What do you think, Holla Forums? Saw it on r*ddit

What do you think, Holla Forums? Saw it on r*ddit.


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Shit because it implicitly accepts the premise that Venezuela is socialist in the first place.

Pretty good. Done in the classic style too.

It's polandball, no nuance allowed.

Evidentiary it appears no wrongthink allowed since all of OPs comments are gone now and it looks like the thread was removed.

Reddit is cancerous, but this was okay

plebbit subhumans ruined polandball, I wish it never spread beyond KC

polandball spread because it’s concept (countries personified) was easy to understand it made different nationalist groups taking jabs at each other easy.

They could've latched on something else like Hetalia

Hetalia is too girly, and moreover it was protected by the already existing fanbase. Autism is the only language Holla Forums understands, a fierce display like the Hetalia fandom is enough to make them back off.

a) Venezuela's not socialist
b) Venezuela is proof that Social Democracy doesn't work. This is a fact we need to accept. SocDem is no longer possible in the modern world because the upper class will resort to violence and manipulation before the working class can even bat an eye. Change will have to come otherwise and we can't look up towards altruistic peaceful leaders like Bernie Sanders to fix everything from the top down. This aversion to violence on the left (and I mean positive violence, not Antifa) is one of its worst new attributes.

Plebbit should be destroyed.

It would have been for the best if KC had never existed in the first place tbh

Just to remind you all, /r/polandball is supposed to be for making fun of all countries, yet that entire comment section is filled with butthurt. I dunno, I haven't visited it in like a year and I think that the sub has grown too large to continue to hold that sub-200 charm where a comic comparing the pledge of allegiance to the Nazi salute was one of the only comics that actually generated butthurt the entire year. I miss the old polandball.


It isn't wrong, despite being on reddit. There's a reason why the "protests" haven't resulted in any political change despite being """massive.""" There's a reason why the US is now trying to send them weapons. They have no popular support.

If Right wing people had high lQ they wouldn't be Right wing.

tankies are delusional

what the fuck are these comments? Liberals seriously beilive this dumbass meme youtube.com/watch?v=FOwhpnxHYiA ?

They don't understand that Ukrainian nationalists unironically believe that the USSR starved them to death as some kind for blood sacrifice to the Jewish god. Holodomor was always an attempt to hide the crimes of the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators. Love how Russia is still bullying them relentlessly.


Polandball community has gone to fucking shit.
Also, Solzhenitsyn was a Holodomor denier, you should bring that up whenever these reactionary faggots start talking shit.

are these people retarded?

Plebbit is liberalism central. What did you people expect?

god i hate this smug, self-satisfied country

That pic never gets old

Every country on reddit is smug and self-satisfied. It's reddit.

isn't it called poland ball because german nazis think poland is german clay and a useless nation + weakest in eu and a danger to germany without a strong aryan empire controlling it?


>Genocide is *intentional* action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part

also ukranians are genetically russian like who the fuck actually thinks this is a genocide

Polandball is easy to draw. Also some places still scream WEEEEEEEEEEEB but MSPaint doesn't have that kind of hate other than Homestuck.

I always knew half of you were from plebbit. Please stay on reddit and never come back.

New people welcome!

Reddit still managed to fuck it up as soon as they got their hands on it. They even managed to bullshit the wider internet into calling it countryballs.

more like finno-uglyians amirite lmao

Trickle down socialism is what Soc-Dem should be called.



Stalin's dialogue does make me smile every time I read it. Last panel is pretty crap though.


Yeah, haha fuck the Ukrainians half of whom weren't even born in during the USSR and have nothing to do with old soviet grudges, I'm glad Putin is putting them in their place.


tankies are fucking cancer, they don't give a fuck about actual communism they just worship stronk russia

His other point still stands tho


Ukrainian nationalism is idpol. Ukraine is also run by literal neonazis and their sympathizers.

that webm


will somoene ban this trash pls?

Another great success for socialism.

Wouldn't be surprised if there were CIA assets on the ground throwing molotovs, but blame for the currenct crisis lies wity the inept Chavez/Madrudo politburo and OPEC

The oil glut killed lots of the US production to (particularly the Dakotas oil boom)
There is tons of oil in the US that is profitable at 70$ a barrel which can't be profitably extracted when prices are this low

The opposition parties have supporters, but most people are with them because they're only real alternative to Maduro/Chavismo.

But can you explain how the fuck are protests supposed to bring political change? What can it change if the military still supports the current president?

the only real alternative*