Stonerthoughts Holla Forums, are trans-women in fact the (most) real women?

Stonerthoughts Holla Forums, are trans-women in fact the (most) real women?

To begin with this think of the difference between men and women, one can come up with many differences, but there is no difference that makes the difference, to designate one marker like XX/XY chromosomes would be to undo it, for it would mean the difference between them is only visible under a microscope, which would mean we only conceived the sexes when chromosomes were first observed. What makes women, women then is the image of the woman, this is not what tangible woman are nor do they need to be, all they have to be is being presentable as such (if this were not the case, porn would not be arousing as a .vid of a woman is not a woman). This woman can be compared to a forgery of a monet painting that is so perfected and so true to his style that the authenticity of all the actual monets will judged by it.

What is most particular about trans-women is that they are more true to the image-of-woman than actual women; they're bimbo's, they're manic pixie dream girls, they're moeblobs… it is not that they are lacking, it is that they have too much. That which is sought in women, a trap creates for himself, it is through superceding the actuality of women, that traps are closer to the reality of woman.

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Maybe gender essentialism is the real spook?

There is a ghost in the machine, in all of them.

Your argument rests on the assumption that before the discovery of chromosomes no one was capable of observing that humans are a sexually dimorphic species, and that therefore the entire concept of "woman" exists only in our heads. Which is of course ridiculous since anyone could tell you the difference between a male wolf and a female wolf, despite there not being a particular cultural difference.

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Of course, we can distinguish women from men with only a glance, this doesn't mean that there is one difference (chromosomes) that makes the difference.

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Traps are like extracted THC or caffeine without coffee.


Precisely, not just cafeïne, but cafeïne without coffee

Platonic idealism. If anything 2D women are the most real. Or perhaps 2D traps.

Traps are the only real people

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Traps are the only people truly free from spooks. Where men and women are locked in the crude chains of sex, the trap transcends those bonds, free to choose the form that most satisfies their ego. Where men and women are burdened by the demands of being "real" men and women - burdens which drag them down like leaden weighs and from which they can never truly be freed - the trap is liberated from those useless restrictions, flying like a golden (or whichever colour they prefer) bird to where their hearts desire. Men and women are but cogs in the ghostly machine of society, never truly free and, thus, never truly real. Only the trap is free and only the trap is real.

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Tranny here. I agree with this statement and I have no political or ideological bias to this statement.

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So traps are more real women because they commodify themselves into the image of a "true" woman? Considering how the kind of people that go to pride parades love commodifying themselves, you may have a point here

Don't start something you can't finish.

He's just arguing MTF trans people are better than women at being what men want women to be.

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Wait…So Song is actually trans?

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user, I…

Actually what I've found to be the case is that trans women tend to have a skewed perception of what femininity is, and they tend to try to embody the most stereotypical female characteristics. Ironically this is the furthest from what femininity actually is in the context of desire. There needs to be an indefinite, coy, playful quality to one's behavior. Most trans girls, especially new ones, only embody this quality in a shallow "look at me, aren't I so pretty" way. A lot of trans girls even give up on the ideal of femininity entirely and embrace their "transness" in a shallow, transgressive way because they've given up hope on ever passing, which is sad.

tl;dr: few trans women actually understand what femininity is, and even fewer actually embody that ethos, which is sad.

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I purposely defined definition in vague terms so that it would cover a wide range of archetypes, user. I'm not trying to be exclusionary. But it's not exactly controversial that femininity is largely characterized by it's relationship to the desires of others. If you're easy to pin down and define then you're not likely to be desirable in a deep sense.

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Except for menstruating, getting pregnant, motherhood and all that. Seems like your ideas of womanhood are a bit skewed.

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how fucking naive are you? do you think "hoping" will make a tranny pass? most trannies don't pass even when they're very young and as soon as they get older they look like lumberjacks with makeup and they know it. and you obviously don't even have the shadow of the idea what this means. so please just shut up. thanks.

Oh shut the fuck up, 90% of passing is behavior and style, which are both completely changeable. Attractiveness is an entirely different issue, but it's important to most trans people, and HRT along with exercise can really help in this area. Regardless, my point here (that you didn't address) was that most trans women I've interacted with have a warped view of femininity that profoundly hurts their ability to pass. Go fuck yourself.

Addendum: Yes, I get that some trans women have highly masculine features that are difficult to hide, but most don't.


thank you for spouting your opinions. you obviously have no idea what you're talking about yet compensate that with self satisfaction. now i know what blue haired hillary voting women feel like when they whine about "mansplaining".

Trans women are real woman yes

lol in what regard

Depends on the tranny. Some are super committed to femininity and pass super well, others are comfortable with baggage from their previous gender and don't pass. You're right though about

If you can pass as the opposite sex and don't tell people you're transgender, your life will be 95% the same as cis people. This is why people who are the most vocal about transgender rights usually don't pass. See "participation bias" for an explanation of how this impacts the public's view of transsexuals

The understanding of gender during the Early Modern period of Europe is pretty interesting due to the Catholic Churches strong belief that bodies should not be see naked or disected they where never able to confirm ones gender so many women just switched over to their opposing gender. This could of been for numerous reasons such as the advantages of being able to own ones own farm that a male had but the change was also made in vice-versa and little was ever thought of it and no objection was taken to it.

