Seems legit

wait for a real source

How funny would it be if it was that fake manual Holla Forums made?

Such as?

Antifa doesn't put out "literature".

Smashie culture 101

Oh, I wonder who the source i-


there is like 3 books about antifa. (M.Testa's one is dank). None are the kind of stuff that would make you go on a shooting spree

what did she mean by this?

couldn't they even try to make the 'jagged edges broken typewriter font' look real?

History books

god bless that coffee stain

Isn't that one of the words from Arrival? Fascist is death process.

The Protocols of George Soros.


7 different translations of Kapital


anyone got that napkin manifesto?


Frank Furtschool.




Yeh i'm really fucking confused the disinfo is cranked to 9000 on this one

Mercer shills are trying to protect muh guns and also attack antifa since they constantly thwart their attempts at pushing the US establishment to the super far right.

Infowar's source is some random Twitter account that DM'd them. Not making this up.


When will based globalist-nationalist Trump save us from these evil illuminati-antifa-muslim-nazi-jews?

Righ cucks are getting desperate.


The holy Quran