Here's some Gurren Lenin OC. What did you all think of the Summer anime season? Are there any promising anime for communists in Fall?

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post it in fuckin leftytrash

No, every time we make an anime thread you faggots complain like this, but we end up having a full thread anyway. This deserves its own topic.

Full Metal Alchemist
Attack on Titan

Why, I think this deserves its own thread. It gets rid of the Holla Forums spam and anchored threads too.

this show is basically fascist right

This series is so reactionary I find myself cheering for the villains (especially this qt.) Battle shounen has fallen pretty low.

commies need more Gurren memes, tbh

I unironically believe anime is the most reactionary media the world has ever produced. You can see fascist themes in every show from Chuuni to Berserk.

yeah BNH is pretty porked tbh. unfortunately the villains' motives are all retarded as well. still a fun show.

have you watched any american TV or movies lately? it's just as bad, if not worse. anime is tolerable because it's so disconnected from reality that you can laugh off the propaganda, and because it's in short 20min bursts. whereas if you watch a full hollywood movie, you have to strap in for two hours of hyperreal fascist propaganda.

You see everyone knows this shit is fucking fascist. I don't know how fucked up your brain must be to see anything good in this shit. Isn't there an actual communist that runs a anime database site, which on is it? Sickening stuff.

You can say the same thing about every form of media. However nothing beats Hollywood. Daily reminder that western superheros (with the exception of the original Superman) are all fascist regardless of the content of their stories.

GATE had a good bit of anti-american imperalist stuff too.

Nah, it's more anti-imperalist

Ok sure but at this point American media is more like unending reproduction of the same thing mindlessly and has been that way for a long time. Anime like Berserk actually explores fascism intellectually, it's not just propaganda.

Almost every anime is anti-imperalist or anti-american with leftist themes.

Dude what. It's about a bunch of blond-haired blue-eyed Germans repelling inhuman "foreign invaders" who have also infiltrated their government. Their symbol is an eagle or some shit. The mangaka was definitely a reactionary. I mean look at this shit:

Dude how many anime have you even watched? You're being pretty closeminded.

*from a Japanese fascist perspective*
Browse Japanese right-wing sites and you will see that all their anti-imperialism and anti-americanism comes from this schizoid ethno-paranoia where everyone is out to genocide them but they (the chose Japanese god men) have every right to genocide everyone else.

Like 15 idk. Name a popular anime and I will tell you what the hidden fash narrative is.

how about we never have another movie/anime recommendation thread outside of leftytrash again

Every. Single. Time.

I'll bite. You don't have to answer all of these but here's some random recent ones that I don't think are obvious fascism:

Nigga, 90% of them have brown or black hair. It's more based on Japanese themed resistance to western imperialism (westerners being the monters invading)

Not really, just as many Japanese leftists hate American imperialism as the right.

Never read/watched that one, but I have seen pages from the manga posted here, and for me it seemed like communism according to Holla Forums.

You're contorting heavily to give SNK a non-fascist spin. It's a fascist show. I don't judge if you happen to enjoy it (though it is boring as shit), I enjoy some fascist anime too, like GitS:SaC or ACCA. Just recognize it.
Also, Japan is like Germany, it doesn't get a free pass. It needed the Soviets to come in and curb the nationalist sentiment. However, that never happened in Japan. Japanese nationalists are salty that the Americans took their empire from them, and that's it.

/a/ is going to shit, it's like template threads are popping in place of those banned generals, and they banned sakurafish.
Also, y'all comrades need to watch Mahoujin Guru Guru.

I haven't seen most of these except for Maid Dragon and Little Witch but I didn't finish watching them cuz they suck so I can't comment.

oh also Yuri Kuma Arashi for shits and giggles. Least fascist thing in existence probably.


I'll check it out user.

I'm not the same guy saying all anime is fascist.

Berserk is fascist philosophically
Guts is the embodiment of the struggle inherent to fascist ideology
Author just wrote a story then crammed enough Nietzsche in it to choke on and you get Berserk

Centaur no nayami, their society is the end result of this modern day fusion of liberalism and Marxist doctrine


So are you saying that Griffith is how fascists see communists?


