How do we convince classcucked burger rednecks to support socialism?

How do we convince classcucked burger rednecks to support socialism?

the bullet

you can't. even if we actually explain our goals to them, they'll just go back to watching Alex Jones or Fox News and convincing themselves it's just a lie funded by Soros and that we secretly want to take their toothbrushes and have queer gangbangs on the street.

put it in terms of freeing the burger craftsmen from exploitation.

Teach them about the Frankfurt School and show them how Hitler fought against the Banker Class that rules their lives. Intersect it with that Hell or High Water to nurture the anger… Not Socialism is the only realistic way to make a redneck turn socialist. Demonstrate that NS creates and sustains a moral and clean society that the Frankfurt School has worked to destroy.

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Talk to them about their own history

That's the best you can come up with?

There is no place to even begin with those people, the mid-west/rust-belt normie soccer mom conservatives are an easier target.

Just tell them that the anti-gun lobby is run by billionaire capitalists who want to keep the proletariat unarmed so they can never revolt. We-I mean redneck southerners love guns.

Stop defend things like abortion and legalization of cannabis, dont use communist simbols other than the red star, organize them and start build the dual power, when they start to feel how the media will start to talk about them, they will listen to what we have to say.

nah, that's dumb.


Rednecks love pot though.

You're the one stumping for nazis

If its a reachable political goal (or in this case, have some popularity among the redneck), go for it, if isnt, just dont do it. Its better to focus on one thing and suceed than try to achieve everything and fail.

Really? I always thought they were conservative.

Abortion seems like a thing you don't relent on, tbh.

Even if you live in a conservative country? So its better to keep losing elections and popularity among the workers, keep your organization irrelevant or even shrinking, and throw the working class in the lap of the fascism? And i am the spooked one?

Just explain that abortion is more or less consequence of capitalism and that most abortion is done for financial reasons. Tbh, rich liberals and hollywood types love pushing the abortion narrative because its a lot easier to say "Just have less kids and you wont be as poor" and how your life will be ruined financially if you have a kid in your 20s instead of addressing the conditions thatmake having a child a "burden" create place. Bring up the the stem cell industry and how lucrative an industry abortion is.

*that make having a child a "burden" in the first place

Rednecks and actual workers don't give a shit about this. Petty bourgeoisie """workers""" are the only ones who care.

First, for explain you have a communication channel with this people, which is your organization, if you defend the abortion (for example), they will not enter (because of the second reason) in your organization in first place.

In second place, you forgot something very important: religion, and you, like it or not, have to organized those people too.

It depends of bunch of things, economical situation, education, culture, religion and so on.


are you stupid? rednecks like weed

My incrementalist approach was always to push for worker co-ops as the first step toward democratizing the MoP. Just dress it up in a different way. Tell them that there's nothing special about the owner class. Tell them that everyone should own their workplaces for maximum red, white, and blue freedom and control of your own destiny. Tell them they're expanding capitalism by making everyone owners. Call it Super Capitalism™ or Ultra-Freedom™ or something.

Really? Mcdonalds workers who really can't afford more kids don't care about abortions? Women who very well might die if they give birth don't care either? Their families? Your image of an "actual worker" seems fetishistic. Abortion goes beyond college girls undoing their mistakes, it's a health issue as grave as any other. Keeping it illegal doesn't prevent them from happening it just makes them substantially more dangerous.

I don't think it's an all or nothing issue. Is the choice really ever abortion or fascism? My view is more that abortion should not be viewed as an "optional" in a socialist program anymore than worker ownership is. Restricting access to reproductive rights, and that's what they ought to be considered, is absurdly totalitarian and reactionary. I don't see why pro-lifers ought to be tolerated anymore than anti-semites.
If a person personally takes issue with abortion, that's their prerogative. I've met Christian socialists who have similar views. If they wish to restrict women from accessing it that's where a line should be drawn.

No, its depends of the mindset of the proletarian of your country/region, socialists in Brazil, Mexico or South Africa have relent in this case, if they want to be relevant. Im not saying that you dont have to defend the abortion if you live in US, but you have to be pragmatic.

Im not american, sorry, i have the wrong image of the rednecks.

Tell them how wallstreet is fucking them over


They already know Wall Street is fucking them over. The idea most people have of capital, especially financial capital and the blob monster that is Wal-Mart, is that they're somehow a necessary evil. As soon as you expose how unnecessary things like insurance companies and investment banks are you've pretty much created a comrade.

what does that video have to do with socialism

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Just don’t stuff like that.

