Wow you read 'Capital' too user?


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When will cumskin finally be genocided for real to leave room for the brownie master race?

Unironically, knowing your theory at uni (without being a knob about it) will help you pull. Can confirm.

I want to believe!

it actually does ngl. I mean don't walk up to someone and be like "PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION IS NEIGH" but kinda simplify it and actually talk about marxist concepts in a normal way.

Also tbh, going on demos is a good way to meet people in general: just actually believe in what it is about and just go and talk to people. It is quite fun ngl.

this but unironically

would fug tbqh


You'd fuck anything with a pulse, famalam

Not true, familia.
I have low standards, though

not at engineering school

Stop being a STEMcuck. Problem solved
Humanities has more women, anyway

computer science and mathematics has more traps tho

She's cute, shame she's a little dunce as well.

If you don't have problems talking to girls that is.

Talking to girls is easy as fuck if you're not trying to get laid

but user, he IS trying to get laid

Talk to girls first, then try to get laid

hahaha what a story, mark!

I can easily talk to girls but what said is correct. If I need "to pull" I completely wreck myself. But anyway I don't want to turn this into another leftyfeels thread. So let's just remind ourselves to read, read, read.

i haven't tried it yet but all the birds seem to love marxists

Yes at engineering school: marxists are everywhere. Also most pol/sci students don't WANT to talk about politics outside of class because for them it is work.

Then try speaking to them as if you aren't trying to pull, and just let things happen.


And stop bulling her or saying you want to fuck her

user, traps are gay.

Sage for bulling her

Put your stache back on pastacuck.



Why does she look like the kind of girl that has a hairy cunt she barely washes?

Why you are such an asshole to her?

Did I say it was a bad thing?

Everybody who says that RageAfterStorm isn't attractive at least compared to the average girl and would totally fuck her is a blatant liar.
It's little flaws like that which make a girl attractive. Read Lacan


Thanks, pal. Preach to these plebs

Nigga, of course she's attractive, but can I say she's not a goddamn 10/10 goddess without getting swarmed with Holla Forumsyps telling me I'm a virgin who can't get laid?


Why do you thirsty fucks think this plain Jane is hot? She's literally every nerdyxxxD girl that ever threw on some pornier glasses and a push up bra, the kinda chicks who freshman year either get black out drunk and hook up with somebody or end up crying into their own vomit every single night out or party. Everything about her screams PLEASE LIKE ME not even love, just like, even fleetingly, just please some attention

Fuck off incel fag.

Dumb lump us in with a nerd like that pls

He's not wrong

Lol no I'm saying she isn't hot. I probably have more sex than 90% of this board. I got the noodz to back that up if you wanna throw down

Post your dick

Lol no I'm saying she isn't as hot as you virgins make out . I probably have more sex than 90% of this board. I got the noodz to back that up if you wanna throw down

Don't test me fggt, I have this in my phone from my last exchange

I'm not testing, that's a nice dick

Thx bro

What sort of communist spends money on cosmetics and jewelry?

Daily reminder incels are oppresed, check your muh privilege femoids!

With her makeup off she is the average girl. If you're going to fantasize at least go for someone stunning and not what you'd pick up from tinder on a friday night.

This guy knows it

Which is exactly why I find her attractive, I fall for this shit everytime, everything in me just wants me to save her and fuck the shit out of her. I'd rather go with a girl like that than with some stacy. I guess this says more about me than it does about her.

Fair play man, I'd pork her also. Just I don't get why people think she's H-O-T. Also go for neither this girl or Stacy both are bad

Reminder of this poll on Holla Forums:

why am i supposed to just know who this without any explanation and reading through the thread for hints?
how is this shit relevant or related to anything going on here on leftypol?
why are you commenting on her looks? who gives a fuck? she's fucking 3D so unless there's class conciousness i really dont see any appeal in that person


RageAfterStorm is Styx after 10 months of hormones, don't fall for the trap.

When my head says no but my dick says yes.

I watched all of Wolff's video courses on Marxian economics… Does that count?

Save yourself the trouble, just watch Zizek lectures. He uses the "thicc woman who would be perfect if she lost 2-3 pounds" example a million times.

how 2 get Holla Forums gf?

Honestly, considering how little I seem to have in common with the average human being, that's as good as it would get as far as personality goes.

Language is a spook nerds!