Unrelated to the current t thread of discussion, but I'd like to know how lefty leftypol thinks Gundam is(original UC timeline). I mean it's all about bash the fash, but then it does that whole "both sides are justified" thing a little too much and now the emphasis on how fucked Zeon is is sort of put to the side to show the soldiers' perspectives in the newer UC works. That's not a bad thing imvho but I can't help but be a little irked that unapologetic Zeonfags are now a huge part of the viewers(admittedly they have the coolest mobile suits).


I watched some of Gundam Unicorn and it just seemed like a bunch of feudalism in space.

Gundam is liberal trash. Still fun to watch though. G Gundam is my favorite (depsite being non-canonish) because Master Asia was the closest thing the series had to a truly revolutionary character.

It makes a point of showing that the average soldier isn't an evil automaton on both sides, but it paints both the Earth and Zeon as being corrupt.

That's the whole point of Mobile Suit Gundam, that war isn't an adventure, neither side is "justified," and the ones that usually pay the price are the average people that get caught up in it.

There's a scene in Unicorn which was kind of neat, where the beard man is talking with Banaji in the desert, about how the Earth is trying to keep a tight fist on the colonies because they realize Earth is economically speaking on borrowed time. Earth just has Earth, while the colonies potentially have the resources of the entire solar system at their disposal.

As an aside, IMO Newtype abilities were better when they were implied to be a sort of hyper-empathy and low-level telepathy rather than whatever mystical space age portal to the end of time shit it is currently.

Are you stupid or do you just not understand Nietzsche? You are being Hitler tier retarded right now.


I didnt say Nietzsche was fascist
just a lot of fascist ideology draws from Nietzsche

Griffith is a fucking imperialist boojie character with a hyper-individualist mentality. He's another fascist character from a different perspective. Him achieving his goals and how it breaks the relationship between him and Guts is where the philosophical exploration of fascism really begins.

Did you actually watch the show? He does it all for himself and his dreams. He has no other ideology but himself. When he comes to power is when he has to think about keeping his kingdom intact by balancing the needs of everyone he controls and his not overstepping his power.

Fascists have low lQ thats why.

Rightists hate anime so much they want it banned.

So where does Guts post-Eclipse fit into this?

Yeah and I read the manga
his dream is build the perfect kingdom
originally having a plan to do that using his mercenaries to gain a position of power in a kingdom during a war
then fucks it all up cuz his man-crush leaves him
gets saved by comrades and sacrifices them on the altar for power
and for what?
so he can play at being king?
he creates the problems he then solves so the plebs worship him as a messiah
only Guts and his little party know he's the lord of all the monsters that he's unleashed upon the world
when they all die they fall into His Abyss

the Right is neo-cons who live in a bubble


overanalysed from a point of bias
he has accepted his fate, he doesnt care about his place
his priorities are a mixmatch of trying to protect the shred of humanity he has left or dedicating himself entirely to slaying his former friend
I agree with 2 but what Guts does is far from rebelling
intrinsically good and evil dont exist in fascist ideology, there is only strong or weak, might makes right
Berserk isnt a story of good vs evil, it cant be analysed that way

fascism hearkens back to the oldest ethical system present in history of mankind where strong IS good, and weakness IS evil.

ITT post anime girls reading leftist books.

Fascism is always inherently about good vs evil, even hitler had the doomed aryan hero narrative in mein kampf. The fascist may think good and evil are spooks but he will always think his is a struggle for cilivization/trhuth/whatever, while for guts this isball meaningless. Also I fucked up my former post it should have not been greentext but fuck I just woke up

Hitler werent really fascist, like Franco
Mussolini, Moseley and Salazar were

yeah the struggle for something, for exactly what changes with the individual

Its a man philosophically battling and exploring fascism.

But the fascist projects that something on the social order, something missing in berserk. For fascists society is full of "undesirables" which can be removed only with force: hence the struggle. But for guts there is no social order to answer to, this is why his struggle is not fascistic

Yeah I get that, it's just that a lot of people take that to mean that it's not "wrong" to support Zeon from an out of universe perspective. Honestly I wish Zeon Deikun never died so the Principality/Republic never fell to the hands of space Hitler
I don't know maybe I'm just sperging out a little. Also nice pic related

there kind of is
theres the Church that wants him dead for being a demon worshipping murderer
theres the Kingdom of Windham that wants him dead as a traitor
or the Empire that wants him dead for his role in the war
or literally every demon/monster/God because hes one of the Branded
the whole world is something he struggles against

posting the one true lefty animu

That's not Nico.

