Why do white people hate socialism?

Why do white people hate socialism?

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Over a century of constant and concerted propaganda buttressed by the experience of the apparent "success" of Capitalism.

This can't be true. Unless is about the US. Sage for stupid thread


Americans are not white.





Because there's more rich whites than rich blacks.

In my experience it's been the non-whites especially Asians that hate socialism. The vast majority of socialists I know are white.

Because modern socialist are retarded enough to keep calling them "whites"

What could be going wrong i wonder?

It's boomers mostly.

Because only the stupid, unmotivated, and by extension chronically poor stand to benefit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it has to be taken into consideration.


Because in America Capitalism means status quo and that's good enough for most white people, even the ones getting fucked over. Why change things when keeping them as they are will at least keep you on top of the blacks?

They tend to prefer a meritocracy.

Dumb as crackas.

just the ones who passed history 101.

ANd of course the national s0cialists.

Why wouldn't we?
It destroys countries and kills races, and its only adherents are either Jews with no aim other than subverting goyim, or retards like Holla Forums who would think 2 + 2 = 5 if the talmudvision told them so.
What are the benefits of socialism? What? The rich run away as soon as the coversion is complete. The most diehard revolutionaries are shocked to find out that they're actually the harmful and useless bourgeoisie they've been complaining so much about. The actual common people — commissar Cletus and commissar Jamal, for America — come round and redistribute everything, only to find out that a) there's not enough of it, and b) nobody wants to share their own hard-earned goods with some fat dyed-hair cunt who does nothing but sit on his ass and complain about how it isn't real socialism, because if it were they would obviously have robots and space shuttles by now. And that's not even counting the famines.
Learn to politics, faggots. That, or kindly hang yourselves, but then again the noose would either break from weight or your pencil neck would slip out.
t. Russian, whose family lived under socialist rule, in the Союз Жидовских Социалистних Республик.

The same reason white people tend to be less social and more independent - a tendency toward individualism as opposed to collectivism. And is it a bad thing? Which countries are the most beautiful, and have the highest quality of life? .. although Holla Forums would probably say North Korea

Socialism doesn't work, because socialists do not work.

Racist as fuck

Whites are smarter, therefore not as desperate for gibs as dindus.

Probably because socialists tend to be sneering bourgeois who actively work against white people, with a heavy contempt for poor or working class whites.

Only self-hating whites would jump for an ideology expressed almost entirely by people who hate them.

Interesting, as education level increases, approval of socialism decreases.
What a suprise


Because we’re not retarded


Because under socialism, the only improvement that one can make for his/her own station is to suck the ballsack of the gulag's party chairman better than all the other inmates^Wcomrades. Do this effectively, and he will argue that you should receive 1.75x rations for dinner at the next wage adjustment.

Socialism is just a way to install an incestuous ruling dynasty of cronies and sycophants with absolute control of all property.

Race doesn't exist.

OP is a stupid nigger

You’re conflating nationality and race again Holla Forums. Please take your meds.

Interesting as propaganda level increases approval of socialism decreases.

Market socialism ni🅱️🅱️a

Ah yes, I remember all of the indoctrination when I was studying physics.

How about the 79 gorillion who died under the USSR?

Is that what your wife told you when the kid came out black?

Because when you work a job that pays a set amount by the day regardless of your hours, you get raises every 6 months, and you're pulling in $3,500 a month in a blue collar job. You don't want to pay over a quarter of that two governments mainly so most of the people from your area can benefit from the government paying them for being single parents.

To two governments* correcting myself here.

It's almost as if preference for socialism is distributed according to the bell curve on racial intelligence.

The smarter you are, the less likely you are to prefer socialism.

Capitalism is a social system wherein persons understand they have harmony of interest with others to pursue their material self interest by employment of reason within a reality-centric paradigm.

See Reisman "Capitalism" p.19