Be honest Holla Forums. Did he do anything wrong?

Be honest Holla Forums. Did he do anything wrong?

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He died

He messed up a little in some places but he over all didn't do much wrong.

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He went bald.

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He did a lot wrong, but considering his position it's understandable. It was hard to make judgements regarding how the international situation would develop, or what would and would not work in trying to establish a new mode of production. As Zizek points out, it was an admirable trait of Lenin to be able to just admit failure, jettison a previous endeavor and make a full-on retreat like he did with the NEP. All in all, I don't think many people could have done much better from the situation the Bolsheviks found themselves in. We can even give Lenin some extra credit for noticing some of the problems that had arisen in the rather slapdash way the USSR had come into being and attempting (unsuccessfully) to correct them whilst he lay paralyzed and dying. Problems Lenin pointed out include the lack of direct worker input in the government, the prominence of a bureaucracy he called deplorable and deficient, and the belief that the USSR could develop socialism on its own without the aid of either advanced Western nations or large parts of the third world, which he rejected, instead recommending that Russia should adopt a sort of coop-driven guided capitalism with programs to uplift the standard of living and education of the populace whilst they were in this state of total isolation.

Why did they take a picture of wacky Lenin? Then they stuff him and put him on display like the beloved family pet.
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ML states have destroyed organic socialism throughout the world, and lead to bureaucratic states that have either regressed back to capitalism or have become isolated.They may be better than the Tsar, Chiang Kai-shek, Batista or whatever dictator the US propping, but it ultimately fails in creating lasting socialism.
The left needs to move on from this past. 20th century socialism is a failure in the end and we should learn from the failures instead of glorifying its leaders. Many of these mistakes can be blamed on historical conditions of these USSR and other societies but this just proves all the more that we need to stop focusing on these long dead men except to learn what not to do.

When will the MLs apologise?

What do you mean? Chiang Kai Shek deserved it arguably MORE than Nicholas II

This is my message to all MLs and Tankies.

The Soviet system of democracy under Lenin was shit, Cockshott explains why somewhere in this vid:

The Soviets funded the KMT instead of Mao. Apparently only the Soviets could be trusted running an NEP.

They stopped funding the KMT after the white terror began, what's your point? The KMT under Sun Yat Sen was a milquetoast liberal party with socdem elements

Checks out.

Good post

Double tragedy, first betrayed ideals then denied redemption etc.

Also I might be recalling wrongly, but I think he regretted executing the October Revolution before the Second Congress of Soviets.


that's what happens when you get cold feet and try to back out close to the finish line. literally the only way this wouldn't have happened is if the NEP came sooner but that simply wasn't possible due to the civil war.

Source please

just one thing

Democratic centralism and taking dictatorship of the proletariat literally. All power to the soviets.

That was only when Chiang came to power, the KMT had already existed quite a while before that and even formed its own quasi state in the south of China together with the communists, which eventually came to control most of China.
They made a high production values propaganda film a while back with Jackie Chan, check it out:

This was the reason why I have stopped to be a fan of lenin.

Why? Because he didn't kindly allow an armed uprising to literally undo what they built on the back of a decade of war and civil war?

What a surprise that an anti-Lenin idiot doesn't understand Marxism

He could never have foreseen that it would go so wrong that the same year the conveyor belt was introduced to Soviet Russia they revised their textbooks to claim that the law of value applied to socialism.

cucking the soviets

failed to give all power to the soviets. (not entirely his fault since the material conditions wouldn't have allowed for it, but still)
crushed the sailors.
the right to national self determination was indirectly responsible for creating reactionary nationalism in Eastern Europe.

truly the experiment worked perfectly

Pretty much my position

Should've implemented proper checks and balances in the government. Democratic systems are not just a moralist ideal, they act as a very effective way of checking power and preventing corruption. Stalin's seizure of executive power wouldn't have been possible if the Soviet system of government didn't create the mechanisms for it, and in the same way liberalization and market reform could have been prevented had local populations outside the Party leadership had a say.

He was a filthy Engelsist and most of the structures he built up eventually turned rotten.

