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Cleaning up the far left for public support. Here are my suggestions from someone who used to be a socdem.

No anime
No edgy shitbags ala "liberals get the bullet too XD".
No anarchists, the public will never quit their jobs and magically overthrow everything overnight, that's retarded. We have to work from both the inside and outside to bring any real change.
No racist, trans-phobic, homophobic, or sexist language outside of /leftpol/. It is terrible for having your opinion taken seriously by the masses. Be inclusive and watch your tone. I don't give a shit if switching a couple words around potential comrades pisses you off, go protect Pewdiepie while the people who care about public approval get to work.
No glorifying of pointless violence, there's a difference between protecting protesters and larping battles with clubs and Alex Jones followers.
No pointless sectarianism. We can have differences of opinions but this edgy group wars trash has no actual impact on anything besides satisfying personal egos. We must stand united on common principles such as electing leftists, helping the workers, raising class conciousness, ending capitalism etc.
No blindly demonizing capitalism, we must recognize both the good and the bad when presenting intellectually honest arguments. We can not say "capitalism is literally slavery XD" when everyone's getting around with iphones, cars, and drugs. Our arguments must be modernized, specific, and truthful. Environmental destruction, for example, is a problem we can attribute to the profit motive. Inequal distribution of healthcare, education, and opportunity is another one.

If anyone has more suggestions please post, also, here's Marx noting capitalism's benefits whilst providing an argument against it.

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Everything you said is correct but the way you said it sounds like liberal entryism so piss off.


That's fine and all but
Not my comrade.



Ah, so no real argument against sounding credible in front of people besides accusing me of secretly promoting liberal entryism. Dumbfuck, haha.

Traps are in now, wtf are you talking about? Chelsea Manning, hello?

Weebs are cancerous for any movement. They are a big neon sign saying, "yes, I'm underage and barely go outside".

At least keep the trash on leftypol.





Well, not a single productive answer, enjoy being irrelevant bros.

What's up with all the bait threads tonight?

fuck right off unless this is a troll in which case good effort but you don't need to go to that much effort to piss this board off

I suggest going back to reddit, OP.

Anime make me like the left more. I think saying "no anime" is like saying "no fun".


Niggers! Ahahahahaa!

Pretty sure you're still a SocDem.

kys again

How am I a socdem if I still want capitalism to end? Controlling the state has brought much better results than doing nothing or expecting people to turn woke tomorrow.

no pictures of lenin, stalin or mao


Good List. Be pragmatic gommrades

Appealing to people based on "optics" is worthless. If people are only in it to look good or "reasonable" - without putting their material self-interest first and foremost - the movement is dead in the water. This is exactly how you attract impotent virtue-signalling liberals.

Likewise appealing to victimhood is just a dead-end. It's masochistic self-flagellation that is unbecoming of a radical. One relishes in abuse and derives a certain self-righteousness from it, the other tries to overturn it.

An actually good suggestion. Marching with big portraits of Stalin like CPGB-ML is the cringeiest shit. Unless there's a legitimate historical context for including pictures of them, leave it at home.

And if someone asks if we support a Corbyn or Sanders, what should we say?

There is nothing pragmatic about appealing to the limp-dicked platitudes of contemporary liberalism.
OP is a ground plan for creating an empty movement that does absolutely nothing and saying nothing. out of fear it might "offend" someone and ruin "our" image.


I can't put my finger on it, but you're doing something wrong OP. For example you talk about anime and meanie words, which feels as if you want to inject certain parts of "Holla Forums consciousness" into the people rather than going the other way, ie. completely discarding the "retards circlejerking on the internet" mentality and appealing directly to the interests of wage-labourers, which has little to no connection with all the things you talk about.

Good idea

"They have appealing-sounding ideas, but they don't fix many of the root causes of why we need these solutions in the first place."


We should say hell yes while using this to elect someone even more radical later.

Agree, we must be ~realistic~ in our demands fellow leftist. The era of capitalism and nation states is in no way crumbling, so there's nothing to win from such rhetoric

Are you the classical republican with socialist tendencies that posts here? You seem pretty cool. On topic, I think athleisure norm core would help our aesthetic. Also it'd be good to work out and just have fit bods. Makes normies respect you more.

Jesus wouldnt watch anime

Yes. It's enough that we have to endure your autism on image boards we don't need to have you losers ruining our image IRL too.

Remember that bomb threat at a university some time ago?

When someone duck taped an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of office paper with the words "Google, Workers Rights" or something in big Arial font on someones door? I think that's the most outreach I have ever seen out of leftists towards regular people. Faggy workshops don't count because the only people that go to that shit are already leftists.

