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Has Holla Forums ever visited or lived in a socialist/communist country?
In all it was only slightly worse than contemporary Greece

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No but I know people who went to Cuba and the DPRK.

DPRK is pervert. Now really, despite being a Feudal-Capitalist monarchy, they are really really depraved. People in Asia hate the Kims, and this I learned from a Vietnamese Communist.

Best Korea I hear any visits to are supervised so they don't see anything they're not supposed to, but how was Cuba?

you're an idiot

Normal in "developting countries".

No, Spain got destroyed some 50 years before i was born

Modest but tasteful, after my Third World Easter European standarts.

And they don't sell their own people into concentration camps, don't have starvation and similar shit, and I think Cuba has still got siginficantly less capitalism, then North Korea.

And they don't have such idiotic media, like the Norks have. I mean "Kim Jong Un looking at things" and other Asiatic personality cult bullshit.

Nope, and the soviet union dissolved like 3 months before I was born and I live in burgerstan and I have no money for a plane ticket so I'll probably never get the chance to.

My gosh, I am typing utter bullshit

I remember my Grandad telling me he went on Holiday to Yugoslavia. He then told me that he saw the same place he was staying blown up on the news.

The soviet union dissolved 4 months after I was born.
and we share pretty much the same feeling, only that I'm on the other side of the border with Burgerland the southern side.

Does Belarus count?


The Vietnamese are the biggest revisionists I know.

When you are a tourist, yes. When you are there on a political mission, you have access to more stuff. My party entertains friendly relations with the Worker's Party of Korea.

which party is that user?

Only if you want LARP.

I'm not an expert on Cuba, but I know that the DPRK has almost none of its economic output coming from the Special Economic Zones and the economy is centrally planned. DPRK surely had more capitalism than Cuba in the 90s/early 2000s as a result of the crisis in the 90s, but is currently regaining its grasp of the economy.

It's two different models. Cuba apperently wants to decentralize planning, while the DPRK wants to strengthen and modernize it. DPRK may want to try to establish cybernetic planning, a small portion of their planning is already computerized.

German KPD.

What's so LARPish about it? DPRK is a real country, and they do support communist parties, so what's bad about that. Worker's Party of Korea is member of the IMCWP.

DKP or the socdems?

Just because a country used to have a red star on it's banner doesn't make it automatically Communist

What you mean? What I've voted for?

Your link doesn't work.

you said you were a member. did you mean the dkp or die linke?

No, I'm a member of the KPD.
KPD was legalized in Germany in the reunification treaty.


ah nice, i know the greek communist party and your party have good relations too. how is the situation for the m-ls in germany atm?

Ah, I've seen that article before. I think it's heavily biased and misinterprets several things. The whole donju thing is speculation. What is true is that there is a quite large black market in the DPRK, which is also a result from the 90s. The parliament sessions and the party congress both announce a return to the byungjin policy, which is the system of Kim Il Sung, as opposed to the songun military first policy which basically leads to the state retreating from the economy, leaving it to the civil administration and extract value out of it for the military. In practice, songun is therefore more capitalistic than byungjin - but recently we've seen the WPK purging songun types.

It's kinda bad, we have thee ML parties (DKP, MLPD and KPD) which all don't really like each other. In federal elections ML parties together didn't get more than 0,2% of the votes. I guess the only thing that the MLs in Germany have going for themselves that they dominate the communist discourse, Trots from the PS are pretty much irrelevant. Die Linke hosts some MLs though within its Communist Platform.


No, but I did live in Kerala for a few months. Better than expected; nothing too out of the ordinary tbh

I have been to China, but that doesn't count.

Can you tell me about the council system in Kerala?

i know the kke supports the DKP. do you have a newspaper? do you have any propaganda apparatus going on?

Nothing too out there, state govt is headed by governor appointed by the president, and he in turn appoints the other executive positions. Then there are around 150 legislators directly elected that govern under him. Biggest problem IMO is that the governor has too much power while being appointed out of the state. Largest party is the CPI(M), which is of course pretty much just socdem when it really comes down to it but they do have some cool shit like banning land rental

KKE is the in the IMCWP together with the DKP. DKP isn't that bad actually since they purged a bunch of wreckers in Southern Bavaria who said that they shouldn't even participate in elections and advocate reformism. KPDs party newspaper is Die Rote Fahne (the Red Flag). The KPD however has the most lively YouTube channel out of all the communist parties, "KiDeutschland".

