BREAKING NEWS - Two passengers are killed as attacker shouting 'Allahu Akbar' slits a woman's throat France
Knifeman is arrested on Oxford Street London in front of horrified shoppers
Attacker stabbed two female passengers at Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles

He was shot dead by the French army who swarmed the area this afternoon
Reports claim he was heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar' before stabbing passengers
Both victims were women, one of whom was left 'with a sliced neck'

Police were called to the busy retail area at 2.32pm
A man was arrested in front of shocked shoppers for carrying a blade

A 'knifeman' has been arrested in London's Oxford Street in front of horrified shoppers.
Metropolitan Police officers were called at 2.32pm to reports of a 45-year-old man seen with a knife at Hill Place, by the Junction with Oxford Street.

The Met spokesman said: 'He was detained by 14.40pm. There were no reports of injuries.'

A man carrying a butcher's knife and shouting 'Allahu Akbar' killed two female passengers before being shot dead by soldiers at Marseille's train station in southern France.

The attack at Marseille's busiest train station took place early this afternoon, as scores of armed police officers and soldiers swarmed the area.

Is the screencap from /1984/ or what's their name?

this is why nationalism must be stopped

this is also true.

I guess it wasn't real """socialism"""

it was infact the only logical result of socialism

get ready to show ID to by plastic sporks, France


It's insane how autistic gunfags still apply their retarded logic even after shown opposing evidence.
No one who is for gun control ever claimed it would reduce violence, they claimed it would reduce gun violence, which is a fuck of a lot easier to commit and more dangerous, if a fucking islamic terrorist isn't able to arm himself and gun down the entire bus but has to stab people one by one that's a justification of gun control, not an indictment of it.

but I guess we should just expect frenchmen in crowded as shit paris do weeks of range training and then start open carrying to prevent armed robbers and mass shooters who don't even exist yet.

true, but remind me who actually is "literally anyone" in 99% of the cases?

Go and stay go liberal

There's no good reason for muslims to be in France. Just the fact that they exist there is unacceptable.

yes, clearly that's the only factor in the issue, and there's no way they could get access to guns if they were outlawed
what are cars?


People get stabbed every day, fam.

Yeah muslims commit crime purely absent materialism, and somehow that guy is the liberal

Idealists are so retarded

They get their throats slit in broad daylight in public?

The problem with france is that socialism has been fully implemented

It's a good thing those anti-gun laws were in place to prevent the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks

I agree that it probably has a ritualistic aspect to stabbing rather than shooting, and buying guns in the black market in europe is probably not that hard but it still makes it a lot harder for the short-term lunatic who had a mental breakdown with no previous planning.
They could, but they don't, because most terrorists and spree shooters are lone wolves with no networks or skills.
Very clumsly, expensive and dificult to sneak into crowded buildings and closed spaces.

Both which had an organised network behind them, gun laws aren't omnipresent, no one ever claimed they were, but they're effective. Not to mention crimnilising these things gives the police the ability to track them before they act. Since everyone in france with a military-grade rifle is necessarily a criminal. Any information they get on anyone selling or buying the rifle they can use to track down the entire network.

So would a lot of things, that doesn't mean they aren't more trouble than they're worth.
I doubt you have data to prove this.
Still easier to kill or injure a large group of people with than a knife under the right circumstances. Should we ban them?

That was not a joke, by the way.

One is terrorism (motivated by politics) the other is homicide which if you really wanted to put in every headline would take years to get it all out.