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Why did Socialists and Anarchists in the United States stop calling Class cucks "Mr. Block"? it sounds like a rude symbol that can be used more politely in conversation without sounding like a 4chan autist

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i'm actually gonna start using this thanks

I didn't know this, but I definitely think we should start meming it into the mainstream like we did with Porky.

Because the communist left got kicked out of all union organizing during the Cold War.

Mr. Block? What are the origins of that term? Is it for working class people that don't support unions or labor activity (blacklegs, scabs, freebooters and the like)? Non-sequitur, but I wonder if the bad guys in Gumby were a reference to this.

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I've seen Dr. Wolff harp on that point several times recently; Dr. Wolff claimed that a large part of the erosion of the power of labor movements in the U.S. is because of their rejection of natural leftist allies (e.g. us), whereas their enemies freely allied with social conservatives and today increasing with libs. In his opinion unions need to stop being reactionary bitches and realise that their staunched supporters, socs comms and ans, are not to be feared but embraced. I mean, fuck, in my area several of the unions frequently support conservative candidates around election time. Y'know, the very people that are destroying them.

OK, having perused wikipedia a bit, I am now an expert and will gladly educate you all /s. Anyway, Mr. Block is basically what we would call a classcuck today: he's working class, but he thinks like a rich man. He's subservient to power, he has faith that class doesn't matter before the law in a democratic country, he mindlessly supports the party leadership without thinking for himself. Something interesting to note is that there is a comic strip where he is holding a sign supporting the SPA. I guess at the time there was a good deal of crossover in IWW and SPA membership, and there were bitter disagreements between the syndicalist vs socialist factions within the SPA. So the comic artist, a Wobbly, portrayed Br. Block as mindlessly supporting the party leaders rather than syndicalism. Besides this little historical artifact, it seems that Mr. Block is a worthy symbol of classcuckery. I say we meme him as much as we can! btw, this is a pretty good comic on bourgeois attempts to use wedge issues like race to drive class allies apart.

Would blocky suffice?

Sounds good to me.

Use the two interchangeably in ways that would sound correct and not retarded?

Isn't that basically what a Lemming is?

I like this idea. It has nice potential.

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explain please. Haven't heard the term all I know is irl it's a rodent

Basically a misinformed working class/petit-bourgeois dude who easily succumbs to peer pressure, doesn't like thinking independently and is therefore loyal to the state in fear of losing what he has

I'm probably getting it wrong tbh. I'm sleepy

lemmings are rats that mythically run off cliffs in large groups because they follow the leader

people say "don't be a lemming" as in think for yourself. its a more esoteric way to say don't be a sheep/cattle getting led to the slaughter where instead of a farmer or slaughterhouse its rodents leading themselves and each other (the species/community) off a cliff for the profit of no one.

I don't think Mr. Block is necessarily a lemming or sheep. I don't think sheep actively work against their interests or think that by making lots of wool they will grow up to be a farmer. That level of psychological gymnastics is something only humans can muster.

Temporary embarrassed millionaires think they are thinking independently. The most independently. They really believe capitalism is fair and that by working hard they will make it and when they make it paying high taxes will suck because they really think millionaires are paid proportional to their work input and not by stealing profits from actual laborers through private ownership, rents, stocks, inheritance, real estate, and so on. They usually go out of there way to read lots of literature and purchase self help books and networking strategy guides because hey anyone who puts in the time can be successful.

Lemmings don't jump off cliffs because they thought it all out and thought "this is the best decision for me" but they just happen to be wrong. They actually have some kind of biological drive to group up and run. Its like fish or birds, they don't "think" about moving in tandem.

Mr Blocky is just a specific type of heavy cognitive dissonance that is really outspoken, likely because of completely justified anger due to systematic oppression of the working that they cannot recognize because everything about their worldview is constructed to leave a blind spot over anything critical of capitalism.

Ah, I've actually seen that comic on Holla Forums a year or two back.


I thought it just meant blockhead


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I think it means they're a blockhead.

Reviving this thread. I like the idea

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Because its outdated

Good comic, I like this idea too. I'm trying to think of how we can modernize it, I'm an artist so I was thinking of putting it into a comic where the supervisor is going around a call center and telling the workers to beat the other teams on customer service skills or something. Or maybe it could flash between a call center, a fast food place, and a retail store with supervisors all telling them to work harder for their own good and them believing it.

Only problem to me seems to be the name. Do we call all of the classcucks "Mr Block" or "blockheads"? Blockheads makes me think of Charlie Brown, and Mr Block sounds weird because it seems like it should be the name of one character instead of millions at once. But I suppose it could work, still.


It probably just became "blockhead".

Nah, they're all Mr. Block because Mr. Block is a way of thinking.