The fuck are you even on about? What's your objection with my post? You're retarded.

I always knew that "Transwomen/futanari" were the human apex of sexuality. Being able to dress like a slut while you fucks sluts is an ecstatic joy few will ever get to experience. The ability to look it the mirror and love what you see, it's like an inner heaven of sorts. I dream of a post revolution society where the social hierarchy has been inverted to serve those who have both female secondary sex characteristics and male primary sex characteristics.

ah yes, the classic argument that a fake or a copy of a thing is realer than the thing itself since a copy actively tries to be real.
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In the same sense that 30 year old Somalians that enroll in high school are the most real teenagers.

Here's the real woman red pill

Schopenhauer was the archetypal incel. His asceticism and hatred of women probably had a lot to do with his inability to fuck. Hegel probably fucked his bitch when he was younger.

can trans-women reproduce? then no

TIL post-menopausal, post-hysterectomy, women born without a uterus, and various other fertility issues aren't "real women"


Why do internet people love discussing traps so much?

Have you ever been around trannies mate

What did he mean by this?

Transwomen are not "the (most) real women" because they reinforce patriarchal standards of femininity.

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Considering mukes last video this seems highly possible.

Schopenhauer actually fucked a ton. But never in any of his personal writings does he describe anything that would qualify as romantic love.
What is clear is that he had his own struggles with deep resentment and jealousy. His justification for never achieving academic fame or prestige is such a clear example of sour grapes it's almost comical. I don't think it takes away from the insight in his writings but clearly he intensely desired much of the material success that eluded him his entire life. His hatred of women just seems to be a byproduct of the bitterness that characterized his personality. It has little bearing on the rest of his philosophy, it's just an unfortunate side-note.


Question for trannies. What separates you from tomboys/tomgirls?

I was a massive tomgirl growing up. I still kinda am. I'm not really into sports, cars, or outdoorsy shit. I liked Littlest petshop, Ken dolls, baby dolls and I hung out with a lot of girls. Granted I still liked things such as monster trucks, gi joes, and wrestling but I was fully comfortable and often had more fun playing house instead of playing with cars or transformers. I never once felt at any point I am a girl. I just liked playing with things that were seen as and promoted towards girls. Did this make me a girl? No. It made me a dude who had Ken amd GI joe riding around in a dream car.

At one point capable of bearing children
Pre hysterectomy they had the organs and body to bear children
Notice how the issues they face deal with inability to bear children
Had these issues not been present they would have been fully capable of besring children.

Not a tranny, gender dysphoria though, I imagine would be the answer.

spooky concept

Gender dysphoria is the issue but is identification with such bendable things such as gender really the solution? Liking girly things doesn't erase your chromosomes, reproductive organs, or hormones. Granted they shouldn't be discouraged from claiming themselves to be the reverse of what they were born or something completely differant but why is simply just saying that you like something typically associated with the opposite gender not enough?

Why would someone subjugate themselves to gender roles that were enforced upon us through culture and environment? What honest good would come from molding myself into a feminine identity? I don't wanna be a breadwinner and would love to be a homemaker but that won't erase my biology. It would simply make a me a male who wants to clean a house and take the kids to school.

Gender dysphoria is more than just playing with dolls nigga

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jessica bleeper

"man with unconventional interests and preferences" is not a potentially legally protected identity category that you can legislate around or plausibly demand others respect. Nobody will take your social movement to deal with oppression you claim to experience seriously when you're ultimately able to simply be identified as a man.


Of course it is much more complex but if we can agree that a common issue with gender identity is conformity to masculinity and femininity then what is the point of giving in and picking a side of a pointless label that holds no purpose. Hobbies, activities and interests determining if you think of your self as one with peepee, puss, both, none, etc seems unnecessary.


just go full bi and fucks guys

I think you are wandering into the "truscum" vs "tucute" swamp

Men are gross most of the times tho

Pls explain these words

hopefully someone more knowledgeable will correct me if i'm full of shit. my understanding is that "truscum" are trannies who think you actually have to be experiencing gender dysphoria to really be transgender + making an effort to transition and live (perform) as the other gender. "tucute" are people who think you only kinda sorta have to "feel" like you maybe "identify" with the other gender or no gender or whatever and you should expect to be treated as whatever you say with no particular expectations of performance.

something like that. I'm only vaguely familiar with this shit because some of my friends are transwomen - mostly I try to stay the fuck away from it

Thank you

No not really, unless you started at like 18. 90% is body, face, and voice. Got those in female ranges then you're golden.
No amount of behavior or style is going to salvage 6'+ nohipz