Post the best Holla Forums related thing to happen to your country

post the best Holla Forums related thing to happen to your country

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the IWW tbh

I can feel the hate comming… But he was the most far-left leader we have ever had imo.




I'm not saying the US didn't deserve it, but tbh it really did give them an ass easy reason to go all out in the middle east.


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someone indirectly told my economics professor he was spooked the other day.
I have yet to confirm if he's a Stirnerist, but I feel it's highly likely given the context was a discussion about private property.



Rednecks unite!

Neutered any chance for a revolution in capitalism's greatest crisis



My country provided Marx and Engels with a really nice holiday retreat but that's about it.

Putting the fascist polish reactionaries in the Katyn grave

marshall tito

This lad actually attempted to start a socialist revolution in the Netherlands in 1918 after seeing the revolutions in Germany and Russia. But then he found out that everyone in the Netherlands is an apathetic liberal, as everyone just ignored him (except for the state which panicked and send troops to occupy major cities). Even his own party disowned his call to arms. So nothing happened and he was sidelined. Now the revolutionary attempt is known as "Troelstra's mistake". Still the most lefty thing that ever happened in this liberal pile of shit.

Huey Long > that bourgeois faggot

Unironically, he himself won't do much but the movement around him is something real, I can touch it with my fingers. Things here are going to get far worse than they are, I just hope I can play my party in making a better world.

But historically:
- Diggers
- Merthyr Rising
- General Strike of '24
- The men of the volunteer battalions
- Cable Street
- Tony Benn


The NHS?

Oh yes sorry,
- Literally everything Attlee did.
Yes including the nukes, we'll need them if the US tries to AVBC us.

Literally Stalin

definitely this.

uplifting af

miners should have went all out. that middle picture gives me the chills. I hope the future holds more joy.

wasn't hit hard enough

funny how that's the ideology of just as imperialist and racist scum torturing the civilian population and spreading the capitalist nazi war criminals tracks promoting the idea of "collective guilt"

while this is what Stalin said when the wehrmacht stood at moscows doorstep:
The foreign Press sometimes carries such twaddle as that the Red Army pursues the aim of exterminating the German people and destroying the German state. This, of course, is a stupid lie, and a senseless slander against the Red Army. The Red Army has not and cannot have such idiotic aims. The Red Army’s aim is to drive the German occupants from our country and liberate Soviet soil from the German-fascist invaders. It is very likely that the war for the liberation of Soviet soil will lead to the exile or destruction of Hitler’s clique. We would welcome such an outcome. But it would be ludicrous to identify Hitler’s clique with the German people, with the German state. The experience of history indicates that Hitlers come and go, but the German people and the German state remain.

The strength of the Red Army lies, finally, in the fact that it does not and cannot feel racial hatred for other peoples, including the German people; that it has been trained in the spirit of equality of all peoples and races, in the spirit of respect for the rights of other peoples. The Germans’ racial theory and the practice of racial hatred have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become enemies of fascist Germany. The theory of race equality in the U.S.S.R. and practice of respect for the rights of other peoples have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become the friends of the Soviet Union.

*-promoting +covering

The Vegas shooting

The Diggers

The Vegas shooting :^)

Danish resistance fighters bombed nazis. Some of the danes were commies. That's pretty much the most leftist thing that's happened in my country that isn't socdem shit.
Fucking kill me


Didn't Mosley use to be Labour?

Was he really more leftist than the Shining Path?


You make it sound like hanging dogs from lamp posts is not the fastest way to international revolution

I don't know where to begin tbh

This guy was thought to be Tito's successor.even almost chosen the president,but ended up getting expelled for criticizing the state too much.
I would always imagine Holla Forums as an over-opposing too ideological Socialist.

We have a pretty dank list to chose from if you think about it.
and thats it
life is pain in liberal hell

beady as always

Ned Kelly was truly a leftist hero:


Ekki gleyma gúttóslagnum, félagi.

But yeah, Iceland is the most American country of the Nordics unfortunately. Banging pots and pans is all well and good but it won't remove capitalism. Now we have Sigmundur blaming the release of the Panama papers on Soros and Bjarni Ben founding his RADICAL CENTRIST party(hopefully it'll siphon away votes from the right).

best post from a stalinstache I have ever seen
strong work sir

One of our presidents, a shameless, pragmatic populist, re-established relations with gommie countries because he wanted to play them and the West for gibs, like a previous president had played the Allies and the Axis. This involved inviting Che over in order to give him a medal. That's about it.


Holy fuck Stalin was more based than I ever imagined.

You got the invite fam. I would jump on it, that Soros gig pays good and has great benefits, plus you get a bonus for everyone you invite. You could be a millionaire in like 5 years

Welp forgot I set that as a name earlier

covering instead of spreading the nazi war criminals tracks
i'm just tired but you get the point…
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uhm… thanks

nei hvur andskotinn
but yeah, we are def the most classcucked of the Nordics.



Stalinist get out REEEEEEEE



That's a really great speech and all, but Chechnya kinda contradicts him

that's a rare mosley, any context behind this pic?

seems legit

That's the thing with Stalin, user. He never really said anything objectionable. If you were to judge him just by his words, you'd think he was the most freedom-loving man in the world. The problem is that he didn't practice what he preached.

because he was a opportunist fuck

Nigga, is that a picture of Jews being herded onto trains heading for Auschwitz you posted?

