Slovenian Presidential Election

The Slovenian presidential election is getting closer (22. October), who is Holla Forums rooting/voting for? I know there's a few other Slovenes on here, and I'm kind of curious.

For the foreigners, the Slovene presidency is essentially a copy-paste of the Austrian one, so the president doesn’t have much power outside of ceremonial functions. His only real power is calling elections and appointing Supreme Justice. The 9 candidates are:
Current president of Slovenia, he's projected to win with a comfortable margin (54% in the first round alone). He has kept an appearance of a pseudo-Gaullist president, bringing together Slovenes both left and right across party lines, which is why he has solid support from both the right and left voters despite being quite an open leftist. He enrages Forum 21 and the rest of the "forces of continuation", essentially the economic clique of socialists-turned-oligarchs that have kept control of many economic and state sectors through shady means. They're mad at him because he has become popular enough with the electorate that he doesn’t have to do their bidding anymore (he went against one of their tycoons, Golobič, for example) so they're trying (and failing) to bring him down.
A comedian turned politician that became the mayor of Kamnik (a small town). He has been pushed by the media as the only alternative to Pahor. He doesn't have a program and his campaign is essentially a rerun of Macron - the establishment throwing money at the media to hype him. He's not particularly charismatic (unlike Macron) so he's failing pretty badly
She's the president of one of the ChrisDem parties. She tried, and kind-of succeeded as presenting herself as the only credible right-wing candidate of this election. Her program is centred on muh christian values and muh economic reforms. Due to infighting on the right and her lack of charisma she has failed to gain broader support
SDS is a national-liberal party and the biggest Slovene right wing that has long been a target of smear campaigns by the establishment media because of their leader, Janez Janša. Janša has been trying and failing to replace the ex-Yugoslav kleptocracy and replace it with his own. Romana Tomc is a very cool headed and compromising figure so she has been chosen to represent them in this election to "soften" up the image of the party for the upcoming presidential election next year and little more.
SMC being nothing more than another peripheral of Forum 21, she was supposed to be just another stepping stone for Šarec. Brenčič however, is the current education minister and perhaps the only actually competent member of the current government so she has received a bit of unexpected support, so the SMC decided to keep her in the race and use her to prepare their terrain for next year's parliamentary elections.
A shrill harpy whose entire platform, party and movement is based on angrily screeching at gays and abortions. Their zealotry has been a major inconvenience to Novak and the NSi since they're taking away a lot of their voters that think they don't go far enough with their religious bigotry. To provide her background, her party has been low-key funded and supported by the SDS because Janša doesn't like that Novak and the NSi have become increasingly independent over the last few years and refuse to follow him as leader of the Slovene right. Janša hopes that Angelca and her friends will be able to cut down NSi's electorate enough that they stop threatening his hegemony.

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He’s the mayor of Koper, Slovenia’s only major sea port. He’s a well-known local strongman that has long rejected party politics in favour of doing shady business with the mafia and investing his blood money into making Koper a major Adriatic port. He decided only to run for the free food he gets on the campaign trail and judging if people like him enough to make it worth it for him to get himself into national level politics.
SLS is the third “traditional” right-wing party, representing the agrarian right alongside SDS’ national-liberal right and NSi’s Christian right. Currently outside parliament, Krause’s run is essentially just any easy way for the party to get some media attention. Her program is the standard SLS social-market state principles and farmer subsidies platform. She’s a party apparatchik from the SLS women’s board. Outside politics she’s a professional translator.
Essentially what would happen if the average Holla Forums poster decided to run for president. He has a Slovene MAGA hat, looks awkward and his only talking points are shooting immigrants and reclaiming Istria, Trieste and Goriza from those damn Italo-Croatian subhumans.

Personally I'm going to vote for /mygirl/ Suzana Lara Krause, because I'm a card carrying SLS member. Only problem is her polling is abysmal so if any of you leftists would like to point me towards any good Praxis guides to get her polling up, I'd be pretty thanful.
Also if you're wondering where are the hard left candidates, there was one, but he got fuxxed by the electoral comission, so now they're kind of Split over supporting Šarec (revisionist branch) or just pretending the elections don't exist (hard liners).

thanks for the writeup, OP.
1) why?
2) how did you end up on this board?

Not even one communist party?

Write in Slavoj Zizek

1) because I happen to strongly identify with agrarianism and christian social democracy, sue me
2) Because I need to sate my political shitposting needs and Holla Forums has been completely unuseable for people above 20 for about 2 years now.

Andrej Rozman, popularly known as just "Roza" is a pretty famous Slovene poet and theater writer that started a campaing with the "United Left" party which has everything from demsocs, trots, titoists and maoists. However he fucked up the paperwork and didnt get enough signatures to qualify in the end, which is a bit of a shame.

haha but that would be throwing my vote away silly user :^)


slovenian željka markić/"u ime obitelji"?

Am I understanding this correctly - there is only one left-wing party, the rest range from center to far-right? Jesus.

Not words I'd be comfortable putting in the same sentence tbh.

"Levica" are hard left and they're projected to win about 15% in the next elections. They're a big thorn in the side for the Social Democrats and the rest of the post-communist parties because it's the first time there's a serious contender to them coming from the left and most of them are fanatics and thus unable to be corrupted (the corruptible ones joined the Social Democrats/Modern Center Party years ago)

irrelevant, small country with cca 2 million inhabitans, why should leftypol care? did someone care for election in any former exyu

Za nikogar. Kot si že sam ugotovil so kandidati v kurcu. Tudi drugače nisem mislil iti volit, ker nimam nič od tega.

a si to ti lmao?

