Are "SJW"s bad?

Are "SJW"s bad?

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"bad" is a subjective assessment and completely meaningless.

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bad is a moral classification and therefore a spook. they are wrong, that's for sure

They are entertaining when they sperg out over their micro dramas.

Like when your in a supermarket and theres some kid having a tantrum and the parent has obviously given up trying to control them years ago. You know its wrong. Its definitely annoying for anyone trying to get on with their lives. But its gripping entertainment for the rest of us.

They are a non-issue. I have personally been at various art and design circles and industry events, and I've yet to find a single SJW at least in the way Holla Forums describes them. In fact, most people in artsy circles do not care about politics at all, just very vague social liberalism and economically leftist positions, but you can also find vaguely right-wing arts/design people too, and if you look well, you can even find genuine right-wingers, but it's rare. Arts and design people mostly talk about tech and business management 90% of the time, not social issues. If you want to find liberals the way how Holla Forums tankies and Holla Forumsyps describe them, you need to go to very specific environments, like uni sociology departments or burgerland big city college campuses.

I've never met an EssJayDubya in my life, so I wouldn't know.

this word has ceased to have any meaning besides "a person I disagree with as a right-winger". use "double reactionary" instead.
morality is bunk

anyway, double reactionaries are to some extent more useful than regular reactionaries because they're firing at people who tend to be more powerful than others which is close to people who are more powerful than others which is close to actual power structures, but they also massively alienate "majority" segments of the working class and pollute our image. they also encourage bad habits like feeling pride or shame for personal aesthetic characteristics.

SJWs like the ones Holla Forums raves on about are not as common as they claim. Some of them are really bad and are completely unsavable but many just don't know a more radical leftist alternative (genuine socialism) exists I know, cuz I used to be one

superjews are our superiors

well like, by definition

it's like how gays are alright but faggots are bad

shut up faggot

They are the same thing as Holla Forums.
They wouldn't be a problem if they wouldn't ruin our name too

Right wing incels are the new sjws

Literally this

isnt that a fake image

most of those types are just Holla Forums types trying to bait people

Maybe, but his real videos are about as bad.

Anyone who unironically uses the term "SJW" needs to be banned, have their ip's leaked, be castrated and bled to death. They're not real leftists.

This guy is a goldmine of keks

Why not?

SJW is a meme term used to describe various sub groups, and is a misunderstanding of various beliefs by the right wing and centrist communities, the worst part is now anyone with these beliefs is now shunned even more so than right wingers would be by leftists, the right win has successfully shamed the left into submission, disowning them hurts us more than accepting them and owning them.


My brother is an SJW. He's a bit class conscious from reading Orwell and Steinbeck but he falls for liberals playing to Identity Politics. How can I sway him away from idpol?

and every one of them is capitalist

Don't and convince him to join the fight with you when the time comes, I've said it before and I will say it again, in fighting is bad, SJW's as a term ought to be banned anyone who uses it ought to be permabanned and doxed by mods for their traitorous crimes.

Slow down pal. This is like defending liberals.
SJW or whatever you want to call them are redliberals at best. We shouldn't accept them they are a massive conterintelrpo who dirtied our name

Yeah let's alienate our lesser counterpart souly because they give us bad pr and disagree with us by 5 or so issues.
You know Holla Forums may be dumb but they're at least smart enough to accept people less politcially charged than them such as regular conservatives. We should do the same other wise we're making things harder for ourselves.

Kill him

Or alternatively turn him into a cuckold sissy trap

Even the one with purple hair?
I thought purple hair made you a anafem?

They are not a lesser counterpart. Most of them are not even anticapitalist. They are Holla Forums with rainbows

my ex was a pretty hard tumblr sjw

however, they were suuuuupppppeeeerrr introverted, if you said racist shit next to them, they would just look down and be quite as they didn't have enough of a spine to talk you down, to the point where they didn't want to do any actual social justice activism because they were too shy

Yeah but there are no real images to illustrate this point unfortunately.

That's like saying antifa is facist because both are violent.

I know rite.

Loads of non fascists have been violent.
Antifa are fascist because they want to shut down the free speech of people they disagree with.

They are misguided.

Are you stupid?

Because pic related.

No you.

They were MAYBE a thing 2-3 years ago (and even then largely inflated by reactionaries), but by now the phenomenon has mostly died down and the word has lost all meaning as right wingers use it to describe everyone to the left of them they disagree with.
It's pretty much always been a reactionary boogeyman to bring centrists towards reactionary positions, that and it was a goldmine to le rational skeptics that built entire careers fearmongering on how some cunts' blogs on tumblr barely anyone reads are the death of Western civilization. "SJW uber-logical pwnage" is basically this generation's COD 360 no scope.


Careful the mods always ban people who post that image.
I guess the truth cuts them deep.

Do you live under a rock or something?


I just don't think anti-sjw dominated youtube is an accurate representation of reality.

At least Holla Forums can see the problems of capitalism even if they lay it at the feet of the Jews, liberals think that capitalism is great and will endlessly fight for corporations until they die.

Probably not but the phenomenon has reached unprecendented levels this year in real life.
Last year one dude knelt for the national anthem in the NFL this year its loads. Its obviously increasing.

This is why the word has no fucking meaning anymore.

They have tarred leftism with their navel gazing and improved exactly 0 people's lives. That's a pretty bad track record to be sure.

Rolled 1, 7, 9 + 1 = 18 (3d12)

What did it used to mean to you? Back when it had a meaning?
To me it means someone who constantly virtue signals in public or on social media without actually lifting a finger to help anyone.

Yes, because all those leftist groups who proudly welcome every professionally offended feminist are doing so much to fight capitalism..

So 90% of Europe and North America's population? Convenient.

I have been claiming its a widespread and growing phenomenon.

Get out.

Holla Forums is filled with retro liberals. They like capitalism.

How is bashing the fash against free speech? For all I care this is not about 'saying' fascist stuff but about performing organised activities.

The ability to participate in organized activities is part of free speech.

The same way as when the sturmbatellung did it to the KPO in the 30s.

Holla Forums is filled with liberals who just want to say nigger.


Furries are reactionary as shit and there are maybe two or three /our/ for every 30-40 /their/.

This is the problem you'll be dealing with. Like it or not the primary demographic of a country is the one these edgy shitheads attempt to alienate every waking moment. There's more to be gained by disowning this small minority then letting them continue to undermine class solidarity with their intersectionalist bullshit.

What's wrong with the guy on the left?

Some kind of chronic elbow disease.

as much as I hate idpol-obsessed neoliberals like this, especially having been organized small-scale political demonstrations IRL and talked face-to-face with these kinds of "social activists" I have to say your ex sounds kinda qt tbh :ˇ3

Other than being drawn in an unflattering manner, I mean

Is having a group of insane people whom completely destroyed the left's image to the common folk something bad?
Gee, I dunno.

Hes probably a brocialist.

serious answer, it's because he doesn't look like this, which pol, liberals, and half of leftists think is what 'the real workers' all look like