You suddenly acquire the Death Note

Who would you kill, Leftypol?
What would tomorrow's news look like?

The ruling class

forbes list, all CEOs and major investors I can find, all bourgeois senates, military chiefs, imperialist collaborators… the list goes on. and I make them do shit like read quotes from the communist manifesto before an heroing.

I would start with writing my name in it so if I loose it they can return it to me.



Trump, Merkel, Putin, Macron, Merkel, May, and the Queen for max chaos factor

This and Tony Abbott

Why would I kill anyone? That would be illegal.

I'd commit perfect false flag after perfect false flag until my own special brand of Socialism is the only political faction with an ounce of legitimity.
Who am i kidding i'm too much of a brainlet to come up with any theory.

This anime is incredibly reactionary too.

I'd start a posadist nuclear war.

Constantine from american idol and all of his family and then myself


john cusack

I would arrange Clinton and Trump fucking each other and then commiting suicide by cop.

Trump, Pence, Merkel, Hillary, Poroshenko, and Erogadan.

Everyone In the US Congress

This, and keep doing it to each successive bourg leader that takes over until the people rise.

I would kill (You)


Killing is wrong.