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why don't people look like this anymore

Just put the seeds in the snow lol

Just put those seeds right next to eachother! Their grass solidarity will not permit them to compete for nutrients and will make 'em even stronker!

*blocks your path"*

Weeds are literally the same thing as plants m7 you just need to treat them nice

Yongsheng Liu. Lysenko's Contributions to Biology and His Tragedies

Ukrainians and Russians still do

Jesus fuck is it that hard to do this?



This does not affect me, for unlike some people I know that I can resize my browser window.

ahahah what the fuck? was Stalin a fellow shitposter?

*defends Lysenko*


src or gtfo

This is your brain on utopian idealism

We know he was /our girl/

Daily reminder that Stalin thought he was a fucking moron.

You must be new here.

yeah so I was doing some research for a publication and ended up in a plant lab

turns out there's this field epigenetics that deals with particular gene expressions being generational dependent upon conditions the organism experienced in life

I was so surprised by what they were doing I interrupted the explanation to ask if it was lysenkoism that was being shilled here – their answer: "it is"

I'm sorry but you're mistaken. Lysenkoism revolves around transgenerational non-Mendelian inheritance based on environmental factors while epigenetic merely deals with gene regulation largely contained to one particular organism as it develops. Transgenerational epigenetically affected traits also tend to be random in nature. That is, the environment doesn't necessarily correlate with the trait, in the same way we understand mutations. Selection can still act on these traits in a Darwinian manner, but most importantly, any selection for the manner of inheritance (i.e. the epigenetic component) is coincidental. In other words, the manner of inheritance is not immediately functional, and is lost over generations.

wtf, now I love Stalin.

Fuck, why do tankies have the best bantz?

great chinese famine


lysenko had nothing against sparrows

I do :)

Top kek