2 NYPD cops raped a teenager while on duty. Say internal investigation is unjustifiable

The hospital confirms she was sexually assaulted. Cops subsequently admit to gang raping the minor.

She had prozac and weed on her and they said they were taking her into 60th Precinct stationhouse. They went into an alley and gang raped her. After the gang rape, the two cops cuffed her again, put her back in the car, drove for forty five minutes, and threw her out.

But don't worry, Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said Espey was involved in an arrest at a different location during the incident. Even though he admitted to the act, and the hospital said this girl suffered rape; he called it “lunacy” for the NYPD to take action against the sergeant.

The NYPD are claiming it was consensual sex, even though it was with a minor.


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what the fuck

…also why is "it was consensual" even a defense when you're on the job? My job is ostensibly less important than theirs and I couldn't just get up and go fuck some chick halfway through the work day because I felt like it


The NYPD are like the Vatican but worse because they get away with all crimes they're sworn to protect the population from, up to raping a minor.

These cops are going to get off Scott Free for this. Other cops are already defending their two disgusting fucking buddies.

Revolution when?

Every day his crusade becomes more justified

Do it again, Gunner Dorner!


Wasn't he fired for crossing the blue line?

He was killed for going on a rampage against other police officers he believed were corrupt. Everyone spun it he was mad. But he wasn't. He couldn't have been any more sane.

He's still hiding in the forests of California, dammit!


Cop sympathizers get more bullets then the cops themselves.

Shut the fuck up you dumb cunt

This is why police unions are bad. A certain American socdem organization should take note.

There is nothing on Earth worse than an NYPD boot licker

>>>Holla Forums

Consider a taking a .45 caliber aspirin.

Get out

They did, Fontonte or whatever the fuck he's called is out.


You mean the one where the cop organizer got cyberbullied into quitting?

He resigned. They didn't kick him out and they certainly didn't have a problem letting him into their ranks despite knowing the full extent of his past organizing activities.


Where's that one fucking retarded autotune song Baked Alaska made about how much he loves his cops

Maybe he should have taken their hog dicks instead.

Get out.

Oh, ok. In that case I guess I love cyberbullying now I always did

He was able to resign and spare all his allies in Democratic Cops of America leadership from any potential internal revolt. The symptom is gone but the rot is still there.

"got bullied relentlessly by the membership into leaving" isn't *technically* getting kicked out by formal rules I guess but it does demonstrate intent and sentiment among the general membership

He's a cop. Fuck him. Shouldn't have been a cop.


Not saying they likely didn't do it, but let's not jump to conclusions.

What are the chances the cops are black. Holla Forumstards actually defending a white girl getting raped by black cops.

The NPC is useless anyway, and if the locals get more detached from national all the better

I mean yeah, that's why I'm pro bullying here

This is the most benevolent sounding association

The hospital said they did it. The cops said they did it.

It happened they did it.

here you go user, I'd say enjoy but I don't think that's possible


My mistake, didn't read the whole thing.

You still alive?

She's hispanic, they wouldn't give a shit about her life or the corruption of the NYPD. They love their cops.

As opposed to one of the cops, Edward Martins. Not black at all. Richard Hall doesn't sound like a very black name either.

I love it when a random old person shows up in these alt-right comment sections. Nothing screams "punk rock" like boomers after all!


Gone but not forgotten.
Press F to pay respect

He looks exactly like what I would imagine a fucking cop who would do this would look like.

Well, at least not now.

The goal of police unions should be to change police culture, so the police side with the workers during an insurrection.

That's not what police unions do lol


Police officers should be extremely atomized and alienated. We don't need powerful police organizations under capitalism.

Fetonte please leave

Every single cop in America is Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet waiting to snap into animal mode at any given second

Their heads should be alienated from the rest of their body.

I would settle for them having their pay lowered so that it is basically on par with a part time fast food worker.

Are you saying we blast them with lasers?

step aside scrubs

Is that the guy who scared the cops so much that they had to use a bomb robot to kill him? So much for the manly police force.

Based Johnson



There unironically is something very punk rock about 4chan using neo-Nazi grannies.

half-chan is already not "neonazi" and T_D is even below them on the totem pole. There's nothing punk rock about a bunch of civic nationalist cucks

being and incel AND bad at math has to be the worst of all worlds

Just not with you :(

wtf i love actual child sex abuse now!

careful not to open up a wrist with that sharp edge, we'd all miss you ever so much


Again with the Muslim rape projecting. You're too predictable Holla Forums.

Incels: 0 to reactionary in one sore butt.

Wrong. I am an egalitarian in that I believe all women of all races enjoy rape. Perhaps you should go back to pol.



…okay go back to /r9k/ then

Since women are incapable of rational thought until the age of 18, the cops did nothing wrong here, since they were merely playing with a willless object. The femoid was property since she did not own herself due to the state saying so. The cops can do whatever they want with state property; you faggots should move to another country if you don't like it. This is the fault of SOCIALISM, not of the cops. This is the future socialists want.

t. MikeeUSA


Socialism? The USSR had women commanding tanks, they viewed women as equals.

You deserve to get pegged for this post

The women battalions were complete failures (except for the snipers). Sorry to burst your bubble here kiddo, but you gotta look beyond the propaganda.

Female battalions performed to the average of the Soviet army which is why the infallible Stalin kept them through the war.


A woman's place is in a tank.

The 588th was the most highly decorated female unit in that force, flying 30,000 missions over the course of four years -- and dropping, in total, 23,000 tons of bombs on invading German armies. Its members, who ranged in age from 17 to 26, flew primarily at night, making do with planes that were -- per their plywood-and-canvas construction -- generally reserved for training and crop-dusting. They often operated in stealth mode, idling their engines as they neared their targets and then gliding their way to their bomb release points. As a result, their planes made little more than soft "whooshing" noises as they flew by.

Those noises reminded the Germans, apparently, of the sound of a witch's broomstick. So the Nazis began calling the female fighter pilots Nachthexen: "night witches." They were loathed. And they were feared. Any German pilot who downed a "witch" was automatically awarded an Iron Cross.


You never made any actual points in the first place lad. Time to lay down.


Mods PLEASE wordfilter femoid to "my mom"

Why do mods always have to delete posts so much? I like seeing both sides of the conversation. Half the thread is fucking gone

probably just underage

Impossible. Statuatory rape is a strict liability charge, which means the only way to avoid being charged is to claim it didn't happen. And since these faggots already admitted, they're toast. Get ready to turn in your badge and get sent to prison, along with all the other innocent drug offenders you helped imprison, you scumbags.



Wasn't she 17? Years of SVU tells me that's fine in NYC

Nothing will happen. But I appreciate your optimism.

But it says she's 18 right in the first two paragraphs?