Was Trotsky too smart for the Soviet Union?

Was Trotsky too smart for the Soviet Union?

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God, he had such a punchable face.

He was definitely smart, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten away with his criminal wrecking activity, but not smart enough to avoid being brought to justice in 1940

I am not particularly fond of Trotsky but you have to give him credit though, all the people who hate him are complete brainlets and know nothing about theory besides spouting "LE EBIN ICEPICK MAN TELEPORTS NUFFIN PERSONNEL KIDDO xDD" maymays.

Sage because I know this is going to be another stache circlejerk thread.

Reminder he was the greatest communist general of all time, without him the SFSR would've been another Paris Commune

Stalin was a listener, not a doer, and so he was jealous of Trostky's education, eloquence, always being the smartest guy in the room and the fact that he was Lenin's true sucessor.

This triggered Stalin greatly and made him create a bunch of anti-semitic and anti-intellectualist propaganda against Trotsky.

Trotsky bullied Stalin, calling him a brainlet. Trots are rude af.

Trotsky haters:
-Ignorant racist farmers

Trotsky fans:
-Ultra high Autism Level elite from Saint Petersburg and Moscow

Trotsky was the Hillary to Stalin's Trump.



who /alanwoods/ here? Not a trot but I could listen to his buttery smooth welsh voice tell me about bolshevism all day

Trotsky was too similar to stalin, and stalinism can only have one stalin.

Never heard a leftcom praise Trotsky


Trotsky haters:
-pretty much everyone really

Trotsky fans:
-Old Bitish guys in tweed jackets with ugly beards
-le ebin nuke man XD

fixed that for u gomrade


I want Holla Forums to leave

This lol everyone hates stalin irl

no one said anything about stalin. its possible to think both stalin and trostky made mistakes. Trotsky just had the ability to do better but let his hubris squander it. Stalin always tried his best like a good boy.


If you didn't want me bring up daddy iron man, shouldn't have posted that nauseating icepick maymay then.

He is. Trotsky was a faggot

Stalin haters:
-Orthodox Marxists
-Western imperialists
-Pretty much everybody really

Stalin fans:
-Edgy teens
-Former Nazis
-People with Schizophrenia

Happy now?

Yes, I'm happy. Thank you fam


No, I'm not fucking happy

The Stalin fans seem cooler here honestly

you're the one that's turd position here, brainlet

I don't get what you're saying, I wasn't calling that poster Turd Position, I just labeled that image that.

OK sorry about the insults, but all those people above except the last are as TuPo as they come, fam.

Anyone have the crying trotsky wojak?

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i cant listen to him for more than 5 minutes without getting a strong urge to kill myself. he's a fucking retard too.

im a leftcom and i like trotsky for recognizing that socialism in one country is the most bullshit thing to ever be bullshit, and also for recognizing that only proletarians can develop proletarian consciousness (fucking duh)

Of course he was too smart.Anyone who is too smart for communism is executed. That is the purpose of mass thought and equality.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING TOO SMART)


I don't think he liked that part of communism. The one you get shot on the back .

Hearty kek

he loved that part of communism actually


and all of us here love it too, so you'd better get going, liberal.

No need to repeat yourself there, comrade.

Oh no I've outed myself as an FBI agent.



is wikipedia an insufficiently rigorous source to convince you that the kronstadt rebellion happened?

No, but it is something that would be banned under communism

this is advanced bait

under communism i'd have free access to the many hundreds of PDF versions of books on kronstadt and trotsky to link to you. of course i wouldn't be able to, because under communism you'd already be dead, reactionary filth.

It really isn't, it's just some 14 year old declaring everything would be banned under communism.

A site that an "individual" can change whatever post he likes. Not so much communal.

Of course all other books of old era would be destroyed.Only the communist books would be available.History killers.

makes you think.

You are 14. Get out.


Keep doing it so we can slowly range ban your school.

what the fuck is this supposed to prove


I don't have ban powers, just be patient and someone will do it.

who cares what the fuck?


China under communism: Mass famines, tens of millions dead, children killing their parents of being 'counterrevolutionary', farmers melting their spoons into iron because progress

China under capitalism: Hong Kong, high HDI levels, access to luxury goods, nobody starves, education is promoted

at least 750 million chinese still live in abject poverty. just because things are slightly better in urban centres (where all the capital is) doesn't mean things are great in general
hk was a british colony until 20 years ago. that's why it's better off than the mainland
oh look they can buy the trendy consumer electronics that they and their countrymen build through slave labour. such progress
unlike in the past, when the government built schools in remote areas and tried to eliminate illiteracy

This, Trotsky was literally Clinton complaining she was too smart for democracy and the will of the people. He was a loner and in his arrogance never knew how to form political alliances.

One pivotal dust-up between Stalin and Trotsky came over expansion of the party: more industrial workers or more pointy-headed intellectuals. I have had Trots trying to persuade me that the election was fixed, one ‘tell’ being lopsided vote counts in some constituencies (like Hillary fans screaming the election was rigged by Russia and that Trump played unfairly). I could not be persuaded that there was something suspicious about the steelworkers voting almost unanimously for Stalin on this issue.

It bothered people on the left to see Trotskyists making a career and a good living out of writing condemnations of the Soviet Union, but it was that assumption of superiority, lofty isolation and exploitiveness (Very much like Hillary claiming she knew better and was the reasonable one when enacting shit policies) when dealing with the rest of the left that doomed them.

Don't blame me, I voted for Gary "What is Kiev?" Bhukarin.

Also, it is well known that Trotsky (and to a lesser degree Lenin) hated Russia and viewed it as a backwards hellhole, nothing more than a pivot to spread the revolution to the rest of the world, while Stalin loved Russia and held patriotic views.

This added to the whole arrogant rootless jewish intellectual aura (comparable to how we view rich liberals from New York today) that Trotsky had around him.

Sure was. I wish I could pick his brain

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It was an ice axe, not a pick

Too much of a diva.

Underrated post

Post source of this

I'm on mobile so I can't link but it's the Zizek/Kotkin talk on youtube. It's a great conversation.



But communism shouldn't be viewed as nationalistic, user, unless you are some retarded nazbol.

An ice pick isn't the kind of pick you're thinking about.


Trotsky is a proto-leftcom though

an ice pick is a small handhold spike for handling ice blocks prior to the invention of home electric refrigeration.

An ice axe is a type of pick axe, but it is not called an ice pick

Trotsky was a war hero that played a key role in forming the Red Army (along with the storming of the Winter Palace). Trotsky was the second most influential person in the Bolshviks under Lenin.

Hilliary is a nobody next to Trotsky, Trotsky's army defeated 11 imperial armies in the Russian civil-war. What great feats have Hillary done in comparison? What armies have been forced to kneel to Hillary's feet?

"there there Hilldawg we'll always have Libya."

yeah but… Makhno

What about him?

Yes, I agree, but holding open disdain for the country you are planning to rule is not going to ingratiate yourself to anyone.


In this case it actually is, though under most circumstances you would think it would be what you posted.