My girlfriend is wannabe bourgeois

My girlfriend wants to start a business. I tried to convince her not to, but she won't listen. Advice?
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So? Why does it matter? It's not like the capitalist system will fall faster if she doesn't become a bourgeois.

no wonder the right calls us losers

Not my comrade

What kind of business? If you're American there is a 95% chance that it'll fail to WalMart or some shit like that.

This is basically the "why do you still use iphones if you hate capitalism so much??" argument reversed. Your moralfaggotry and lifestylism won't end the system.

You are a cancer

Don't shame her for wanting to be successful. Unfortunately for all of us we live in a capitalist society.

My suggestion is to start reading Marx with a side of neoliberal business management and law. Get her to sign you up as joint-equal co-founders and declare it a democratic co-op. All people hired on there after get equal onwership in the company and an equal vote in all meetings. Make a "constitution" and a "bill of workers rights" for your company with democratic co-ownership of the means of production inalienable.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism but you can help her help you both help other proletarians seize the means. See if you can get some grants and loans and cheat on you taxes to redistribute that cash to your fellow workers and improve the community around you, give jobs to the youth, and start a free University to fund your ideology. Oil companies do it all the time and funnel it to their CEOs, why not us?

This, where does OP live and what industry would he open to.
I know where I live there is a petroleum and hvac service co-op which is doing good.


The Great Lakes, in America. And she plans on selling clothes.

Thank you! ^^

A clothing business.

Remove yourself from the premises, masochist.

It's called having principles .

its fine fuck it depends where she puts the money made and how much she pays

Who knew leftypol was so pro business? When is forbes going to do an article on us?

Why not suggest she start up a cooperative instead?

Yeah, it'll fail in no time unless she finds a way to make it a tourist trap or something.

We're pro personal wealth, socialism is just a way to own more without having to work for it, that's why it's better than capitalism where only few get to own much.

you need to go back

'The new up and coming hipster political pro business forum is making waves among todays ME-LEN-I-ALLS'

Stop being a moralist faggot. It won't be her fault if she dumps you, because you cry about muh children in Africa or praise le co-ops.

A clothing business in The Great Lakes? Are you serious? There are far too many clothing businesses in The Great Lakes as it is! She would be out of business in a week's time!

convince her to start a cooperative with you

Support her. You might end up with a rich sugar mommy.

i don't need to go back. what is worker ownership of means of production if not also personal appropriation?

So fat chance she just wants to "play" dressup boutique and not actually start a "business".
First make sure shes not just serious for now which can quickly flip when hit by boring and annoying reality, but actually has a plan to make some cash and she wont get you into some debt before concerning yourself with ideological drama.

Because you are already far too late to jump on that train and the business of "redistributing" public cash to yourself and peers is just as contested any other.

Have you considered killing yourself?

Or, if suicide isn't your thing, try reading about the difference between individual problems and systematic problems.

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Have her start a coop.

If you're suggesting there's something inherently ``immoral'' about having a business, then you should kill yourself ASAP

WTF, I love exploitation now.

read marx