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'Act of pure evil': Trump on Las Vegas shooting

US President Donald Trump addressed the nation about the attack in Las Vegas, Nevada – the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

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At Least 50 Killed as Gunman Opens Fire at Las Vegas Concert

A gunman perched on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas casino unleashed a shower of bullets on an outdoor country music festival below, killing at least 50 people as tens of thousands of concertgoers screamed and ran for their lives, officials said Monday. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. More than 400 victims were taken to the hospital, authorities said.

Stephen Paddock named as Las Vegas gunman suspect

Police have named Stephen Paddock as the suspected gunman who killed at least 50 people and hospitalised more than 400 others at a Las Vegas concert.

Catalonia celebrates as 90% vote 'Yes' in independence referendum

Barcelona partied into the night after the preliminary results of Catalonia's independence referendum indicated that 90% of voters had voted 'Yes'. Celebrations were given an added boost by Barcelona's 3-0 victory over Las Palmas at an eerily empty Camp Nou stadium.

Spain Vows to Double Down on Catalonia Opposition

Spain’s government will consider using all means at its disposal to uphold the law in Catalonia, the justice minister said, praising the police for their “exemplary” action in defense of the constitution.

Catalan referendum: Spain region 'not seeking traumatic split'

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has said he is not planning a "traumatic" split with Spain, after a disputed independence referendum on Sunday.

Catalonian independence vote reignites Scotland’s call for UK split

The Scottish independence debate is back with a vengeance after images of Spanish police brutality in Catalonia this weekend shocked the world.

‘EU failed us, Turkey doesn’t need it anymore,’ says Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that his country has outgrown its need for EU membership over the course of rocky 12-year accession talks. Recep Tayyip Erdogan also accused Europe of harboring terrorists.

Philippines’ Duterte rejects ‘lousy’ probe, accuses anti-graft body of corruption

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he won't cooperate with a special investigation into his alleged wealth by the national anti-corruption agency, accusing the body of “selective justice” and prioritizing him over more serious violations.

Two women deny murdering North Korean leader's half-brother

Two women accused of murdering the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a banned nerve agent pleaded not guilty at the start of a high-profile murder trial in a Malaysian court on Monday.

France introduces photoshop law to combat eating disorders

The use of photoshopped images to make people look thinner must now carry a warning telling consumers that the photo has been altered, according to a new law introduced in France.

FBI does not have to reveal details on iPhone hacking tool used in San Bernardino case, judge rules

The FBI was sued by three news organisations over its refusal to identify the vendor, purchase price or details of the hacking tool.

Teenager says two NYPD detectives arrested her on a drug charge and then raped her

The officers do not deny the sexual acts happened, but claim it was all consensual.

Detriot Lions Owner Promises Donations for Players to Stand

Ford promised to donate money as well as lend her name to social causes chosen by the players.

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These are pretty wild times

News user 2: electric boogaloo

Okay, but what was the voter turnout for the referendum?

Less than half of Those allowed to vote, but half of Those that voted last election. Basically it was just like last election, if all those voting for anti independence parties had abstained

About 42%, iirc. But then again, the police consficated ballot boxes.

I did not expect to see my thread here. UI BEST GIRL

A starkly darker day than most, hope we're all doing okay.

Mass shootings, truck attacks, and the NDP have gone full-Neoliberal. At this point, Posadas being proven right would be a blessing among blessings.

She's cute and kind and caring and cute!


Can someone just shoot Duerte already


This is huge because Erdogan originally based his party on trying to get Turkey into the EU


Small news about the local elections in Portugal:

The Socialist Party won 159 mayors out of 308, 38% of the vote (in the legislative election of 2015 it was 32% and in the local elections of 2013 it was 36%) and had the biggest result in history.

The right wing Social Democratic Party was humiliated and had one of the worst results ever.

The Communist Party went from 34 mayors to 24 (all 10 of the mayors lost to the Socialist Party) and they had 9.46% of the vote (in 2013 it was 11%).


You can see the results here (in portuguese):

Kek I didn't even spot this. This should be interesting, liberals normally fold when it costs them, should be interesting to see how financial incentive affects them.

Did the MPT get any seats? I can't reall make it out on that site.

Erdogan has been talking shit about the EU for years (accusing them of supporting PKK, Gülen etc.), no one seriously believes in Turkey joining anymore.

Nah, I don't think so (they're always the bitches of the right-wing parties in coalitions) so usually the big parties get the seats themselves.

I'm curious though, where does your interest in such a small party come from?

How are people STILL sperging out about this NFL thing? What the fuck? Why do right wingers always sperg about the absolute stupidest shit?

Because their worldview is so fragile that the absolute stupidest shit threatens its integrity. If police violence is so bad that NFL players are protesting it very publicly, that threatens the notion that we live in a happy peaceful world where the police protect and serve the people. It's just like religious zealots being very careful to remove any "corrupting influences" that might make people question the version of reality their ideology presents.

Highly related subject.


I'm in periodical contact with them, we're discussing creating an European agrarian/conservative ecologist forum/platform t shre and discuss policies and strategies across country lines. An International Agrarian Bureau 2.0 essentially

Because to them it's troublesome leftists bringing their cultural Marxism into the temple of Burger Worship where they believe they oughta be free to "love their country" without having to think about messy (Communist) things like dead black people, who probably deserved it anyway.

