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Free blackpill, courtesy of ultraleft Situs from Chile: Allende was a left wing of capital counter-revolutionary who took down and disarmed the Chilean proletariat, and whose sole merrit is that he would have been a little less bad than Pinoshit for the working class. The only reason you didn't know this is because it's been washed out of the narrative or glossed over by 20th century """communist""" ideologues (""""""""Soviet"""""""" Union, Cuba, China, etc.) and this shit's been kept alive by LARPers and nostalgists who want the easy historical martyr to hold against reactionaries, ultimately giving a total of zero fucks about the fate of the actual revolutionary proletariat. You're welcome.

Lol and what did the ultra leftists do for chile exactly? Sure he should have armed the unions and was a Trot, but all that shows is that even Trots are higher on the scale than leftcoms and have done more for the left.

The only thing Allende did wrong was not listen to Castro and not purging the military.

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Pointblank! was American. But it's good black pill, with this now and those pages about the spectacle of the October "revolution" by Class Wargames a few days ago I wonder what makes Situationists so good at BTFOing "leftist" idols and myths.

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Not halt the proletariat's revolutionary activity.

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lowkey indicates how much you instantly care more about the nation State than the proletariat there.

He should especially not have disarmed them and suppressed their autonomous power, and he wasn't a Trot. Where did you get that dumb shit from?



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CyberSyn was just scientific management of capitalism. Basically the USSR with computers and vague notions of trade union input and a "workers' economy". And all that as the supposed redeemer of a disarming and suppressing of the proletariat.



answers to threads like these show just how typical and denialist most people here are. unironically caring more about muh martyr than reality and the workers within that reality. pathetic tbh.

I didn’t realize the facts about Allende weren’t known here, I mean their discussed in detail in almost any decent ML analysis on the subject. I really disagree with the posters who say that Allende’s Chile would have been like the USSR— I don’t think that was ever on the table. I think it would be more like Venezuela/Norway with computers.

Tbh one of the reasons fascism is bad isn’t because social democracy is good but because it attempts to restore life to capital by dragging society back to a more backwards state. Maybe that is the real difference between say Allende and Pinochet, had Allende stayed in power then the class struggle would have advanced. Instead the Chilean working class spent decades fighting for democracy and stupid things like welfare and a return to better working conditions.

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You know I aint a leftcom but this is a fair critique.

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Used to think the same but then look at any social democracy that improved working conditions while curbing revolutionaty worker action. It's all dead there, and SocDem there barely exists anymore either.

Ok, well I come from the Stalinist tradition, which hardly sees social democracy in a positive light. I don’t disagree but historically most Marxists have traditionally seen reforms favoring the working class in a somewhat positive light even if it occurs under capitalism.

There’s a tendency now to boil social democracy down to a special evil that destroys the power of revolution, which I believe, quite frankly, endows social democracy with a power it does not have.

Is the fact that it instituted some reforms what sets it apart from classical lassiez-faire capitalism? No, even Victorian England had a welfare state and its liberal reformers made reforms that favored the upper and middle segments of the working class long before social democracy.

The improvement that social democracy has brought to the working masses is overstated. Similar increases in the standard of living were seen under classical capitalism during its boom periods but it should be noted at a higher cost in terms of inequality.

Does social democracy offer higher levels of social mobility? Not really, mid-Victorian Britain had levels of social mobility on par with the social democratic Britain in the 70s.

I think the declines in inequality during social democracy are overstated it ignores tax havens, trusts, corruption, runaway inflatio. and most importantly the World Wars, which destroyed massive amounts of capital.

The failure of social democracy is good in the sense that it shows that it cannot work as a model and this frustration results in increased working class military.

Just look at places like Chile, Spain and Indonesia, the workers spent decades under fascism and they had to fight to reestablish bourgeois democracy—but with the caveat that fascism has established a large social base that can be used to kill off the Left in the case of a revolutionary crisis.

Catalonia today is an example of an working class awakening that might’ve happened decades ago if the working class hadn’t been suffering under the boot of fascism/monarchism for decades.

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