How do we beat /r/socialism?

how do we beat /r/socialism?

We already have, we have a much higher user count than any of the reddit socialist boards.

the problem is, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

you know that's mostly Holla Forums trolls right?

This, the nerve center was a mistake.

this is an immediate concern OP, thanks for bringing this up.

the biggest thread right now is about kitchen nightmares.
there are plenty of other forums for serious discussion if that's your thing.

We beat them in active users long before that.

There's like a dozen more active threads.

Many of them have developed more socialistic views after spending a lot of time here

what about /r/LateStageCapitalism?

I dunno, but if you look at how many people regularly post Holla Forums manages a much bigger amount. It's been weird to watch us get so big and the notoriety that comes with that.

by posting catgirls and/or the word 'nigger' and watching them shit themselves with incoherent autistic rage? that's worked pretty well in the past


Ofc the post quality will go down as the board gets more popular, but we are beating /r/socialism by quite a bit, though they technically beat themselves.

1. Catgirls
2. Read theory


We will build notoriety for our absolute refusal to help others, then exasperated people will complain and educate the others. This will spiral as the educated become armchair, their students become educated, and so forth.

Wait what, really?

They have >100k subscribers. Really don't think we've got more than a couple thousand active posters


/r/socialism is inherently self defeating because they cannot handle people saying mean words, let alone politics. Not to mention the fact that most of their subscribers are actually permabanned, and a much smaller amount of people post.

Subscribers don't mean shit because there is no 1to1 comparison with Holla Forums userids. Daily activity between them and us shows that we are much more active whether that means we have more people, are much more autistic or both I don't know.

Once you're banned from a leddit board, you can't unsubscribe from it. Most of the subscribers are inactive or banned.

source please

In active user count we're usually more active than them.

More proof of the evil of moderators


Well Holla Forums?

let's hope tankies and pomo commies kill eachother

uphold marxism-archerism

This. Came here to grief, read a little, questioned my own views, ended up actually identifying with some leftist figures, realized I was wrong.