Horsey thread!

Do you like Horsey cartoons, Holla Forums?

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Ok you got me




I want to give gaia the fugg

Why are all of those faces so FUCKING ugly


Latuff > Horsey

Horsey needs to do porn.


Latuff is a real leftist.
Horsey seems like a lame Liberal.


Accurate portrayal of America in 2017

Have we reached peak liberalism?

pretty fucking cancer, my dude.

Latuff is trash, unless you're one of those leftists obsessed with anything "anti-imperialist". His use of color is also absolutely abhorrent.

but he's a cuck

Oh well, let the man be…

You sound like an screechy Anarkiddie.


We've finally found Ben Garrison's long-lost liberal brother.


Checked OP's post history. Surprise: it's a Holla Forumsack.

They're allowed to post shitty liberal comics though.

leave him alone, those are funny.

Thanks reddit.


I fucking hate him, he unironically deserves the gulag and then the wall with his balls being guillotined beforehand. He is the EPITOME of liberal smugness, know-nothingness and all his cartoons do is demonize his ideological enemies as "I AM SILLY". Holla Forums tier cartoonist, democrat Ben Garrison, and further proof liberals are just dormant reactionaries.

File name

oh shit, this guy's actually good

Thanks lefty nsa


Is the third pic satire?

It’s in my self interest for other men to be cucks.

Guns are nessocary for a worker’s revolution.

The one with Yeltsin jumping into a crater is actually very funny

Latuff praised Osama Bin Laden and demonized Gaddafi

I think there was a more subtle meaning to that cartoon than just glorifying Osama…

So what, faggot?

He does it for free.

10/10 my east German friend

Man I love that film


Latuff praised both the Libyan and Syrian "revolutions". He can get fucked.

He’s into MMF IRCC correctly and not cuckoldry, that’s pretty different.


only redditors check another persons post history

you shouldn't do that for this kind of an OP

I actually do. I think as a cartoonist he has real skill and he's capable of some great caricatures.

It's just a shame he's a fucking toss pot.

I disagree.

Eddited the second comic. Also on the last one. Gaddafi and Iran didn’t do nothing.

Any artist worth his salt, or not, does porn. The question is "where does he keep it?"
t. chronic doodler

Human nature is real, but it's most prominent dimension is the biological, existential urge to draw penises.


I once surprised a friend by popping up on videochat holding a drawing against my face, of a big 'ol dick and balls flopping out of a mouth like a misshapen tongue.


Ok, putting aside the message of the comics for a second, what is it with these people and unnecessary labels? With the Obama gasoline one, you could remove all the labels and put the shape of Ukraine in the fire and it would work fine. The 9/11 one would be better with no labels period. How stupid do they think readers are? (maybe they're right?)

getting VERY strong cockmongler vibes from warren in the first image

Now there's a meme I haven't heard in a long time. A long time.

It's a proud western tradition going back centuries.



Okay Obi-Wan.

latuff spent like three weeks drawing obama/uncle sam examining his fingernails while ukraine was being savaged by the russian bear until the moment there WAS some support and he switched right over to obama/uncle sam slicing away the chunks of ukraine sticking out from under russia's protective cloak. He's a good propogandist but has no principles beyond "if america is doing something it must be bad, even if i was criticizing them for NOT doing it literally yesterday" and "MFM threesomes good."

A mystery for the ages how he'd react if the US government started encouraging MFM threesomes.

It's all been downhill from pic related, you just can't compete with that so why even bother


gotchu fam
posting good horsey cartoons

no farting, not even in the same league