Happy Spooktober


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his birthday is on the October 25th btw

This man genuinely cured my anxiety and finally got me to believe in my self and be confident in my beliefs, I know he's a meme but I would genuinely recommend him.


stirner is not a meme


After reading Wolfi's introduction to the new translation I'm afraid to read the thing because I'm sure I won't be able to tell his mocking from the serious stuff.


He literally is a meme made by Engels himself. He even followed the image macro format

Kaiba was for sure /ourguy/

Isn't there a record of him going to university or something?


The person isn't really important when he's basically only known in leftist circles for the meme value of his work and the added meme value of Engels drawing a funny picture of him to illustrate a strawman of his views. That shit was the original internet political meme


It doesn't matter, it's not a holy text you need to live up to.
When you read a text you make it your's. You will always read your own Max Stirner, Max Stirner's Max Stirner is unattainable.

I hate you soo much. How can you say he helped to resolve your existential angst and then dismiss him as a meme?
Stupid motherfucker I'm going to find where you live and fuck your shit up, you miserable cunt.

My apologies, what I was trying to convey is that because of his meme status you have a lot of people who go around and spam "lol spooks" but haven't actually read his book. My hope is that the memers who spout about spooks will actually read his book.

Stop being afraid and just read it. It's a very pleasurable read, even if you don't end up agreeing with it.