The NDP just elected Jagmeet Singh federal leader.. thoughts on this? What does this say about the state of leftist politics in Canada? Is there any hope for a more populist left-ish movement like Sanders, Corbyn, Melenchon? Is it possible to create a new left party to counter the essentially center-left NDP? Why can't minor socialist parties in this country achieve anything at all? Are there any past leftist politicians in Canada worth looking back on for inspiration? Discuss.

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I think that we need to stop supporting social democrats. Even slightly radical-minded people seem to opt to support politicians within the NDP, and it's really a mistake. Supporting the NDP doesn't help the revolution in any way; all it does is allow social democracy to fill in the vacuum that could otherwise be filled in with a radical far-left movement. Of course, part of the problem is that the left in Canada is utterly shattered, nigh non-existent. The communist parties are all larpers with enormous internal problems. ID pol reigns everywhere. In my opinion, what people should be doing is focusing on municipal governments, while organising dual-power social services in the neighbourhoods as a counter to the short-comings of the state.


Good tbh, now leftists won't get their hopes up about electoral politics and stop pretending that Trudeau isn't gonna reign for life somehow

Since 1867, there has basically only been two parties in power.

Why fucking canada had the worst fuck faces politicians of the world? They are all so punchable. Plus why they voted for a fucking sikh? Are they stupid?

Probably because Canadian politics are a meme and the only thing more colorful than "muh socks" is "muh turbans".

Also the other candidates were bland in presentation and Nikki (best option of the bunch) didn't come out of the gate as left as she ended and the whole thing made here seem less serious than she could have been

It's an anglo world, get used to it.

I hope Kim nukes us too.


the only way leftism will ever come to canada is if the FLQ returns and takes quebec and newfoundland

I imagine some kind of broad tent org like Democratic Cops of America would be of help in Canada. Doesn't' help having people spread across multiple groups and the rest of the left being hesitant to join edgy LARPer groups.

What's to keep anything that is organized from being hollowed out by Liberals?

If the liberals somehow decide to follow through with electoral reform and give us a proportional system, do you guys think we could see a new leftist party emerge? The NDP become solely a socdem party and the Nikki Ashtons, etc all leave and form an actual socialist/left party? If this doesn't happen… I would honestly look into trying to start one. I feel like the communist party and marxist-leninist party are both super unappealing and there's no modern alternative available.. i'm thinking something like the Red party in Norway, France Insoumise, or at the VERY least a party with Corbyn-esque labour policies to start with.

Oh please fuck no, not this. This would be a disaster.

I imagine liberals having their own parties would prevent them from joining in any large numbers.

except they just killed the NDP

the fuck dude? You want to keep what is essentially our 2 party liberal and conservative system?

Are Canadian politics, dare I say, worse than American politics?

By orders of magnitude. Only Best Korea can save us.

what's that hting where capitalism can take any idpol thing or minor challenge and turn it around to use to legitimize capitalism further?

Jack Layton marched the party to the right, and almost made it 'electable'. Mulcair continued this. Singh inherits this legacy and will continue it. the Liberal Party of Canada ran left of the NDP on a ton of issues last fed. election. Liberal parties are giving us out $15/hr min wage (which is all Singh wants too).

I don't really know the NDP has for an endgame,

p.s. NDP Socialist Caucus sucks and is run by like 3 Trots and some law students or some shit.



Communist Party of Canada is really legit. You should get involved with them instead of this pathetic opportunism.

if the commies take over QS it could happen.

We need a Jagmeet Porky.

in what way is it legit?
do they hate the USSR and china, or are they apologists?
have they avoided idpol for the most part?

Full employment by major investment in well-paying, full-time jobs in manufacturing and secondary industries and by upgrading Canadian federal and city infrastructure including affordable housing, and improve social programs and environmental protection by the government. Build one million units of affordable social housing in four years.
Enforce a 32-hour work week, raise minimum wage to $20/hour federally, legally ban two-tier wages, enforce pay equity for women, set Employment Insurance benefits to 90%, and increase CPP benefits. Enact early voluntary retirement at the age of 60.
Introduce a guaranteed annual income for all.

sounds good to me

Social-democrats need to fuck off

These people DO know how Sikhs are about Muslims, right?

to the socdem brainlets there is only white oppressors and non-white people.

Anyway Trudeau is gonna be PM for life since canada is the most cucked country on earth so it makes no difference


"the way to end aboriginal oppression and racism and sexism is to overthrow capitalism and democratically control production"

Why can't socialist and communist parties in the 21st century just say this and be done with idpol already? It isn't hard.

