There are people on this board right now that are opposed to gun control because of muh revolution


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Burgerlands problems are of social nature which can't be fixed by a law. Switzerland actually has a higher rate of gun ownership than the US, how do you explain that?

If someone wants to shot something up he can always get a gun illegally. This isn't a problem.

Read Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, George Orwell… oh and fucking Karl Marx, you cretin. You realise not having to carry weapons is a sign of muh privilege and bourginess, most of the world isn' t safe enough for that.

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Even if you take strict gun control measures, it won't stop the rampant poverty, inequality and general poor condition of the US underclass.
Isn't this something Marx teaches? To use historical materialism to identify the root cause of problems and not attack their byproducts/symptoms?
idk Ive never actually read Marx


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*to add on to this, the violence that sustains capitalism is far greater than a little mass shooting here and there, so keeping armed is a small price to pay for making it easier to get rid of

The gun(s) used in Vegas were probably illegal to begin with. Automatic weapons are heavily restricted. To purchase one you need to a) have the money because these things are crazy expensive and b) get approval from the ATF which isn't easy.

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I can't imagine how you can look at the utterly degenerate state of the American repressive state apparatus and conclude that it'd be neat if the people were even more defenseless against it. If anything we need more guns, given to the poorest and most vulnerable groups so they can stand up to the pigs and their reactionary allies when they come for them.


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The problem isn’t guns, but poor gun training. If it was up to me there would be gun training class in school. I also bet my life the guy shotted people because of alienation and a crisis of stress from being a wage-slave.

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we're already at the mercy of the bourgeois, your personal pistol or even semi will not save you. my point is violent revolution will never happen and democratic means is the only way possible in this era of military strength.

What kind of idiot heads to Las Vegas without a big iron?

This sentence is nuts, man.

I can't speak for MLs, but Anarchists don't support gun rights becuase of some mastabatory vision of violent revolution. It's because we reject the idea that the state should hold a monopoly on violence.'état

Actually believing that your perspective applies to your entire imagined community is bad, user. There are surely tons of anarchists who believe exactly that their guns will help them win a violent revolution.

yeah American imperialism is a motherfucker. If you think Americans have a better chance of fighting the 2017 military industrial complex than Chileans had against 1973 American imperialism, you're delusional.

Yeah let's just trust all the guns to the police and military
They don't get innocent people killed ever!

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That really has no bearing on the subject though. That's a pretty universally held tenet of anarchist thought.

Arming the workimg class is a good idea.

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either way, the point behind arming the people for the revolutionary left is not to have guns sold to unhinged individuals but to have organized workers able to defend their socialized property

ITT a bunch of butthurt but still no one will refute me in saying a violent revolution is possible in present day America. Cause even you manchildren understand when push comes to shove your gun show purchase will do nothing against drone strikes.

also all people should be trained in handling weapons and basic paramilitary techniques to be combat ready and efficient

this is not about american gun rights which are a fucking joke to delude right wing fags into believing they got freedom
even if there were a weapons ban, the revolution at one point or the other will make it necessary to prepare the workers and arm them regardless
bourgeois law is irrelevant at that point

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You can't really use this event as a reason to rally for gun control since he ILLEGALLY had the gun, but people will find an excuse.

I was waiting for you to get in on this.

Where was your masturbation in the thread about the shooting? You're hours late.

Also no way that gun control legislation would be used to disarm wealthy casino owners instead of poor urban populations

you are just too full of yourself to actually read up on theory and the path towards an armed violent revolution
participation in parliamentary elections is even part of the first steps to this, you talking shit about something that is far off from current practice shows who's really a delusional ultra here

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There's nothing "ultra" about this guy's position.

Switzerland does have more gun control laws though. They have more guns because they have a civilian milita, they can't just buy them and use them as they please like in the US.

Having an armed proletariat at least puts a limit to how much the bourgeois can get away with without risking harm. It's also a major aid when an uprising actually starts (See Rojava, Russian Revolution, Spanish Civil War, etc.)
Ever wondered why the porkies have been so hell-bent on disarming workers everywhere? Except in special cases like the United States - where it is a major source of profit?
You're just another masochistic liberal faggot that wants to enjoy a false sense of security and praise from his equally impotent peers.

Read a fucking book 'stache. Insurrectionary anarchism, communization, etc. are all prominent among the ultra milieu.

Its not a liberal position. Republicans are against gun control, but they're also a liberal party.

i consider maoist third worldism as retarded as any other ultra ideology, they all have defeatism as an essential part of their conclusions masked with ultra leftist phraseology


it really is just that

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