*don’t talk about

Why is it so high for Turkey and Hungary? I thought they were pretty conservative countries?

It proves that it would be good to have them on our side.

Stop being such a fucking idealist. In a serious capitalist crisis, "rednecks" will become aware of their position in society and act upon it.

Dunno about Hungary, but Turkey was founded as a secular republic.

lel. they'll just work/vote against their own interests, as they do right now. you're the idealist if you believe they'll suddenly turn red and join our side

The jobs being done for us by a group called Redneck Revolt. Look it up yourself.

Again not true. We’re talking about a group of people who’ve spent there last eighty years voting against there own interests.

The majority of the people in RR aren’t even rednecks. RR is a joke.

Which has been ignored by Erdogan.

socialism will defend your guns

You don't; they will by themselves in time.


"The point is that society does not change its institutions as need arises, the way a mechanic changes his instruments. On the contrary, society actually takes the institutions which hang upon it as a given once and for all. For decades the oppositional criticism is nothing more than a safety valve for mass dissatisfaction, a condition of the stability of the social structure. Such in principle, for example, was the significance acquired by the social democratic criticism. Entirely exceptional conditions, independent of the will of persons and parties, are necessary in order to tear off from discontent the fetters of conservatism, and bring the masses to insurrection.
The swift changes of mass views and moods in an epoch of revolution thus derive, not from the flexibility and mobility of man's mind, but just the opposite, from its deep conservatism. The chronic lag of ideas and relations behind new objective conditions, right up to the moment when the latter crash over people in the form of a catastrophe, is what creates in a period of revolution that leaping movement of ideas and passions which seems to the police mind a mere result of the activities of 'demagogues.'"
-Lev Davidovich Bronstein

Teddy Rosevelt. Gotta started easily.

Make a really good TV series preachint it, crowdfund the money to put it on prime time or whatever and there we go. It would just further commodify rebellion, I know.

Explain that socialism is barbecues and guns and fishing forever.

Reeducation camps.

Fascism wouldn't have ever been a thing if that was true. The biggest problem right now in America is that everyone knows that everything is fucked, but the people do not or only partially know why. This has led to people holding onto conspiracies such as NWO ones instead of realizing that the worlds conditions are not because of some conspiracy of satanic elites that are just doing evil for itself, and not the way things are because of the nature of class and how it changes human interaction.


Tell them they're getting BTFO'd in their capitalist economy by Jews and Asian immigrants.


No, Rednecks love meth and pain meds. Source: I've lived among them.

You red liberals disgust me.

The majority of the Bolsheviks arent even serfs. The Bolshevik part is a joke.

Serfs weren't the target demographic of the Bolsheviks, the factory worker was.

Yeah, I'm sure a group led by literal college SJWs who preach "smash white muh privilege, die CIS scum!" will resonate with white male rural and blue collar workers.

We agree that capitalism is reaching a crisis point, and I think you are not categorically incorrect for believing that some of the people we are talking about will indeed change their beliefs about economic and political systems which have left them behind - however we do have to understand that, as times grow harder, many of these people will double-down on beliefs which are not only obviously just superstitions (their religions) but also their political allegiances (if every democrat-voter was dead the nation would be perfect) - that kind of thinking will also exist in these troubled times, and unfortunately it's generally a lot easier for folks to double-down on un-examined beliefs and believe themselves to be virtuous for believing more firmly than before than it is to examine reality a bit deeper, realize they were wrong, admit they were wrong about their perception of the world to themselves, and change their outlook on the world - especially if they live in a community/culture that would rather have them not question the way things are.

The material means of revolution will only get us so far - and steering that revolution would be a hell of a task.

Yes, they'll become aware of their position and turn to fascism because they are scared of the nonwhites porky told him want to kill him and his country through marxism

This user is correct - fascism, daddy worship, repressive religion and blind patriotism to a fictionalized idea of what their country is like is a much easier turn for most 'rednecks' to make.

Race is an easy thing to scare these folks with, unfortunately, and the idea that there will be more blacks and browns in the country than whites is terrifying to some.


I honestly think Murray-Bookchin-Thought would be best for the rural American south. It's spread between mostly small towns who resent the federal government, and are plagued by local corruption and a lack of civic life.
They'll especially get a hard on for "democratic confederalism", too.

