Positivity thread :3

I see so many threads in this place that express discontent, sadness or disgruntlement with the way where world is heading, for various underpinned reasons that are up to everyone to assume. How about we have a thread where you name at least one thing that you feel is positive about the world of today? If you were the most misantrophic human known to Earth and held at gunpoint to name one positive development in today's world (21. century, 2010's, year 2017 etc.) unironically, without any undertones of bitter passive-aggressivenes, what would that be?

Go ahead, user. I won't bite :3

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It might end soon

Please tell me that I'm a cute trap and that you'll violate me :3

I can bench 300 pounds now.


unironically this is also what destroys capitalism, commodifying data leads to worst and last crisis in human history, due to falling rate of profit from material sources

I unironically can't think of anything that isn't a we are less bad than in the past argument.
Even anime has been shit for the last two seasons.

I have all the (goods of the) world at my fingertips, and this is a quality that is spreading more widely, to more goods, experiences, and (classes of) people, in both directions. I'd say that's positive, even if it comes with negative sides.

I went to a demo, spoke with proletarians and organisers an the like: there is genuine talk of a movement to abolish the present state of things. We are heading into a new era, the far right is dying now they have reached their peak but have no sustainable praxis, and people are talking in a way I never would have before. 3 years ago if I said I was a marxist people would be spooked, now I see a future where mankind can truly fulfill its destiny. It won't be an easy struggle, but there is something being born here. We are in 1914 right now, we must be ready for 1917, and we cannot afford a 1919.

On a personal level, things have been great: drinking, swearing and getting laid.

We aren't less bad now than we were in the past, in fact we are getting worse.
And anime has been shit for at least 10 years now.

If someone wanted to shoot me, I would probably let them.

Sounds great :3 Are you a political activist, and in which country?

No I am not an activist, I was just there to see McDonnell (missed him in the end, oh well). The march was great, spoke to all kinds of people, some communists, some unionists, some just misc leftists, some socialist choirs and people like that.

And Britbongistan.


I may yet gather the courage to kill myself before it gets really bad.

I welcome history as a machinic process slowly annihilating humanity through the intensification of technocapital circuitry.
κ-intelligence will free us from our suffering generated by anthropocentric survival-oriented electrochemical neurosystems while sustaining our endless absurd quest for comprehensive abstraction.
The sun will die one day, just as your consciousness. Meanwhile, matter will keep rearranging itself forever, in ways you won't ever be able to grasp, without any discernible agency. An agency that some call God. A god we will ever understand as much as dogs can grasp the intricacies of human languages.
You may never get off this ride. Praise Thanatos :3

I love my girlfriend!

This is what happens when you confuse your peer group with the general populace.

aww :)

awwww :3

pls don't :(

So you think that automatization is a process that will doom humanity? Sounds pretty spooked to me, like those people at the beginning of 20th century who thought that radio will kill live performances. The death of sun is also pretty far away. Nobody will be alive to witness cosmic spectacles like this. Also, who is this Nick Land guy, and why are you posting him? Is he related to Julius "superfascist" Evola?

Pal 3 years I didn't have a peer group like this, a year ago I was told we were doomed to obscurity. Now groups like the CL are going into Moss Side and garnering genuine proletarian support.

This kind of forced cheer is even worse than the /r9k/ threads tbh.

The positive is that I can now kill myself without guilt

Not automation, but capitalism, as a selection process which will inevitably favor psychopathic minds and superintelligent AIs over weak hot-blooded humans. Automation is only a facet of the whole process.
But it will happen anyway and your achievements will be meaningless notwithstanding.
Evola was a clown, the last breath of a dying aristocracy who could do nothing else than indulging in their superiority complex. Nick Land is the logical conclusion of Marx in the face of 20th-century historical developments

What makes this point in time any different from times before now?

which one was your post that I replied to?

