Is there a single lefty youtuber that has shitstomped as many reactionaries as this guy?

Is there a single lefty youtuber that has shitstomped as many reactionaries as this guy?

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Jack Angstreich could

he's actually lost most of his debates though. even the one against jontron, the normies were on jon's side.

Jontron please go

Steven also please go


who are all these literally whos?

He's not a lefty, he's a liberal. I kinda like his streams tho, if only for the retards he has on.

He debates whatever rando sends him a challenge on twitter. At one point even a drunk neo-nazi who lived in the goddamn woods.

We need to get someone to debate him that knows their theory and isn't a soviet apologist like finbol.

Holy shit he's a lefty now? I used to watch his SC2 streams. IIRC he used to have a really shit relationship with his parents and worked in a casino.


Not really left, just a sanders democrat. Which makes him a Stalinist in the massively fucked overton window of "gamer culture".

Definitely not /ourguy/. Good memories of the SC2 days though.

What is with all the liberals at this our in america? Jfc

Hes a staunchly pro-capitalist libertarian social democrat.

but he does teach a lot of people about material conditions being stronger than bootstraps

totally falls on his face with "poor people have access to cheap quality goods like iphones" and "globalism is good because everyone gets a bigger piece of the ever growing pie" and "economics is not a zero sum game" and "competition drives innovation" and "capitalism is good we just needs strong regulation to make sure the game stays fair for all"

typical liberal but solid understanding social issues

I thought Athene had the same politics as him. Why would they debate?

Athene had a weird logic cult which was mostly incoherent but that Destiny was still unprepared to respond to. He mostly came out looking impotent and bewildered by a crazy person.

Athens is a cult leader

Economics isn't a zero-sum game but not in the way liberals mean it.


No but he is overwhelmingly popular & this is all he does nowadays he retired from Starcraft.
How can someone that fucking literally all he does is debate cannot shitstomp a ton of reactionaries? You're stating the obvious.

there was a strawpoll posted in his own chat and it was like 70% voting for jontron i remember

normal people dont like left wing ideas

Tbh, I wanna see Finbol debate destiny now.

Doesn't mean much when 95% of gamers and avid internet users are reactionary retards already.

Destiny actually debated a trotskyite once

Destiny is a fucking moron. Can't even beat vegan gains in an argument