100% Žabar tuki.

Drgač ja no, kandidati niso niti od daleč najboljši. Jst bom volu sam zato da naša Lara dobi nad 1% da ne bomo izpadl kot kljukci, za vse ostalo mi bolj dol visi.

if željka can, so can anyone



Shit taste, user

Sorry for the off topic OP but what do Slovenes think of Zizek? And of Laibach?

I don't understand the political landscape in Slovenia and after this post I don't think I want to.

Why are Eastern Europeans so fucking insane?


Lara is pure. PURE

mostly positive because muh international prestige, he's fetishized to a cultist level by most of the college philosophy students.

Botched transition in '91, same as Russia really

era of heavy disinfo in late bolshevik years, and a shitton of neolib+rightwing propaganda people were subjected to right afterwards.

Reminder that voting with a runoff means that you might get a better result by staying at home than by voting.

WTF I speak Slovenian now.

That's sad to hear, since Žižek is a meme philosopher and anybody who habitually references him is a flaky retard. Oh wait, you said philosophy students, so that was to be expected.

They were good in the 80's tho

Greetings from your neighbour

How is Van der Bellen doing anyway?


He's doing exactly how you'd expect him to do. Basically doing nothing but make a few announcements, public appearances and meeting other countries' leaders. It's not like he has much power (and incentive to use that power) anyway.


But seriously. it was that magical period between 1989 and 1992 when everything seemed possible if we just tried hard enough and slovene intellectuals stood together for democratic reform. We have a bunch of photos from that period of people who wouldn't be caught dead in the saem room nowadays, after 25 years of cut-throat electionary politics.

pls brate

Ebin, it's not like our Pahor has done any different, he just likes photo-ops more

I've always admired Janez E. Krek and the SLS of the old days. They completely turned Slovenia around. By organizing village coops and zero-interest loan banks they managed to help modernize the production of small Slovene peasants that were previously getting buttfucked by large german landholders, for example.'s_Party_(historical)

Ok, but does this mean that you have no actual political standing outside of being a fanboi to a party's history? What does a "agrafag with christfag socdemfag" views even read theory-wise?

Oh please don't tell me you're one of those Socialistična Partija Slovenije people that got thrown out of Levica rallies because of your Soviet flags and got arrested that one time you waved Donetsk flags when the Ukrainian PM was visiting Ljubljana. SPS are shitty tankies, Levica might be full of idpol pros, but at least their political program doesn't call for literally bringing Stalin from the dead.

Imagine the speeches comr8s.

Before reading the descriptions, let me make a little bet: 3 candidates are socdem-neoliberals (if you forgive the redundancy), 3 are differing shades of conservative and 3 are Nazi sympathizers being euphemistically called "populists" by the media.

I'm not the most well read, but I've read Hobbes (Leviathan), J. E. Krek (Socialism) and France Bučar (Reality and Myth, Democracy).
We don't have as much theory as leftists really (at least not in Slovene) which can often be a bit of a hindrance, so we often rely on our thinktanks like INAK and ZKPS to discuss policies and doctrines.

nope, but maybe i should at theiir next congress


In any case… check out Kropotkin's Conquest of Bread, it should appeal to agrarfags. (Critical remark tho: the good old times 1, didn't exist; 2, can't be brought back.)

actually 4
Nope, only 1, Šiško

You only left out the obligatory mafioso oligarch campaining for self promotion (Popovič)

Is Kropotkin similar to Chernov? I've read some of him and his agrarian socialist program was pretty dope


on a serious note, what would be a good and quick ovewview of Krek's work? he's hyped alot, but NSi and the lot have abandoned most of his spirit for liberalism

Reminder this happened
NSi are godamn traitors to the cause and that's the end of it, Krek is rolling in his grave everytime the IJEK does anything. As for a quick overviwe, there's this website , but I'd have to ask some folks I know for a serious biography.

How can we get Cool Cocaine Man in power?

What about the guy supported by the WW2 veterans? Didn't they all fight for the Axis?

Zveza Borcev is a rigid union of ww2 partizans and their boomer kids. They're controlled by a few oligarchs that give out strict voting guidelines. They supported the Modern Center Party and supported the Liberal-Democratic Party back when it still existed, just in case you thought these people are actually leftist. They just never got the memo that we live in a free democracy now so they keep voting for who the organization leaders want.
They also LARP a lot and parade around in ww2 uniforms and partizan flags, it's all part of the Partizans vs Homeguard false dichotomy spectacle that the "left" and "right" appeal to, so they dont have to go through the bother of presenting actual plans or policies. It's much easier to just shout "muh yugo-nostalgic titoist mass murderer" and "muh literal nazi collaborator clerofascists" and just as effective to get the older segment of the population riled up.
This should also explain why young people are majorly very apolitical, or only support parties with extreme caution.

I was bored so I made some election memes

this debate is a miserable joke tbh


So what are you fellow comer8s gonna vote in the upcoming Falkland Islands general election?


gonna write in diego maradona

is the joke that this dude hates Croatia? Also, are there really people who claim that Istria and Trieste should belong to Slovenia?

Do Slovenes even like Zizek? When I went to Ljubljana and I saw a poster with his face it was all scratched up with swastikas. Honestly the graffiti in general was more nationalistic/right-wing in Eastern Europe. In Austria, it was split between anarchists and some Tyrolean patriot hooligans. Anyways Slovenia is a nice country but I've heard wages have been decreasing since joining to EU.