It's a trump psyop. Even people who hate him still respect the anthem

Shoot him with a dart full of whatever dope. Then he'll be forced to kill himself so he wins.

Ah, I see. They're a long way from 2014 where they got 7% in the european elections, but people only voted for them because of one guy who used the party for his political gain. He left and created the Democratic Republican Party and ever since the MPT is basically powerless. Good luck with your forum/platform though.

fugg. Thanks anyhow, we're gonna need it :D

Except police violence isn't getting worse, and black people are more likely to get arrested/shot than whites because they're more likely to commit crimes than whites (bc they're more likely to be poor and poor people commit more crime). The gravest and most deadly threat the black community is other poor blacks and everyone knows it. The boomerfags just aren't buying the police brutality meme, since some of them remember actual systemic racism and actual racist police.

Police violence doesn't have to be systematic any more because they've set up the system so the violence has become emergent and the powers that be have plausible deniability for gross negligence.

this is one of those days

Congrats on the high score Holla Forums I didn't think you had it in yah.

It's been "one of those days" for a long time, user. All politics is about pure spectacle and identity politics, we barely even know what laws are being introduced or repealed.

cheers lad, but this is merely the beginning

Looks like a democrat with a Muslim GF that took a 6 month trip overseas. Someone looking similar has been seen at several leftists demonstrations too.




Where were you when the phrase radical liberal stopped being hyperbole?

I don't think it was ever hyperbole. Look at SJWs, they'll riot and ruin lives over shit as pedestrian as pronouns.

pick two


Yah I'm aware of that but don't you think that Erdogan explicitly laying this out is newsworthy?

Lads, the world now has its first genuine, bonafide nanobot. Soon even your immune system will be unemployed.


I have the nagging feeling that, if the Socialists aren't already the same as Social-Democrats, they will become so now.

Is Erdogan genuinely retarded or a con man? Reactionaries are usually one or the other

Oh god we need to end capitalism fast

Hi Holla Forumsintelpro

I'm sure it's not another years-dead scat fetishist because Holla Forums always checks their sources

To be fair, the liberals are sperging out about the right wing spergout
Watched Trevor Noah with my lib parents tonight and it's all just TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP
Now I understand why Holla Forumstards are constantly falseflagging with DRUMPTH

On a side note, mom also got really excited about another car with a "RESIST" sticker on it
But she also condemns antifa or any other """violent""" group
Why do liberals insist on this pussy bullshit

I think we missed this 5 days ago:

Toymakers say there is ‘widespread panic’ following Toys R Us bankruptcy

>As toymakers and suppliers decide what to do next, many say they are likely to lose millions of dollars as a result of the bankruptcy, sending a ripple of financial troubles throughout the toy industry.

Please tell me this will harm the boardgame industry as well. I'm tired of those hipster fucktards.

Are you retarded? He isn't even pretending not to be.

can't wait for them to close, tbh

A gamer pub?

oh shit, toy revolution inc!

Yeah. Imagine fat gamers and larping cutey gamey girls with pink hair sitting at a table drinking green beer and playing D&D while nyancat music is going on youtube. Not even kidding.

Oh, I was going to say it's obvious this is a city but I just realised you mentioned it earlier. Which one? Pubs here (northern town) are used for drinking, drug dealing, and picking up girls.


The vegas shooting, a lot of people assumed it was a leftist since he shot up a country music festival but I think the latest news is that he was just mentally disturbed.

what is wrong with D&D?


Oh look at that, the Tankie hates fun. Go play Xia or World of Indines. Or just neck yourself.

Stop playing videos games in pubs. Those places are for alcohol, drug dealing and fingering slags you fucking degenerate.

This board is full of virtue signaling normalfags, just ignore them

get fucking >>>/out/ you normie

The Vegas shooter probably wasn't anymore politically motivated then Charles Whitman.

If anything he's what Colin Wilson would have recognized as a self-esteem killer.


jesus christ

Fucking hell boardgames are the least nerdy thing, its a hobby for well adjusted people with real friends. Or fun for the whole family. How on earth did americans manage to ruin another nice thing by making it into some controversial hype?

Can hardly wait for the general populace to forget that 100% of cops are shit since they did their job and helped people in Las Vegas. They'll forget everything else those shits do just like with the John McCain bullshit where he did one good thing but towed the line with everything else.

Fuck cops.

Everything after 2.0

You're the only person I've seen discuss both the cops and Vegas at the same time so far.

I was shitposting but Holla Forums is autistic and probably thinks I'm serious


When he says Boardgames he means tabletop games.

Youre upset arent you?

Get that lump that is your whole being checked, it's probably cancer.

Youre mad.

Isn't it a schoolnight over in burgertown?

What's wrong with that

Its morning for me. Burgerston is pretty big europoor.

I just wanted to say hi.
Do you treat all your comrads like that?

Hey intel/bro/ said good job. Its polite to say thank you! I cant believe you kids.


I wonder how many people that do this are Russians trying to divide the US.

How the fuck is this even possible? How isn't there some sort of debt cap, based on a company's assets or something like that? Is this infinite debt one of those absurdities that modern capitalism needs in order to function?