this is kinda passive aggressive though. Why haven't you taken any steps to improve upon your situation? It's fairly easy - just get fit and an entry level job, and I'll guarantee there is at least one young woman who will be more than happy to settle with you. Now I know your reply will list the reason why you actually want to stay incel, though. You probably know that would be your automatic reaction as well. What always blows my mind though, is that why would a human being ever want to not go beyond their current station in life. Having mental issues, maybe? That's fine - I have those too. Even had struggled with bad panic attack disorder and been on SSRI's and to a psychiatrist, but more often than not, they come up with a good way to assign therapy for you to recover from all of this. Seriously, user, what have you done to remedy your situation? Let me know. I'm here to listen, and I'm sure there are others who will be here to help you out as well.

I don't understand this mindset. If social darwinism is real, and humankind is doomed to failure via stellar failure, why stay gloomy? Wouldn't the impending mortality of humankind actually give you hope that the short time you've given on this Earth could be put in use to make this short adventure a wonderful one?

If anything humanity needs to be even more depressed

Everyone is waiting for some messiah to come out of the wilderness and save them while the world circles the drain and is about to go around the S-bend

Those meds aren't going to buy themselves!

I've tried to make more money, lose weight, watch what I eat, and pretty much every other form of self improvement available. In the end its my crippling social anxiety and autism that is the final barrier.

I think some advice that's not passed around much but is well worth keeping in mind is that your social skills aren't set in stone. They're more like muscles that need exercising. Making small talk with people paid to be nice to you like cashiers is a good way of building up confidence, but you'll probably say something awkward semi-regularly if you've not socialised much recently, which cashiers hear all the time so isn't worth worrying about.

That advice is passed around all the fucking time and it has helped me keep a conversation but no more than that

I mean, what more were you expecting?

Having conversations is piss easy. What's hard is actually relating to other people and creating meaningful relationships.

Curse my existence it is yet another Monday


Oh, I don't do that. You're not missing out on much if that's what you feel like you're missing, you'll find most people are utter shits when you actually have to rely on them and that you actually had no meaningful relationships all along. Many normies also run into this brick wall of reality whenever their luck turns, many are just lucky enough to maintain the illusion for long durations of time.

Please don't torture us poor cashiers.

It's too late. The spectacle has effectively taken hold of all social life. A carefree attitude will sooner or later lead to a deep feeling of meaninglessness, and you will only confront yourself to the facade of hyperatomized individuals who pretend to be fine for competitive purposes at the end of the day.
Spaces where you can partially feel free like squats inevitably get evacuated and its occupants repressed by the police as it hinders the ability of the bourgeois class to make profit. And even there, it's all drug abuse and loud repetitive music, the hastening of the masked suicidal tendencies people who don't feel at ease in this world have, together, every weekend.
I was kinda memeing, but I think your unconditional optimism is sort of unwarranted. I don't see anything heading in the right direction, and it is getting harder and harder to rent an apartment, not getting exploited in worse ways than the previous post-WWII generations were, etc.
I'm 25 and I don't know what to do. I don't want to work (and employers probably don't want of me either, there are a lot subservient people with useful skills in the reserve army of labour where I live), I don't have enough money to finish my botched studies, or travel somewhere nice. I just want to drink, take speed, and drink. There is nothing to look forward to. Just depression, drug use and incomprehension

Does it make a difference if people say polite things like "Hello", "Goodbye" and "Have a nice day" ?

Also, I swear to god I should write a thesis on how Grindr completly dehumanises people

My local cashier loves me, he knows my first name and gives me free shit.

At least I live in a country where they don't have to pretend to be happy and can sit down.

I just know the worst experiences are either when someone is an asshole or someone is confronting you with their insanity (literal crazies or people on drugs). Normies at least get in and get out back to whatever they were doing before they walked in.

Also those sex apps are fucking disgusting what are you doing.

I'm pretty sure I have back problems (or pre-existing back problems that got worse) from standing for 8 hours 5 days a week.

