Best way to rebel against the society?

What is the most rebellious thing you can do in the modern, western world?

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Sorry about the flag, I didn't mean this thread to be a shitpost. I'm asking a serious question.

You mean rebel against capital, you anarkiddie

You mean, like, burn money, as Joker did in Dark Knight?

Be a transgender Marxist Leninist
Or feudalist maybe

Burning money is shortsighted and doesn't address the roots. Communize property, and, individual relations.

Can I trace all the way back to slave society and be more rebellious?

Yes, I think
I don't think tracing back to primitive hunter-gatherering would be rebellious though, just reactionary.

Squat, start a communal farm, dumpster dive and share the findings, start a local nightwatch-thingo. There's a lot of things really, they wont bring a revolution but it can help the local community a great deal, especially if you're in a poorer neighbourhood.

Be a virgin NEET. Pure Zizekian thought.

Do you have any experience in community organizing, and is it doable?

Not have children, not produce surplus-value, kill yourself. I wish I was joking.

brainlet mode: killing yourself as to not reproduce capitalism
galaxy brain mode: leeching off welfare while consuming as little commodities as possible, bankrupting the state and further plunging capitalism into crisis

say bad words like nigger and support the president and military

Work refusal. I.E going NEET.

Become a conservative. It's the nee punk rock!

Imagine my shock!

Fuck that. I enjoy having sex every now and then.

Shoot people. The richer the better.

I coulda sworn this was distinctively un-cool back in 2012…


Write class conscious graffiti on walls where the most amount of people can see it.



also bonus points if you the graffiti is in private property of some rich motherfucker

Kill yourself. You can't extract surplus value from a dead man. If we all did it, capitalism would be over.

Nibba I'm neet and I get sex daily

Nofap, duh.

Not a neet now, used to and it can be very hard and can take a toll on mental health

Be a responsible and productive man who requires no assistance from the giberment, which means they have less power over you.

This but unironically.
However, only as a combined collective. Otherwise it's a meaningless act of one person.

I mean, propaganda of the deed isn't for everybody, but you could at least throw a bunch of hotdogs at Trump and get killed by the Secret Service.

Live in a forest somewhere and don't tell anybody. Have fun wiping your ass with leaves and having no internet.

Not even being ironic. Kill yourself. Its the best way to rebel against society. Don't kill people and perpetuate violence among the working class. Don't have children. Kill yourself.
By killing yourself you are not just rebelling against society but nature itself. You are rebelling against the natural want to survive. You will have finally won.

Count me in, where do we meet user?

t. schopenhauer


being neet

Commit crimes against property, I swear it's more vicious and deplorable than anything concerning inferior human objects under neoliberal rule of law

Alas, I'm not entitled to any welfare. Damn my good health.

In an age where everyone is a rebel, the only real way to rebel is conforming

What skills do you have and what country do you live in?

Generally the best thing you can do is defy stupid laws and help others do the same. For instance, if you're in the UK and know a bit about programming, start working on updating the rubberhose file system to fuck over their draconian anti-encryption laws.

Quality reply m8.
Eastern european graphic designer reporting in. How can I contrib00t?

Unironically get a good nights sleep.


Alone? Nothing. What force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?

But through solidarity and collaboration, we can bring forth a new world from the ashes of the old!

Join a union, participate in a wildcat strike or industrial sabotage, organize a neighborhood watch group, or soup kitchen, or book club, or propaganda outlet, or even just get friends together and fix potholes.

Most importantly, don't forget to be grateful for what you have, and how far we have come since feudalism and slave society.

It'll get better someday, commraid. Ty for the cheers.

Google Bookchin

Unironically just be yourself.

counter culture is reactionary

Become the President of the United States by promising and saying ridiculous shit and then using all the money and power for your own gain. Then once you've had your fun, nuke North Korea and move to Russia.

After that I'd turn off my historically-accurate VR simulation of Donald Trump's presidency.


*Wildly gestures with hands*

Abstain from proprietary software and especially DRM.



Schopenhauer wasn't against suicide but he thought it was a mistake.