Anyone want to vote for him just because self identified SJWs and the alt right hates him?

Anyone want to vote for him just because self identified SJWs and the alt right hates him?

Confession: I kinda do. I could also use any amount of UBI given my life trajectory seems to be going towards NEETdom and prostitutes.

You came to the wrong board pal.

Literally who?

Literally the creator of Facebook

I'd rather vote trump again then him.
He doesn't trigger sjw btw.

I would unironically support Trump over Zuckerberg. I only ironically supported Trump last time but if it's between Trump and this fucking reptoid all bets are off. At least Trump is funny.

Why is he running for president? We already have an egotistical asshole-billionaire.

if he wins the primaries I'm voting Republican.

the state of Holla Forums

He doesn't them, but they don't like him
Have you ever visited leftbook?

edit; *doesn't trigger them, but they don't like him

I have never seen a single person support Zuck unironically. At best I'll give him one red state in the primaries.

well an anarchist should theoretically support him, a UBI could easily destroy a state

also, dat UBI doe

why not? Zuck is Jewish, pro-censorship of hate speech (I imagine), pro-UBI, pro atonement via third-world immigration, etc.

what's not to like for the average shitlib?

I would vote for him, just to see how much of a distopic hellhole USA can become

Because he's nerdy and because they think he censors their stuff too.


–→ Holla Forums

How could it be any worse for NEETs tho? They are at least getting money.

are you really arguing that UBI, third-world immigration, and censorship to protect minorities aren't high on the value system of many self-proclaimed leftists?

Even so he's a pro-censorship capitalist and neoliberal. The money might help with my college but won't really do anything cool for me.

you went from SJW to liberal to leftist
you don't know your definitions. These are three different and sometimes slightly overlapping entities.

Go back to reddit faggot.

I wouldn't vote for him in the Dem primaries cuz you are probably right he's a neolib, but if it were him vs. Trump or whatever, I mean… yea I'd vote Zucc


SJWs, liberals, and almost all "real leftists" can agree on all of the above. "real leftists" are also trivial in number compared to the former two groups. the closest we've had to real leftist in recent years is Bernie, who doesn't even count as a real leftist if we are being honest, and he was easily marginalized by the Democratic power structure, which was designed for precisely this scenario following the McGovern campaign. SJWs and Real Leftists are also financially supported by the big liberal foundations like Tides, Ford, Soros, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc. to get out and protest for internationalism. they are there because the actual power-brokers want them to be there, make no mistake. Why do you think there are so many Communist professors at America's top universities, when Communists want to kill the same people that are donating millions of dollars to them? They're useful idiots. if you think the actual holders of power can't do anything about them, you should see how fast the donors act when Israel is criticized.

at the end of the day all three of the above groups will line up behind the lesser evil in the name of anti-racism and internationalism. see and all the people on left twitter saying that it was their moral duty to get out and vote for Clinton, the lesser evil, in a swing state, to protect minorities.


Can't cuck the zuck

Back to making your liberal democracy claims of being legitimate a reality class traitor.
Vote Revolution.


Do you live under a rock or something

How can you vote for a revolution?
Is Hilary a neolib dog revolution?
Is Trump a neolib dog revolution?
Is Zuckemberg the epitome of everything that I'm against the revolution?
I vote for the most absurd one for meme sake.
Thank god I'm not american.
Also you call me a class traitor when people in this thread are shilling for ubi?
It's really true that at american hours this place becomes a ghetto

sweet! where can I get my paycheck?

there aren't.
read the FAQ and LURK MORE.
Jesus Christ. What the fuck happened to lurking on imageboards?


fuck this guy