What's the difference between anprim and communism besides advanced productive forces?

What's the difference between anprim and communism besides advanced productive forces?

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You ever heard of dialectics? Advanced productive forces changes the shape of the superstructure and effective negates it. There would be many similarities since both are absent of class society and all of class societies by products (gender, class etc) but communism would be so extremely advanced that they would not look remotely similar at first glance.

Transhumanism a shit.

In terms of power dynamics, not at all.
In terms of human experience, there couldn't be anything more distinct.
Power dynamics are only important in so far as their impact upon human experience, so the two societies really couldn't be more different.

Both communism and anprim recognize the existence of contradiction between human nature and technology. Instead of completely reversing technological progress, communism seeks to adapt every technology to human nature via technology itself.

Anprim, like all anarkiddies, is prime autism. While they identify some (but not all) problems correctly, they suggest a completely insane and absolutely unrealistic solutions.

This meme is dead. The point was to show how both sides of an argument are silly, not to turn into an unironic MS Paint Comic(TM)

I miss the days when you could just joke about politics and not everything was serious and buried under 10 layers of post-irony.

And now even if you try to make a straightforward meme people will read the layers of irony into it. The only escape is meta irony and incoherency that defies classification or appropriation.

Post-irony is one of the worst things to happen to the internet.

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anprim is closer to fascism than communism, since the strong will survive. still not really bad and i can see where they comming from. anprim is way better than antran

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Well, Anprims are trying to achieve a sort of communism. Marx talks about "primitive communism" as the first form of human civilization, which is what Anprims seem to want.

The issue is that even if you're able to drag us back to primitive communist existence we'd end up back here anyways, historical materialism and so on.

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Technology is a denser version of our spirit technology we were gifted to by the gods. Proof: every invention comes from the etheric realm. We could do all things through Christ conciousnes if we became one with nature. The reason ancients looked primitive is because they lived in infinitely abundant worlds created in their minds eye. See Atlantis. This is what gods do. Not only does the government need to come down but the physical entirely. Give birth to the new age.

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