I don't think Russia ever had any experience with in its history with building institutions that facilitated good government even when the time was ripe to erect such checks and balances after times of upheaval, whether after the October Revolution or even after Perestroika.

quite a shame really

The NEP is exactly the opposite of Engel's vision


From a socialist position, some of the things he did were most certainly not "good socialism" but they were almost always necessary and he usually foresaw the potential consequences and tried to warn people of them.

If Lenin had the chance to do "good socialism" would he have done so? How much do you think Rosa's failure lead to the isolation and decay?

He was a great man, but probably a bit too dogmatic.

The best things he ever did was crush the Russian Orthodox Church and release the secret files from the Czarist Regime that showed the whole imperialist boondoggle that was the Sykes-Picot agreement

Absolutely. Lenin could be brutal, but his intentions were pure.
It was the single biggest factor. There is a 90+% chance we'd be living in global socialism right now if not for the German SocDems.

Revoking the autonomy of the Soviets and ultimately undermining any chance for proletarian democracy was easily his biggest mistake. You can try to justify this decision based on the immense stress the infant USSR was under, but I question whether or not it was really necessary. It certainly wasn't necessary to crush the rest of the Russian socialist movement the way the Bolsheviks did.

Press F to pay respects to the Left SRs and Ukrainian Anarchists.

Yea, he made some mistakes, but I don't think anything he did was unjustified either. He did what he thought was right.

He wasn't Stalin.

He died too soon.

nice trips but honestly Lenin would've done what stalin did if he was still alive

What? Fascism and Anarachism? Go to bed.

All power to the Soviets is still DotP, famalam.

Even before he died he was already shafted out of power.
They didn't even bother to honour his last wish.


Reminder that Stalin was Lenin's most devoted follower.

Nope, he was a great king, and his fiefs and nobles served him well. He laid the foundations for what would be a great big mighty empire!

post revolution everything. he fucked up, never reached communism, hell his state never reached even socialism

Disappointed but not surprised




I read the state and revolution last week and loved it. Do i go on with Lenin, what's next? Or should i move on?

When the german socdems failed to hold revolution, thus not coming to save Ussr, were the conditions of germany just not ready to birth the next epoch?

That Lenin pic will always be spooky to me
still love the guy

How so?

reeeee, as I started to learn russian it annoyes me so much

same here xDD

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I think he looks way better without a beard

Been in Moscow at his tomb, this is most spooky thing about him I think



Well then you might not want to open this pic because it's 2spooky4u.

Good lord. What happen?

Idk but it looks like he's been in a coal mine.

Vanguard party concept was always destined to devolve into tyranny and present a roadblock to actual existing socialism.

What did he do right?


t. butthurt Leninist

Jesus christ. He looks like a victim of severe PTSD.



That's literally everything mensheviks did. I know you're being ironic, but you're a retard.

Yeah but even though the meme is shitty the point still stands. Why the fuck did he not give power to the soviets.



The camera got its shit fucked up. And it was very late in Lenin's life so his shit was fucked up too. There's another, more famous photo of him wide-eyed, chair-bound like that. That and this one were among his last living pics, taken by his sister Maria.

Giving independence and the right of secession to Soviet states. Either enforce unity or suffer foreign sabotage and eventual capitalist restoration (which is EXACTLY what happened).

To add, Tito did the exact same shit with Yugoslavia and look where they are now.

Autonomy and self determination are code words for supporting capitalist restoration and nationalist ch!mpouts.

Yeah, Greaves uses that one as a profile pic. Poor Lenin.

While you're right, an obscure forum of lefty nerds who read all day is the exact time and place to discuss Lenin's mistakes

damn I'm very surprised I haven't seen this

how the hell was he able to write all that shit against Stalin in this state?

Can you link some of the stuff he wrote against Stalin?

Not that guy but old lets you organize his works by date.

Funnily enough, a letter he wrote to Stalin demanding that he apologize for being rude his missus or Lenin would break his relationship with him, was the last document he wrote or dictated.

he tried to get stalin voted out by other politburo members cause stalin was rude to his wife >:(

This right here.


OP asked what he did wrong.