How do we save the world from being inevitably destroyed by America?

How do we save the world from being inevitably destroyed by America?

Call Kim

Go back in time and kill all the Anglos.

In another timeline the USSR prevents the united states from destroying humanity and we become a space-faring mutual aid society

but in this timeline it's only death, sorry conrad

Is there any way we can censor all spellings of America to the hamburg empire??


fuck this is probably true too

When the world dies I hope they broadcast the petulant face of Americas leadership for the world to see. So that the people can be blamed for the failures of the bourgeois one last time.


There is no saving the world anymore, we have passed the point of no return.
This is the future people have chosen.

A preemptive nuclear strike against all major US cities and an all out land invasion of the American heartland to seize control of the remaining relatively un-irradiated food crops of the Midwest and South and ration produce to surviving burgers who're hungry, homeless and traumatized as reward for willingness to undergo "re-education".

Is there even a source for this image or did someone just decide to make it up?

"the future people have chosen", human nature all the way and an easy escape out. Is this pure acceleration?

It's real. Now the third world's *really* gonna flood Northern Europe. Thanks, America.

give source

Soon as you give me teh sauce for that cat pic related. Here's hoping it's a video!


Alarmists get out

The world isn't doomed, industrial civilization is - and by extension the billions of people who rely on cheap energy to raise their food and transport it to them.

You saw how that colorful map was indicating a world at 4C of temperature change. That is because the IPCC speculates that we will see ~4C of warming by 2100.

So basically if we don't change society, the world will change it for us.

The world always changes regardless of our intervention - however our intervention towards building more resilient communities that are less dependent on cheap energy resources (as well as shifting global culture away from excess consumerism, perpetual growth economic models, things that make already burdened systems even more unstable) may go a long way in preventing excessive and unnecessary human suffering in the decades to come. Climate change is one of the big problems that the 21st century will have to contend with, but it isn't the only one. Climate change exacerbates and is exacerbated by the consumption of cheap energy - a consumption that is currently wasted in a multitude of ways. Using the remaining cheap energy supplies we have available in a way that builds toward a more resilient future society is, in my opinion, the most logical usage of said resources - because as I mentioned in the previous post, industrial civilization absolutely requires cheap energy to function - and that's a resource which has passed peak production. What we do with what is left will determine humanity's future.


The Eternal Burger cannot be stopped, mistakes were grilled and this is what we have chosen.

you fucks can talk


That is already happening.

Gas the jews. They can't continue to run America on its current course if they're dead.

Go back in time to either

Embrace it

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Jason pls

Was that the timeline where Lenin gave all power to the Soveits?

Probably the same timeline where Kronstadt wasn't a petty bourgeois reaction

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destroy america first I guess, if it will do it inevitably, it's really the only logical choice.

who installs / maintains the massive energy farms and how?


Yeah America is so terrible, that's why nearly every country on Earth has VOLUNTARILY adopted our technology, culture, conventions, language, and oftentimes copied our national and state constitutions word for word.




Both political sides are preparing for another civil war, smart people will hide or bail until it blows over. just give it a few more decades