So I have ADHD...

So I have ADHD, and really want to read more theory so I don't end up as some shithead who's gonna regress into liberalism and think I'm an authority on things I'm not such as badamouse or muke.

How the hell do I actually get myself to read?

Secondary question: In an age where most people read so little, how are we actually going to get socialism off the ground when it requires so much reading to get a proper understanding?

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Fellow ADHD here. The trick is to make your revolutionary studies the entirety of your hyperfocusing. This will make it easier to build on top of your understanding of revolutionary theory and branch it out into other areas.

Everything you need to know*

If you aren't already, really consider using ritalin and so on, in specific limited doses for a limited period of time. It works magic and as a person with ADHD, with your neurological condition, you have legitimate reasons to use it.

OP here, I just got prescribed Guanfacine a few days ago, that should work well enough eventually I hope.

you'd be better off not reading rather than reading Bookchin

Read the Bread Book. It's pretty short and easy to read. There's a reason why most leftist start out as Ancoms and then become MLs as they read more. However you shouldn't just read. Leftism is not a book club. If you do that you will eventually transform into an ultraleft loser. Try reaching out to leftist organizations in your area.

Audio books, i have ADHD too and i use these as a means to learn Theory.
Some channels I recommend.
Audible Socialism:


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OP again, to be honest while I do admire anarchism and it's more individualist outlook, I still do believe in having a state for protection reasons while there are still other capitalist powers in existence.
I find myself leaning more towards what I read more about of Luxemburg, Council Communists, DeLeon, and other statist syndicalists like DeLeon.

Also OP, thank you very much for this, gonna take a look at this later.

Why. What those in academia refer to as "theory" are the writings of European philosophers that have been repackaged, removed from the context of time and culture, and sanitized to appeal to an American set of values. It's hogwash.

That's quite an unpopular opinion around here.

Speaking of Americans, OP you should avoid all American thinkers and "theorists." Most are awful and/or not significant in the long run. Zinn and Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent only) are the exceptions to this rule.

this is your brain on third worldism

What about Graeber?

OP again, I've had Zinn recommended to me a while ago by some major "we should support islamists in their struggle against imperialism" retard a long while ago, but I still was meaning to read him regardless.

From what I've heard from interviews of Chomsky and what limited things I've read about him I was put off by him as he seemed kinda liberal-ish. I mean if that is a good book then hey I guess I'll look into it.

From what i've heard of Wolfe in a couple lectures of his I've listened to he seemed interesting even tho he's market socialist, and I know you probably hate Bookchin but communalism also kinda interested me.

Also, assuming you're the same tankie poster from earlier tbh I've really wanted to actually organize with other leftists but every organization around me I'm a burger going to uni in Baltimore but from NYC from my knowledge are either trots, uber tanks who probably would look down on me, or liberals pretending to be lefitsts.

I really need to find some outlet and if someone here is from those areas pls let me know.

Read it really fast. I heard this helps.

sorry, I don't know how to help

No matter how you slice it, bringing up an 18th century Frenchman when discussing contemporary issues and political events on the other side of the world is foolhardy at best.

What can I say, I don't frequent these parts.

Why aren't you on ritalin?

It really gives you the focus to read books, and mildly suppresses your appetite if you're having trouble with weight management.

Just read whatever you want OP, the point is to think critically about what you're reading and form your own opinions. Make sure to take notes

Socialism doesn't require the entire populace to become 190 I.Q. armchair overlords though

I'm on guanfacine instead. Probably because of anxiety disorder issues or something idk it's just What my psychiatrist gave me