Guys, is the Vegas shooter, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Guys, is the Vegas shooter, dare I say it, /ourguy/?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

No, fuck off pol.

They are neoliberal capitalists

Nice falseflag Holla Forumsyp

Clearly he is a Leftist, amirite fellow antifa members?

hello officer

the absolute state of Holla Forums


Breivik is /polguy/, now we have /ourguy/

Yeah I'm sure this guy was actually a member of ISIS and they aren't just trying to get credit for everything bad that happens in the West.

Anchor this thread ffs

hello Holla ForumsINTELPRO

I bet Holla Forums is going mad with the second image

I can't tell if these posts are from Holla Forums false falgging or our own shitposters trying to be funny. Either way they be against the rules.

How are you guys all this dense?

Fuck off Holla Forumsintelpro

tfw Holla Forums has suffered so much PTSD from the constant Holla Forums shitposting that Poe's Law has reached critical mass and nothing doesn't unambiguously brand itself as leftist is Holla Forums


Holla Forums shitposts entire internet already

No, because all white dudes that have yellow fever tend to be either stormfags or apolitical nerds.

Don't be revolting darling! I wouldn't lick a dem if he was glazed in honey!


Yellow fever tends to be less about attraction to specific physical features and more about attraction toward a culture that's even more repressive and cucked than muh Protestant Work Ethic, because Western Women are too Liberated for those guys and they want someone more demure and subservient.

Holy shit wtf happened to this board. This is like peak /nofun/

not enough ironic autism, too much unironic autism

the spacing was annoying me

We already have /ourguy/.

I can't even tell who tf this is

iirc the guy who shot at republicans in a golf club and failed miserably?
low energy shit



Dorner and Micah Johnson are /ourguys/



It's ok hun, shills are constantly telling us we are republicans


go back to Holla Forums you filthy nigger

I thought /yourguy/was that manlet that shot up the republican baseball practice

you know red circles in mspaint don't actually prove anything you moron

we can have multiple /guys/

Micah was a virgin who got kicked out of the army for stealing panties, and got blown up with an rc toy. Embarrassing.