Squealer did nothing wrong

lefty no
its no utopia and they know it
their society uses a slave class of genetically distorted hominids to do all their manual labour while they practice a society which through social engineering and psychological evaluation weeds out and eliminates the undesirables in their society
great show, no politics in it though just some philosophy

Anime is inherently reactionary and capitalistsic.

Every single thread.

it's better than whatever the fuck this is

And how exactly does that make it different from any other form of media?



yeah, poor immigrants trying to cross the border but get their backnecks slashed by militarized cops :(

Murder yourself

where does the best anime of all time fit into all of this?

it's pure ideology

Reminds me of this.
It's the creator of Hidamari Sketch

It fits into the "ruined by fujoshis in the near future" mold.

They can literally create large amounts of energy and control it with their minds, so why do they use them as slave labour?

Pictures like this only further my suspicions that weebs have autism.

More like
Reminder that logh was always gay as fuck. Still a great series though.

Both appeal to your fujoshi boogeyman, it's just that they were made in different decades.

The fash get BTFO every thread too.

Its funny because the Japanese commies and socialists have consistently defended Manga and Anime when it was attacked. Also the west's right is obsessed with sexual Iconoclasm where as with Japan its been a part of their art since at least Shunga? Maybe even earlier? So you have this ideological divide were the western right is very clearly anti lewd in anything and then Japanese art is FULL of lewd and even if you think your watching a non-lewd show or reading a non-lewd manga chances are the artist has drawn porn in the past. This is a weakness that's just begging to be attacked in regards to the "anime right".

I seriously don't see how BNHA is any more reactionary than your average show. Stain himself was pretty fucking cool and he's presented in a very grey light inviting readers to take his side.

all the big heroes are petite-bourgeoisie

The idea of superheroes in general is very bourgeoisie and often even fascist depending on how they are depicted. If a "hero" spends all their effort fighting to preserve a capitalist society then they are not heroic at all and should not be treated as such.

Look no further than Superman and Batman. They are both ideology in human form. The strong bourgeoisie that protects the Everyman from the evil opportunist that ruin capitalism.

maybe i'm interpreting it differently, but Berserk is about fighting a psychopathic warlord who sacrifices all his friends for more and more power to become an evil demon king. hardly promoting fascism.

There are social orders but he doesn't respond to them, he sometimes interact with them but he lives by no social order. That's what I meant.

Like I said it isn't an entirely positive picture of them Stain is literally one of the most hyped characters in the show and on multiple occasions he is compared to all might in his conviction and deku straight up admits he understands where he's coming from and commented on how stain reminded him of all might in the final exam

I picked this up a few days ago. It's really fucking fun.
I want to bully Kukuri.


Solid series I thoroughly enjoy even though you can see some hints of Japanese imperialism wank through Zeon-wank.

He's describing the bad guy of the series.



Unironic Zeon fags get BTFO in every discussion they get in though, every time you see a unironic Zeon fag literally just post this image and watch the anus anguish.

How does your average Holla Forums garbage justify watching anime when the majority of the artists have drawn smut in the past? Or how smutty the medium can be in general? Isn't the stance pretty solid on smut being evil and all created by the Jews?(it's not but that's what they believe.) it just seems a tad hypocritical to me.

Do as I say not as I do. Same people that would hang you for 'degenerate' behavior like being friends with a black person, fantasize about getting barebacked by traps.



…You know that in the manga it turns out they're basically Jews living in ghettos on the mainland (the walls are actually on an island, roaming titans are used as guard dogs so they don't get funny ideas about migrating) and the only reason they haven't been exterminated yet is because their overlords can exploit their titan powers for the military, right?

This sounds so familiar as a twist. TTGL? Big O? I feel like there's some big ones I'm forgetting.

TTGL when they find out the Spiral King was trying to protect Earth from the Antispiral?

I guess? With TTGL it happens two times with the Spiral King and then the Antispiral reveal in the second half.
In Big O they find out that their city was actually a Truman Show for some actual world somewhere.

I still feel like I'm forgetting another example.