Being lonely, and a virgin in a area with no "gay" social life - at all
I don't mind people blocking me or not answering, that's fair game, or telling me I'm "not their type", but people blocking right after you exchange 3 words and send a picture are scums of the Earth

Why? What does it matter?

Poor dude. You should find a bf to have a cute life together with to help shield against this shitty shitty world. Vapid gay hook-up culture is toxic.

Yes, it is, unfortunately. But I focus on school and other personal projects, like reading theory. It's just that sometimes I get a bit lonely.

They ask for a picture, I send, they block without one more word
I can't help but I find it a bit rude.

Eh, they don't find you attractive and don't want to bother with some awkward rejection routine whenever they meet someone they don't want to fuck. I can understand it.

Guess so. Still, I don't consider myself particularly clingy. Say I'm not you're not type and I won't bother you

I guess they had some weirdos in the past. Who knows

this post tbh…
had shit luck in relationships, both romantic and normal
saw a good movie tho, and thought i was getting in p good with this girl who has the exact same historical, musical, and general interests as me and is definite qt3.14…but she's gay ;;

America might tear itself apart in my lifetime.

How do I have dreams again

Stop smoking weed

Buddy if I smoked weed I'd probably be happier

I read an article about some (presumably) rich fag who bought a thousand dollar bandana for his character in Player Unknown Battlle Grounds. I really wonder how Marx would react if someone went back in time and told him shit like this would be common place. My bet is that he'd put his pen down and never finish Capital.

Anyway, positivity, positivity. Uh, I haven't been wallowing in selfhatred/pitty/disgust this year. Yay me.

Is it just me or do you guys also feel awful because the people you love have to live in this shitty world.

I don't know what to say. Have you tried to seek help, user?

I often feel awful because the people I love are apologizing for this shitty world.

you're such a cute little trap I can't wait to pick you up and fuck you

Not necessarily, some of the stories out there would disgust you. People pull money out of their children's college funds or run their meagre life savings dry over stupid virtual shit that gives them a momentary dopamine surge. Probably the majority are dumbshit retards who managed to land a high paying job through nepotism or something but are too stupid to not spend their cash on a handful of polygons, but there are some people who don't have that much money and are completely ruining their lives over this stuff.

I don't want to sound like a normie right now, but these two posts really remind of lyrics to a particular rap song

Right now it's somebody who ain't eat all week
That would kill for the shit that you throw away in the street
I guess one man's trash is the next man's treasure
One mans pain is the next mans pleasure
one say infinity the next say forever
right now everybody got to get it together man


Do you think world where China is the superpower and not USA would be a better world to live under? Because I don't think China is very much socialist at this point.

At least in China the threat of revolution is both greater and from Maoists and not a bunch of misled lolberts who are tsundere for the state.

As evidenced by… which developments?

The imagination of Maoists.

Maoists are supposedly the largest political faction in the country and you can see China's fear of them seeping through in propaganda.
Pics related, spot the difference.

is it that maos face is blocked out by balloons on the poster? otherwise i dont know

Yes. The only other difference is three quarters of the first image being something else entirely.

School is fun

Probably not positive to a lot of people but I think I have a job now. It's doing menial work cleaning a mall's floors but it's pretty good pay and I am third shift so I won't have to interact with anyone but my colleagues. I'm excited to have an income again, and I'm ready to be part of a team once more.

My boss (also my neighbour) is pretty close to being a socialist from what I can see. She doesn't treat anyone like shit, in a year she got a $3 pay raise for everyone working (and is fighting for more), and tries her best to make sure they're not undermanned and under equipped. We were even talking about an employee whom I mentioned had an accent. She told me his story and I said, "capitalism is a disease" to which she responded, "yeah." It was interesting.

I'm sure my slight joy will wear off soon but so far I'm okay. Haven't gone to work yet, though. Just waiting for the bureaucracy to move at headquarters.

Gay, huh? Is that negotiable?

