what we should be, comrades together against capitalism and the current governing regimes

This idea is very silly and I like it. Yes comrade

No, user is the only identity an imageboard needs.

I think you can post as comrade on /marx/. It's a tanke containment board anyways, you will feel right at home.

Forced tags are gay tbh. Show camaraderie by actions instead of labels.

no idpol reeee, user is my comrade

No, it's cringy.

Call me crazy but I actually like OP's idea, and this is coming from someone who would view calling other lefties comrades IRL to be cringy. If you guys still wanna rebel against social media or smth we can make it look like Anonymous Comrade perhaps? Take this to mod feedback cyclic pls

Eh, I'd prefer something more facetious and ironic. Maybe "Brother Number ".

By the way, I looked the quote up and the only source I found was Capital and its discontents, which in turn names no other sources.

t. I have never participated in politics outside of internet

Fuck off.
It is traditions that workers bleed and died for. We must uphold their banner and the struggle of working class to change our and their conditions.

Not everyone who posts here is our comrade

It's a tradition among leftists that goes back literally centuries, you edgy fucks.


I don't give a shit either way because it really doesn't matter.

I for one agree with the tankie

Make it Товарищ instead. Sounds cooler.

agreed, also that pic is cool.

We should just use the original German tbqh.

I'm fine with calling other anons comrade but I like being anons

it is a good idea conrad

Why not citizen?

Don't you have an anti gun right rally to attend?
Are you gonna line Wolff or Jimmy 'let the pork get the Cork' Dore up against the wall his time?

I like it

jeez even socdems do it
its not larping at all comrade

The people trying to divide us and promote infighting are either triggered tumblrtards or Holla Forums shills. Just ignore them. Don't feed the trolls.

It would be good if we could be. To become citizens we must shed our blood, and overthrow our societies. Then, and only then can we become citizens in our own right

broke: Anonymous
joke: Comrade
woke: Afroplasm

Fuck off, the rose is right this time.


The overwhelming majority of you aren't my comrades.


the bloke who replied to you>>2131603 is right, but also: maybe the reason you don't have friends is because you're a trot and split whenever they have plans?

no. This is liberal symbolic change and doesn't do anything to actually work through the sectarian divide.

go back to /r/socialism



ur just proving their point