Jokes on you for wanting everyone to be part of some inoffensive limp-dicked initiative that doesn't even dare to criticize capitalism, in a quest to appeal to people who have absolutely no revolutionary fervor whatsoever.

so basically no criticizing capitalism because it makes people feel uncomfortable? also,
please crawl underneath a landfill and die you succdem roach. fuck your liberal-friendly optics

We're not joining the Democratic Cops of America.

I always wonder the mentality faggots like you have OP. Who the fuck do you think you are, making these retarded grandiose "here is how i will win the class struggle" statements? You're a retard in his 20s who hasn't even read Marx to begin with, and you're here to what, dictate your infallible method of bringing forth the revolution next month?

I get you have a shallow grasp on where and why we are where we are due to obviously never having read theory, but what makes you think you know some obvious truth here that no one else in the planet is aware of?

Oh, so socdems have overthrown capitalism before have they?

The only real way to appeal to people is to make our ideology *functional* to them. It is one thing to tell someone theory, but it then needs to be shown how it will affect them for the better. You need to be able to *relate* to that iron worker, speak in a way and with terms that make them feel like a person. Why? Because they are. You're not gonna get him on your side if you sperg out and spew out all of chapter 17 paragraph 9 of some two-ton book about obscure relations between product and worker. Ask him about the state of his trade, the unions, what he feels like he's contributing, is he getting enough back? Very basic questions that get a conversation going. The revolution will not be on the image boards, it will be at the bar where they all go after work, the streets, the home, the theatre, the donut shop, etc, where the actual people are. Lenin said that they found power in the streets and simply picked it up. That's still true, the power is there, it always is, it's not some mystical thing out of reach or at the end of a 100 page thread or book.

Speak to the people.

Why are you implying that trannies are a creation of queer theory?

the concept of a "gender identity" existing outside of the material reality of biological sex stems from 90s queer theory. i'm not saying gender dysphoria is a postmodernist creation, but rather the way it's treated

Anime booty is real

This. Sanders and Corbyn are literally #1 and #2 most popular politicians in the Anglosphere, and they're both leftists that are hiding their power level. Do they have problems? Yeah. Are they still our comrades? Fuck yes.

LARPers got triggered i see, enjoy being the opposition your whole life retards



You will be one of the first to be shot.

I have a good place for you

You're literally a hypocritical counterrevolutionary.

A world without anime booty

Is not


Better learn Chinese then. Right here is the fucking problem, the 19th and 20th century perception of the worker is completely out of touch with reality. Most proles today are office workers and truckers, maybe nurses and service industry types. You can't appeal to them with pictures of people that don't look like them. Walmart is a MASSIVE employer and also one of the most exploitative, how are you going to reach Walmart workers, unionize and radicalize them? Get past the strong anti union brainwashing they go through?
I say this because I was talking to my stepdad a few days ago, office worker who would classify as an anarchist by all accounts, super anti government, super anti bourgeois, environmentalist, ect, yet retardedly votes republican. In a more difficult aspect, he also generally rejects politics and political labels. How do you reach people like this? How do you revolutionize them? Can you without economic catastrophe?

Good list OP. Especially the last point. We need to be accurate and faithful to Marxism and discuss capitalism as a historically progressive system that is no longer working but once was a great thing.

That's some subtle reactionary entryism right there.
Please point out where Marx used the term "great" to describe capitalism.


from his pamphlet "The Communist Manifesto." Try glancing over it sometime.

you are the counterrevolutionaries

socdems are liberals and get the bullet too

what do you think you "are"?

1) read marx
2) get angry
3) express anger
4) like-minded people will identify with you despite optics because what you are saying is real and not based on looking cool to your friends
5) ???
6) :^)


was with you til that point

He never emphasized capitalism as good for the worker, if anything in the short term they were worse off than in feudalism, with the dispossession of the peasantry and fear of unemployment, longer work hours, mass disease in the cities, loss of family / church social bonds, etc. The progress of capitalism came from the vast increase in productive capacity, but it is only through class struggle that this increase in production actually reaches the producers.


No fucking shit. That doesn't mean it wasn't good for societal development. Nothing short of socialism is "good for the worker," but we can't just skip to it. Capitalism (and feudalism and slavery) was a historical necessity and it played a historically progressive role.
No one is arguing otherwise.

The only point here is to start small with your agitation. Start by questioning "why should we care if any more customers come through the door, it's not like we get any of what's in the register" and get to world revolution later.

This guy brings up an underrated point. If you're still trying to talk to the blue collar workers alone in the first world, you're completely outdated and basically just doing it for the aesthetic.

good job, asshole

Nice spooks.