For the sake of idiot bumblefucks like myself, what's going on here?

Fuck Momentum. I don't care if it's left, right or Mr fucking Blobby. Propoganda is propoganda.

We're reaching levels of Bordigist thought previously never recorded!

I actually laughed irl

Please elaborate

This. All those fake quotes attributed to him become so obviously fabricated once you actually read some real Stalin, it's just absolutely not how the man conducted himself. Still a cunt though.

It was the maoist party of the 70s in sweden.

What do my fellow leafs think of this guy.

He Worked with anarchists which is cool
But was a little bat shit crazy and if the metis had succeeded would of probably created a millenarian christian state within canada(albeit a "revolutionary" one)
Also barricades are cool


afrospasm you're a fucking retarded nigger

Something recent that happened in australia, probably regular elsewhere but eh
Golden Dawn branch tries to hold a rally, construction union with antifascists organize a mob against them, even followed them to a pub later on and jumped them

When the union's inspiration through the cunts blood shall run…

Yes, Mosley was Attlee on fucking steroids and we almost had a genuine DemSoc labour take over britain and found the NHS in teh fucking 1930s. But the party (by a very narrow margin) rejected his vision and he left. He then toured europe for a year then BOOM he's a fascist.

Even as a Fascist he was pretty much a NazBol tbh.

Nah he had a lot of support from the british booj; the Daily Mail backed him for pete's sake.

GD never had a chance.

James Farley, Postmaster under FDR, said in 1936, "There are 47 states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington."

and how Seattle has fallen

I don't know of anything Holla Forums related happening in New Zealand, place is fucking boring. Main parties are National and Labour, the latter simply being a smidgen more socially and economically left than National.



Jesus Christ, what happened? How were we so fucking close and we still lost? We're miles from where we back then and we lost back then. What hope do we have now?



Repeal Taft-Hartley.

The Eureka Stockade. Back in 1854 in Ballarat in Australia, the miners got together and fought the British government.

His Jerilderie letter to the Legislative Assembly is fantastic. "I am a Widow's Son outlawed, and my orders must be obeyed."


the failure of blacks to free themselves has cast them in existential doubt for 150 years

t. pompous honky

I was out in Canberra in 15, helped organise the anti-Reclaim Australia rallies (where Reclaim was run by all the far-right mobs like United Patriots Front). We had 300 of us out against 100 of them, they actually got chased off from their rally site.

CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining, Electricity Union for non-Ausfags) are legends. I also want to point out that dude in 3rd pic literally has 'Wazza' on his hardhat. Good on ya, Wazza.

he says this while the Red Army was busy raping every german woman they could find

pretty sure you could be shot for that

Soviet authorities executed over 4,000 of their soldiers for rape and mistreatment of civilians.

You have a source for that? Not saying you are wrong, just want to properly btfo nazis and libs

We're fucked either way tbh.

aguebo compañero

Atrocity propaganda. Lying works.

liberation of finnmark

Look if we're going to own our history we shouldn't lie about it. Hell, didn't some Soviet guy say something to the effect of who cares, the Red Army "earned" it? Not making excuses for it, just a kind of "meh, it's war."



Just looked this guy up user and I have to thank you for posting him, literal fucking hero. Be proud.

Can't remember very well but I think the Roo made a similar point once

Is there any serious paper or book or the subject? By which I mean, one that was written by a person without a surname that is actually a proper noun and professional enough not to let political bias affect the work.

nothing, my country is reactinary as fuck

is it really nothing?

the closest thing is a progresivist once overthrew a facist in a coup, the corporations then overthrew the guy in a funded strike, and the facist got to control my country from the shadows the rest of his life, but that's not leftypol is it

there's probably still plenty of good left wing history there, not quite at the level of regime change, but then again no country but russia had a really impressive record at that.

didn't mean to sage

it's more than a few but hey were not the only one doing it, just the worse. But liberals like to ignore the40000 rapes commited by allies troops in my country (France) after in D day.
If I remember correcttly Svetlana Aleksievitch talks a bit about rapes in german territory

The Polish Legion deserted the napoleonic army to fight alongside the Haitian revolutionaries in 1802.
Aside from that 1905 revolution was pretty great.


I thought the Napoleonic troops in Haiti were decimated, but Wikipedo says 150 joined the revolutionaries. TIL


There was that time in which communists, anarchists, trotskists, and syndicalists united forces and kicked some fascist ass in 1934 São Paulo
That was pretty cool

We also had a fucking insane president that gave the biggest brazilian medal of honor to Che Guevara, in the middle of the Cold War, the absolute madman

It was a series of internal autistic screeching in the Swedish left

LARPing was in full force

The left in this period is called "bokstavsvänstern" the acronym left, they just kept splitting in more and more parties

quite shameful

Me when I hear the name Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Are you Norweigian then? What exactly are you refering to?

t. Finn who has been to Finnmark

For me, it's the short lived Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic

That's the most Metal thing I've ever seen.