Holy fucking spoilers.

Reminder that >>>/leftyweebpol/ is a thing and we have an active discord server. discord.gg/WjrJTD

Holy shit thanks for this image. Priceless stuff right there.

I've seen a couple of Overlord reaction pics used in this board, any followers of Ainz Ooal Gown 'round here?

I used to read the novels, but that was a long time ago and not much of it was translated.

Where did you stop reading? A lotta stuff has happened.

Don't remember. Will probably start over with a hopefully better quality translation.

The novel has actually been licensed and translated to english by a company called Yen Press, but a lot of people have complained that it's shittier than the fan translation, I haven't read it myself.
I think the fan translation is pretty darn solid, so whenever you feel like it, start reading again. The only volume you could say is boring or maybe even bad is vol 8, because it's a retrospective explaining a couple of things that happen in 7 and 9 and some slice of life stuff. Volume 12 is being translated right now, and it's some fucking good shit.

I've heard mixed things about Yen Press. I know people hated their NGNL translation. I will get both to see which is better. At the time I was reading the fan translations it was machine translation tier.

Must've been very early on man, the new translator (Nigel) has been doing some pretty good work.
Also, back when Yen Press got the license the previous translator (Skythewood) got a cease and desist, that's why now Nigel's the translator and why folks refer to the translation as fanfic. Maybe that's whose work you read, maybe it was the WN, just make sure to check its quality sometime soon.

Hmmmmm this seems to be a recurring theme with the right for some reason. Didn't Zizek literally give an entire speech about why this is?

Probably. Self-loathing manifesting in authoritative behavior and all.

I'd say it's more that depression in general causes more authoritarian views.

The healthy way of dealing with it is just to fap to BDSM doujins, of course.

Well I'll be damned. Have I really found a lefty anime this board hasn't heard of before?

Title's Shangri-la. I'm a scrub who still can't embed videos, so here's a link to the trailer.


It looks like you can watch the whole thing on Funimation's YouTube channel.

Is this fascist propaganda?

No but this is.

How tf?

I second this. Ntot only it's pretty leftist, but it's a great anime on its own.

I disagree that there is no politics in the anime and that philosophy is somehow a separate entity from politics to begin with.

To be fair, this is in the same anime.

Is that kid really drinking vodka?

She's Russian

It's not a hard drink. It's frost protection.
And in the anime she is technically 17.

Every time.


Forgot shitposting flag. Read Bordiga.

Actually it's
Just like

Can someone explain to me how the "fighting against oppressors" is inherent fascist propaganda?

I don't get it.

fighting is what fascists do

if you are fighting, you are fascist

t. liberal


That said, I think it would be really cool if an effort could be organized to translate select anime and manga into Kurdish(at the very least, the manga version of Kapital should receive this treatment if nothing else does).

Oh I'm not justifying. I actually find it ridiculous she's 17, I know that only because I went on the wiki to check if ti was actually Vodka.

what anime is this?

She's not sexualized really so you shouldn't complain. Also she is gup.

Girls und panzer

Spacenoid Supremacy.

Hmm looks interesting.

can not find it on torrent, can someone please link?

Didn't Nonna give pills that slowed growth to Katyusha in the manga?

Why are all the good shows so classcucked this season?

Posting Toga because she is the best

because its something for them to do

philosophy is present across the entire political spectrum its not limited to one type nor the other

M8 just download it offa KissAnime. All you've gotta do is make an account, and they even have the dub if you're interested.


Alternatively, it's like ten or fifteen bucks for the S.A.V.E. version on Amazon.

I'd hesitate to call Kino's Journey a pro-Capitalist series. If anything, the original anime was a potpourri of criticisms leveraged against a number of different concepts, and the episodes themselves can easily be interpreted several different ways.

Top-tier cutie, but I hear the mangaka's a total classcuck.


Did anybody see here see prequel episode for Dies Irae? This honestly might be my guilty pleasure for the season. A lot of the imagery is straight out of cheesy NSBM albums. I mean it looks awful but in a fairly enjoyable way

As it stands now he is, but all the girls are great and with the introduction of Stain it looks like there might be more criticism of the society of BNHA. Luckily the league of villains is being set up almost like a parallel group of protagonists so we'll get plenty of this perfection in the future.