Where did it all go so wrong?

Where did it all go so wrong?

in America

America has some kind of autism juice in the water supply.

When the FBI destroyed identitarian movements by killing leadership and bastardizing them into etiquette politics.

Now we're slowly seeing the reformation of these movements as resources are running out. So even if the left unites to redistribute wealth, real material limitations will make it impossible for everyone to live with what little there will be.

Another hot take brought to you by Holla Forums

What is the goal of the left, if not to redistribute wealth?

Idiot. We are not succdem

But what are your goals?

Eliminate the concept of wealth itself


Communism. Moneyless, stateless, classless society where the means of production are owned by the workers and private propriety abolished

How what?

Uh the abolition of private property?

For instance, I believe the left is about wealth redistribution, and how you do that is by taking resources from the rich and giving them to the poor so that no one goes without.

Ok, but how do you get there?

Just to massively simplify things, we strive to abolish the current mode of production so as to establish a system where goods are produced according to actual human needs and not for exchange and profit, and where all production facilities are held in common so as to be used for the common good rather than held in private for the enrichment of a few. We also wish to abolish all unjustified hierarchies.

Redistributing wealth, as practiced by social democrats and social liberals, is just an attempt to patch up the leaks of capitalism so as to keep the system going. It does not change anything structurally and preserves all the problems of the current mode of production.

You are not a leftist, you are a Rosa killer

No. The "resources" belong to the people who generate them, not their corporate overlord.

With socialism

Have you read the BPP's 10 point plan? They were clearly black identitarian.

Ok, now define that into a set of actions that normal people can take. Tell the people what they need to do to get their hands on this "socialism" thing.

it's not a fucking goal in itself just the byproduct

fucking read a book

You can't define it outside of some abstract jargon, so you're lashing out. You're just another "mindset expert."

start with marx you inbred

That depends on your flavor of socialism, some people advocate overthrowing the state, and others abolishing it, participating in bourgeois elections or doing nothing because capitalism will inevitably come to an end

In an international forum, working with an illiterate working class, would tell them to read Marx, or would you help them formulate the tools and actions needed to achieve the abolition of class?

This is infinitely more helpful.

flouride, don't worry, everywhere else is catching up


I can assure that I've read quite a lot more than that regarding the Black Panther Party. And really, you think a short pamphlet written at the very start of the existence of an organization will teach you what they were all about? Holla Forumsacks really are brainlets. It is true that the Black Panther Party started out as a black nationalist organization, but they swiftly moved beyond that. Their initial purpose was to defend back against the oppression and exploitation of the communities in which they lived. Even so, they were never opposed to whites as such even when they still identified as nationalists, considering only the rich whites and cops as their enemies, never the poor. The Panthers were openly anti-racist and entered into many coalitions with whites throughout their existence, such as with the Students for a Democratic Society, the Peace and Freedom Party and many others, despite criticism from black leaders such as Stokely Carmichael or Roy Wilkins who described Huey Newton as the 'darling of white revolutionaries'. As the Black Panther Party developed, they adopted a more and more internationalist position, rejecting black nationalism and adopting an identity as 'revolutionary intercommunalists'. During this stage that would speak disdainfully of Carmichael, Karenga and the lot as mere 'cultural nationalists' who failed to see the real causes for the problems in black communities. Hell, Huey even suggested forming a White Panther Party which could work alongside the Black Panthers and perform similar projects in white communities. Read Huey Newton's own writings, or Black Against Empire if you can tolerate some liberal hot takes.

As a bonus, I'll spoonfeed you a few relevant quotes by Huey to demonstrate that the Black Panthers weren't on board with Holla Forumsack masturbation fantasies.


really gets the 'ole noggin joggin'

BLM is useless liberal trash. As were many of the civil rights organizations and leaders back then, honestly. Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, not MLK and BLM, ok?

black lives matter is deeply penetrated by marxist-leninist groups. don't underestimate them.

That would require me to take modern MLs seriously.

i mean at the very least i consider them allies

There are more than a few radical elements in BLM and MLK was anti-capitalist, or at least he portrayed himself that way.

Besides, working with liberals is perfectly acceptable on specific issues where our interests happen to coincide. This is why it's okay to protest alongside liberal groups for immigration reform even though they act from the short-term interests of capital whereas we act from the long-term interests of labor.

The idea that black and white are different is what fuel reactionaries. No matter how much you twist the same ideology as long you believe races are different you will be perpetuating the same ideas that fuel the injustice you're fighting against.

we do though

people do not generate wealth anymore, AI does.

FBI happened
Though I've got to admit despite being liberal pieces of shit BLM and other assorted groups make good useful idiots in the destabilizing of America

I don't understand the joke. Are white Americans revolutionaries now? Why do you think a group like the black panthers would be allowed to exist in 2017?

What is OP's point exactly?

Black Panthers were GOTYAYEY, Black Lives Matter is a bad nigger joke.