Other than that, the almost all the propaganda that makes it into the public sphere comes from the MLPD, because they have shittons of money. You can see posters of the MLPD in every city by the hundreds.

I've read that Kerala has some sort of unique council systems which they use for organizing agriculture and welfare. I forgot the name of it. That they're SocDem in practice is obvious as a state within a capitalist nation

might be living in germany in a few years, always wondered how the m-l situation there is. I suggest reading vaziulin to you and your comrades since he's been published in german to my knowledge.

Oh, they have special rules to convene specific enumerated subject committees at regular intervals that include things like agriculture, public works, etc. It was only a few months though so I can't say I'm exactly an expert

That's actually a great recommendation. Where in Germany will you be?

That doesn't sound too bad. My girlfriends dad is from Kerala, but mostly apolticial.

I lived in socialist hungary for a little bit, but i can't remember it however both my parents and my grandfather lived there and they loved it my grandfather has a Stalin statue next to his bed till this day. My grandmother is from the USSR she shares the same feelings

Don't know yet. 2 people from my lab went on to work as post-doc researchers in germany, so it's highly likely that i will too in 2-3 years.

Vaziulin is a very important scholar that sadly has only been translated in greek and german. I came to know him through prof. Patelis' lectures, lucky for me such academics still exist in Greece. I was even thinking of translating some of his lectures if I find the spare time to do so.

Yeah like I said it was much better than expected considering the reputation some parts of India have in terms of hygiene and stuff. Best HDI in India even with low GDP for a reason.

I visited cuba once and plan to visit the dprk one day.

I've been to and lived in ex-communist/ex-Soviet. I spent the most time in the Czech Republic and most people had negative views of communism. Hungary was more all over the place with a more anti-migrant attitude but people in general are unhappy with their economic prospects. The only ex-Yugoslav I've been to is Slovenia. I asked people about Tito and shit and most of the older generation had very positive views of those times. They said it wasn't perfect but it was better than the stagnate wages in this modern capitalist system.

I should clarify that this is recent times since I wasn't alive for the Soviet era.
sage for dp

Been to Cuba. They had phones and shit with no internet censorship. Still internet aces was expensive. Most Cubans were pretty chill, but most Young Cubans in Havana don’t care to much about politics. (from what I saw)

slovenes are fucking garbage

t. serb

t. velikosrbski agresor

They're more irrelevant than anything

nah mate, slovenes started the break-up of yugoslavia and the majority of the population (at least if you accept the referendum as legitimate) was on board. they shot at JNA soldiers, stole all the currency from the central bank etc. They are scum, always were. In croatia and serbia ethnic tensions had to be pushed by outside factors, slovenia split without any outside assistance/interference

they're sleezy tbh

feels bad, man


so much for bratstvo i jedinstvo

because of the rise of your nationalism and stupid economic policies. read a fucking book, jna wanted to have a crypto military dictatorship so they could run the whole federation. sorry for not wanting to be a part of it

that's what you do when someone invades you. wouldn't happened if you respected the constitution which clearly stated that every country had a right to secede

lmao, that was Miloševič who stole the funds to pay for his election. sorry for not financing your aggression on Kosovo. you could even say that you are the thieves here. Reminder that Beograd and most of your vukojebina was built with money which came from Croatia and Slovenia.
you know the slogan: Slovenija radi, Beograd se gradi.

what is SANU memorandum? No shit croats felt threatened when the whole country went to shit because of massive debt and the government inability to fund something other than heavy, labor intensive industry. It gave way to nationalism to rise instead of fixing the fucking economy. or do you belive that west wanted to balkanize yugoslavia? Even when the break up was almost done they still pushed for a united yugoslavia.

i could say the same about the serbs hundred years serbian aggression and cultural imperialism on the whole Balkan. i mean just count your war crimes.

But unlike you, i'm not a spooked cunt. i dont judge whole nations based on a couple people i met. i dont judge people based on their country's history. i don't hate germans because of ww2, i don't hate croats or serbs or whoever. i hate capitalists. I like what yugoslavia stood for despite not being a confederacy, i like the concept of samoupravljanje, but it didn't really work that well. blaming any nation instead of the economic crisis in the 80s and bad planning is like Holla Forums blaming da joos for everything.

The proletariat must be united to overthrow the capitalist system which pushes it's subversive ideologies only to divide us.