I'm getting real sick of these determinist caricatures of Marxism


I don't even know what socialism is without anything to base it from, like a country, a city or any common people who are together in something to start of with.

In that way I can understand socialism always have worked out to a degree, because we are social animals. We want to help each other when we see somebody in need. Socialists in my book tend to forget the "when", instead they believe it's a "right" you can "fight for".

You have to add "socialism" to something to let it be a viable solution to a given problem, say poverty, health care, orphans, social problems.

Beliveing socialism can "work out" in everything is believing it's like a super glue solution - to everything.

Socialism can distribute wealth BECAUSE capitalism exist. Capitalism generates wealth. Socialism does not generate material wealth. Both, in my opinion, should be sacked as viable ideologies, but because they are so practical, we can't do that. We are forced to play by it.

The old, practical, "conservative", middle-of-the-road mentality is getting assblasted mostly from the left, nowadays. The radical left. The ones who don't got any viable solution at hand but to say it's all got to burn.

Humanitarians tend to forget how, firstly and most importantly how hard work really is corrupted by the world banksters and capitalists tend to forget human value.

The world banksters don't even see themselves as 'capitalists'. They're just filthy rich and know how to make more because they rub shoulders with the others who also rub shoulders with the ones who print out the going currency.
Anyone trying to stabilize a currency backed by gold is getting shoa'd. Libya, Afghanistan, Germany.

Rednecks are rednecks because they tend to get sucked dry by faraway governments, like all those ranches who've gotten court annexed by greedy suits and government officials and 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧other people🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. They always have, and always will try to be independent, because who, really, besides themselves, have helped them out, ever? There's a lot of shit to dig through in the civil war, but it's safe to say it wasn't really just about slavery and all that violin fiddle we get told.

The only way socialism can work is on a given, specific problem in a specific field, like towns, cities, or other fields where the borders aren't too changable. How we dig a well together, how we all get out to find the donkey that got lost. How we all chip in to those who lost everything in a fire. That sort of social work. That, too, takes trust to work out. Perhaps like half of the humanitarian agencies got a filthy rich CEO and they, too rub shoulders with the other "capitalists".

Races, or cultures, if they really can be defined, like all the different peoples, stick together, because that's just how it is, apparently.

I litterally can't even try to get what, exactly, will benefit anyone from 'fighting the authorities' - unless they of course downright are holding you down as slaves, literally enslave you, put you in FEMA camps in the police state of yours.
In that case, rednecks are doing Ghandis work, and I'd be morally supportive of those who wish to be free from any violent turnover of rights.

Ghandi is the biggest inspiration to me regarding revolutions.

A fucking Rose

I think Bookchin is a pretty weak theorist but I have to be honest for propaganda purposes he's far and away the best for Americans. Excepting Syndicalism of course

There is some groups already who are NAT SOC but not concerned with races as set..

These groups still expect Jewish removal from society.. Because they have the following problems (history)

1) cause mutliple large financial crisis destroying "normal" person's income with the top Jewish bankers making out mint

2) Degenerency of culture (porn worse and worse, music, etc, pushing for pedo acceptance now…)

3) total ownership and manipulation of ALL msm and all internet almost (and now they try to shut down 4chan)

Attacking Christianity relentlessly but not so important as many Nat-Soc are spiritual in other ways.


I dunno, something involving fidget spinners?

Dress it up as fascism, and they'll eat it right up.

this is perfect, actually

Clearly the best way as a wealthy bourgeousie communist would be to make sure they know how much contempt we have for them, then tell them they need us to save them from the even richer people.

Please elaborate. It's not that I disagree with you, I just want to know your logic.


probably by not screaming about stalin all the time

man i hate having these people on this website


If we told them it's the quickest path to gulag elitist fucks like you and other liberals who hate them, they'd switch their allegiance in ten seconds.

I doubt they're gonna shoot themselves. I also highly doubt a few college students and the 1,000 or so actual marxists that exist in America are going to overrun millions of armed to the teeth rural workers, who are pretty much the backbone of America's military and security apparatus. They're going to be the ones doing the killing, so you better stop listening to liberals who despise the working class and learn to talk to these people. You'll find, like most victims of capitalism who are too poor to have the time to care about petty shit, they're a lot more in tune with reality than the liberals and media who obsess about them.