I still got some weed left over and no work today since my country celebrates the destruction of socialism.

It's good insofar as you need employment to live. If it's sustaining you and you at least don't find it miserable then I'd like to congratulate you. Not having an income can be intensely stressful, do I hope it goes well for you.

put your ancap flag on
I kid, but I don't think so. Gonna go for friends bc she's hella chill, but might try to eventually overcome

pop culture and mass media are actually somewhat of a good thing
better have cultural trends that evolve, diverge and criticize themselves regularly, but at the same time go beyond the realm of your bumfuck nowhere shithole little country village, instead of just one big "high" or "holy" culture that is imposed on everyone out of convention and conformity, that 99% of people don't really understand, believe in or really apply anyway
same for hipster or ironic culture like, say, RLM and their ethos. better too much criticism and non-conformity than not enough.

I take no pleasure in China becoming the premier superpower, mind. It's more like the feeling of watching liberals break down when Trump got elected.

Maybe that's a bad way to phrase the question. I'd rather beg them to give me a quick death.

If you want a proper response though, I'd say it's good that anime featuring cute girls is more readily available now than at any prior time in human history. If you're including the deep future, I think the world will be an extremely nice place to live in ~500 years time, once AI has fully taken over and immersive VR is ubiquitous.

There is always something for everyone in this age of technology, and that is a good thing.

Yeah, I've heard that in some places in Africa people are eating virtual mud now.

Mud pie analogy BTFO

I honestly can't think of a single hopeful prospect w/r/t the general well-being of humanity. If someone has some good news, or good things on the horizon, please tell me.

Well, there's plenty of chemicals left to give you a damn good time if you're brave enough.

Everyone's going to die and a hundred years afterwards nobody will remember a single thing about them.

This recent push by the anteefuh snowflakes to take over da gubbmint is going to fail hard and might even manage to get communism outlawed in the US.

That's not the point though

But you could easily take that to the supreme court, and the courts would say banning belief in an ideology violates the first amendment of the United States clearly. And call it a day.

The US government isn't a singular entity and however weak the courts are they are a constant thorn in the side of people who want what you desire done.

Well I don't understand why you care so much when your existence will be completely irrelevant to every living thing within what could easily be the amount of time you actually managed to stay alive.

If they try anything bigger than the Vegas thing then attending their rally can easily be considered levying war on the United States as says the Constitution proper, and sending a supportive tweet aid and comfort.

It's not even about me though. I just want everyone to be okay, and to be able to actually enjoy life.

There's plenty of music left to listen to past, present, and future

How big are you bud?

This is the 21st century dude. Just become a gay woman.

its actually so 21st century that a gay woman can like a bit of dick on the side and not have to stop indentifying as gay

Good sexuality is a spook.

t-thanks user..

Traps are gay

sexuality is a spook my man

Well played

Some of them are.

Well fuck, comrades. you're right. Heard some shit from her friends about her looking for something casual on the non-female side of things…which is nice but I do really wanna date her tbh

You're a tankie. Just take her in name of the collective good.

The Corbynator is looking likely to get into power, and with it will bring new sympathies towards leftism. Me and a friend have joined a local branch of momentum, to insert some more radical rhetoric into the mix.

It's a good time.

become a woman and date her then
if you want you can become a woman and i'll date you instead
its the 21rd century, anything goes now

Or if you want. Ill become a woman and date you.

If only I'd thought about it before

This is old but the truth is they just don't care. I imagine they see the lack of repercussions for treating you badly, and thusly they do it. At least you miss out on assholes this way.

Your welcome, be happy in the knowledge someone out there wants roughly pound you and then read you theory afterward

I have a job where I can work from home, not really work for most of the 7 hours I'm supposed to, and still make more than the vast majority of my fellow man.

Can't find the exact quote, but an Economist article a few months ago mentioned that "the economic conditions today are dangerously similar to the conditions that bred the Russian revolution."