How exactly is might not all there is to politics? How is force not to politics what numbers are to mathematics...

How exactly is might not all there is to politics? How is force not to politics what numbers are to mathematics, and atoms are to chemistry?

I've read das kapial, machiavelis prince, nick land and his weird shit, various manifestos, talmud, bible, quran, hitler speeches, leviathan, zizek, esoteric hitlerism and atlantis type conspiracy stuff, social ecology, scientific socialism by engels, dialectics, materialism, stirner's ghosts, lenin's vanguard, hoover institute porky propaganda, ayn rand, blah blah blah blah…
It took some time but it was enjoyable enough, and the ONLY thing I got out of all these things is that force is literally all there is to things.

Let's talk about legal philosophy: crime and punishment, wrong and right, sentences and all that. From reading judicial texts, you get that the only crime is getting caught. That's it. Murder isnt, theft isnt, because some of them get away. Hell, innocence itself doesnt matter, because innocent people also end up in jail. The only crime, or the only thing that all sentenced people have in common, is getting caught.
Let's talk morality: hungry enough people eat other people. Happens all the time under certain circumstances, animals do it too, human parents if they are young enough and think can have more kids later sometimes eat their own children, some animals eat their own children as a strategy of denying nutrients and escaping the predator. So that is enough about morality I guess. Whatever works is correct.
Economy? Doesnt matter if you use laissez faire market or central planned economy, you cant feed a thousand people with one bread, and also if you have 7 trillion kilotons of bread it doesnt matter what economic policy is. Whatever gets you the resources is the correct economy.
Military? Might is right is the foundation of all military strategies, absolute destruction of the enemy is what the first fundamental theorem of all military strategy always is, and military matters of strategic, operational and tactical level are all about achieving advantage over your enemy.
So if accumulating capital and exploitation gets you through the lifetime comfortably, and comfy life is what you want, you SHOULD do it. If the glory of your 'tribe' (look up group survival and genetics, explains why some people have the urge to uplift 'the team') is so important to you, and if imperialism helps you build the biggest statue, that is what you should do.
The list goes on about various different things but the main principle is the same for the entire list.

Basically my conclusion of all the reading I did so far, is that I should start studying applied mathematics (hard science) from now on instead, build mathematical models, calculate things, figure things out, and then put the plan in action (engineering). Knowledge and intellectualisms that are not empirical, or do not contribute to my calculations of accumulating power/force/might, and also do not contribute to my application of them, are worthless.

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Also sorry mods if I broke any rules but I just wanted to talk about politics with people who read books and talk about politics. Dont know where else to go. I didnt want
incoherent infinite screaming to be all I hear back.

You need rhetoric to leverage force. One man alone can't rule the world, a leader can. Surely this is obvious.

You would have liked our cybernetics thread. I think we made a board dedicated for it?

Sure but we need to be looking at how might arises and how its use shapes the balance of further might.
Marx very well understood that the bourg were working for their own class interest.

The point is, the bourg would be living in a better world if they did not do this, the world we are living in right now is one shaped by imperialism, you will notice that empires have a habit of collapsing and causing misery even for the ruler and the glorious tribe that started things off.

It is. The whole point of the left is to make people realize this, to show them how might/force/violence is built into the systems underpinning society, and to remind them of the power to fight back they have so that we can tear down this society and build a better one where everyone has more or less equal power and so domination of various sorts will be much more difficult.

glad someone agrees

But it seems to me that you guys do not understand the public perception and what "the left" means.

When you say "the left" your average person thinks of the hippies, anti-gun people, soccer moms, liberals, etc. This is why everyone interested in politics automatically disregards the whole mountain of text that the actual left wrote, and instead goes for the alex jones podcast, survival innawoods youtube channels, conspiracy talk show radio hosts, and then goes off to vote trump and ukip and so on in order to stop
T H E G L O B A L I S T S and C H E M T R A I L S

so not only does the actual left lose the manpower, d'nations, votes etc etc
to clowns like trump
no for real I honestly think he and a whole bunch of other people got into power over us simply because people arent even aware that it doesnt have to be like that

Simple might without cause and without sense leads nowhere

Yes this is totally a problem with the left and not with what people believe. Not to say we shouldn't correct this, but it is an uphill battle against basically every media outlet calling democrats, idpolers, and stoners "the left."

hippies and stoners may be liberals yes, but out of all the liberals they're the most attracted to socialism in my experience. Since that's exactly what happened to me.

That's because all you do is reading.

Potential lefties is not the same as lefties. The problem is that the definition of "the left" as used popularly drifts further and further right. First it's succdem shit. Then it's social safety nets and keynesianism. Then it's Romneycare (insurance mandate). Then it's "race denialism."

This sounds like a problem specific to Holla Forums and the USA to be honest. The Brits that are like that over here are considered complete weirdos.

what if I told you that a large majority of people are "weirdos", what if I told you that you might be surrounded by people who arent like that and therefore you arent really aware of just how many of them are out there?

oh and also, when I say "the people", I really mean the people who matter because lets be materialistic here: not all voters and voting blocks are equal in politics, those young energetic aggressive males who can carry 20 kg heavy machineguns uphill for 2 days without rest are not equally important when it comes to politics as a few trannies, or double that number of women who have lower lung capacity, bone density, and muscle mass than males, I mean look up what's the olympic lifting record for males and what for females, or how those male to female trannies are basically destroying the female competition in all the sports

basically the establishment is pandering to all the right people, they are manipulating the revolutionary material against the revolution, and the revolution will never happen

look at the soviet revolutionary who worked 16 hours of hard labor in a factory before the revolution and jumping trenches in his 20ies, and look at the limp wristed rainbow hair western college kids that call themselves leftist today

the left needs talk show radio host innawoods survivalist crowd if it wants to carry out a revolution, half of them go into the army just for the basic military training, european fascists and american militias are all getting the best part of the population for no reason

My god, the brilliance of that!

So much this, if there were an analog as outspoken as the far right-pseudo military types, and people actually understood how much they stood to benefit, the right would dissolve overnight

Here the largest youth movement is social democrat/democratic socialist/socialist, the Holla Forums types are relentlessly mocked and outnumbered by a ridiculous amount. Even the most extreme fascist group, National Action, which was banned for promoting terrorism, before its ban it got bullied off a load of locals and had their march shut down and they had to be escorted to safety by the police.
France and Greece also has the left in a stronger position than the right. As far as I'm aware the only place the right is doing better is Germany and Poland, and Germany has only just had their right wing influx so given previous trends it could swing left shortly.

you mean >>>/gnussr/?
it's dead, but what does that have to do with this?

I see this exact post on Holla Forums every week. Tbh alt-right and petit-boug college kids don't have much influence outside of their microcosms.

That's not it, it was a thread that was alive for about 2 months. Couldn't find an link, so here's a holla forums one:

It is. But higher intelligence makes animals capable of leveraging it into non-physical confrontations. That's about it.

t. never got past linear algebra

This is definitionally true, and it doesn't say anything interesting about the world. Force is the capacity to enact material change in the world, so of fucking course force is literally all there is to anything. You then go on to conflate force and violence/might as if there wasn't a highly complicated relationship between a person's ability to shape the world as they see fit and other people's desires.
This is a brainlet tier conclusion to come to. Mathematics is a tool that humans use to quantify the world, and any purely mathematical model of the world necessarily comes with ontological and epistemological baggage. Rejecting everything that isn't "hard science" is utterly foolish, and leaves you with a false sense of objectivity. Being able to see the effect your own ideological position has on your judgement is crucial in actually being "objective".