I've met some members of the CPC at socialist events at my university. We were having a discussion about leftist political parties and they said that they "considered themselves more of a club, rather than a party." Platform is cool but party wise they seem out of touch.

Also wasn't there a bunch of infighting in the 90's and they decided to continue being tankies? Regardless, in terms of practicality no party is going to get anything done calling themselves the "communist" party in Canada as much as that sucks to say… I wish we could just have a "socialist left" party with similar policy proposes that could rebrand and drop all the marxist-leninist rhetoric to seem more appealing and clean for contemporary politics. Normal people don't care about sectarianism and ideological purity they just want policies that appeal to them. Also someone needs to purge all the old people from that party they have no idea how to appeal to young Canadians.

But yeah there's a big chasm in Canadian politics now that the NDP are barely socdem even they're just liberals at this point and there's not a single party pushing for working class economic policies its all just idpol garbage. It seems to me now more than ever that with the liberalized NDP and the Liberal party failing to deliver real economic policies, a socialist/leftist party could easily pander to working and middle class Canadians.

I mean honestly I could see a lot of these policies appealing to young people and workers if they weren't being pushed by the "communist" party run by a nearly 70 year old woman.

I sincerely do not get how this "Sikhs are anti-muslim" meme came about, other than somebody thinking it would get Holla Forums to pay attention to the fact that they're different. If anything the primary clash that occurs is between Sikhs and Hindus due to the caste system and regional disputes. And hell, one of the big martyrs of Sikhism died for the rights of another religious group.

I'm an ex-Sikh and can confirm that they are generally bigoted against Muslims, all of my siblings and all of my cousins and even the other Sikh kids I knew at school disliked Muslims, it's a common insult in Panjabi to call someone a "sulla" (Muslim) as a byword for dirty savage, equivalent of calling someone a nigger.

Me again, one recent example of my mother's bad behaviour was that it was someone's birthday and my sister bought a boutique cake from a Muslim girl, and my mother refused to pay for it when we went to collect it and we had to buy it from elsewhere.

You're an opportunist m8.

in 2013 there were about 420 000 millionaires in canada (not including their primary residence)

If comrades take all their money which is rightfully ours, would $420 billion dollars be enough to bring about FALC and communism generally?

I'm pretty sure America is going to have to die before Canada can go Red.

Thankfully for the Canucks that seems well underway.
Canadia would likely go full Neolib in the face of Made in America fascism however

Why do you ask when you already have an answer.
Do you think Shiks just default to neutral and lose all prejudices justified or not when entering Canada and dont pass them anything of it down when raising their children? And did you seriously think Sikhist of all are some sort of obscure entitiy outside of leftypol? Do you remember or even know whose poster boys Shiks where in WW2?

asians east south and west are the least progressive, least likely to be actually leftist, most homophobic groups. They hate muslims, they had sex education, they hate same sex marriage, they love small businesses and are petitebourgeois for life. No one hates blacks the way east asians do.

that's not how any of this works

it shows that canada does not have enough money for communism to really raise the standard of living by much of anything

Newfag here, NDP is supposedly fucking trash.

Let me just give you my anecdotal evidence, father was bricklayer and this was back when the NDP won in Ontario. They wanted him to go into a union and created huge restrictions where he couldn't work in housing subdivisions or where he wouldn't create much of a profit. Despite being a white man under Jugo communism he never really voted but shat on NDP and Conservatives citing one of them were commies and the other for rich people… How true is this and why should NDP should implicate so much restrictions on independent contracting? My father could barely find work that year before during Conservative/Liberal years he would work 50$/hr or a set payment when it was done he would get his money.

Tell me why I should vote for NDP or at least shill for them.

You shouldn't

Oh… so I don't shill for the Commies neither which are they even?

Like the Stalinist niggas or the Anarchist ones?

Canadians leftist are idpol infested idiots.
Seriously. Unless there is a party or a group that is anti idpol and promise to avenge the FLQ , don't vote. NDP are SPD tier, neoliberals with a human face. Also I still want people here to explain why they putted a sikh as leader

What's idpol?

Copypasted from wikipedia. You are really really new m8 right?

No, I browsed half chan Holla Forums for close to two years.

Never seen anyone write idpol though.

It's a Holla Forums thing don't worry.
Idpol is basically everything considered a struggle that is not class related.
Ex: 100 tumblr genders, white muh privilege and shit like that. We hate that shit here

But user, the FLQ were idpollers.

Anti idpol compared to the rest of Canadian parties

Not really relevant though.