Daily News Thread 10/1

Catalan referendum: 337 injured, some critically, during violent police crackdown on referendum

Catalonia's government spokesman says 337 people have been injured, some seriously, during the police crackdown Sunday on a banned referendum on breaking away from Spain.

Spanish Police Storm Polling Stations to Block Catalan Vote

Spanish police in riot gear smashed in the doors of polling stations and dragged protesters away by the hair, beating some with batons and firing rubber bullets at others on Sunday as they tried to shut down an illegal referendum on independence in Catalonia.

Trump Blasts San Juan Mayor, Who Says He’s Politicizing Disaster

President Donald Trump, under rising criticism for the federal response to hurricane-wrecked Puerto Rico, twice lashed out at San Juan’s mayor Saturday for her “poor leadership ability” and said some residents of the U.S. commonwealth “want everything to be done for them.”

Marseille: Fatal knife attack at train station

Two people have been killed in a knife attack at Marseille's Saint Charles train station.

Edmonton: Five injured in Canada 'terror' incidents

Canadian police have confirmed they are investigating possible acts of terrorism after multiple incidents in Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday night.

Syria's war has deadliest month this year - monitor group

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said more than 3,300 people had died in September, including 995 civilians.

Colombia's rebel ELN begins first truce in over half a century

Colombia's largest active rebel group, the ELN, has begun a temporary ceasefire with the authorities - for the first time in more than 50 years.

U.K. MoD’s £370mn armored cars ‘keep breaking down’: Britain’s top 5 defense kit flops

The British Army has been accused of a “massive waste of money” after shelling out millions on armored vehicles that break down in hot weather.

‘Save your energy Rex’: Trump says negotiations with N. Korea are a waste of time

The US President Donald Trump apparently does not support his Secretary of State’s efforts in peaceful talks with North Korea, having tweeted that Rex Tillerson should “save his energy” and Washington will “do what has to be done.”

Hezbollah says Israel pushing region to war

Lebanon’s Hezbollah accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on Sunday of pushing the region to war in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and said nowhere in Israel would be safe if such a conflict were to erupt.

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Dozens arrested during neo-Nazi march in Sweden

Dozens of people were arrested on Saturday as neo-Nazis and anti-fascists clashed with police during a march by the extreme right-wing Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday, police said.

Egypt "hunting down" gays, conducting forced anal exams - Amnesty

Six Egyptian men arrested for “promoting sexual deviancy” and “debauchery” on social media will be subjected to anal examinations ahead of their Oct. 1 trial, Amnesty International said on Saturday.

NBA Memo: Players, Coaches, Trainer Must Stand When Anthem Is Being Played

The memo says the league office “will determine how to deal with any possible instance in which a player, coach or trainer does not stand for the anthem.”

Demonstrators unveil 'Stop Killing Us' banner at St. Louis baseball game

Demonstrators unfurled a banner that read “Stop Killing Us” at a Major League baseball game on Friday in St. Louis, where they were protesting the acquittal of a white former police officer who was accused of murdering a black man, local media reported.

Sex robots of the future could raise life expectancy and improve mental health


He's right, considering the Nork attempts to negotiate have been consistently refused by the US.

The police have acted absolutely disgusting there (not like it's a suprise).

I want to believe

Someone redpill me on them. are they /ourguy/s?

That is pretty gay bro

Thank you!

I'm sure this is going to work out.

Why does anyone still work for Trump? At think at this point, everyone should know he'll sabotage any efforts you make.

how much is america in charge of over there? i mean they own it so shouldn't they be in charge of fixing or? I'm not sure how their relationship works. basically i'm asking who is in the wrong here

I'm surprised how little I care

Why be such a cunt? Marseillie btw is heavy as fuck.

Me too.

Now that's what I call leadership in the face of crisis. What a cunt, can't even pretend to respect America's colonies.
So war is pretty much guaranteed at this point huh? Trump is undercutting his own staff to push for it.
It's not gay if I call it a rectal exam and say no homo afterwards.

this'll go well…

Trump is an unwitting fascist and sees fighting communism as his ultimate goal. I have no doubt that he is going to try and start a war with the DPRK.

Jesus fucking christ, this guy

Elton John will not die.

Gonna be top keks when the norks release a chemical weapon in DC.

Honestly it just makes Kim seem cooler. It's not a pejorative like "Crooked Hillary" or "Lyin' Ted."

I would say I wish they would just nuke every major US city, but then again that will give the poor oppressed™ americans the best chance to play the victim card

Not France. Edmonton. I don't know why I feel so ambivalent to it. Especially when these kind of things never happen here. I guess after hearing about them all over the world I'm fairly desenseirised to it by now.

Also I didn't mean to sound like that much of a cunt. My bad.

If Glorious Independent Catalonia will decide that they want to have also fragment of French Catalonia, shoud we support the conquest?

Nationalism and expansionism is ANCOM

I like it, too. It's definitely not the insult Trump thinks it is.

Love how the news here in my country were stressing that "most of them were only slightly injured.
Bet they'd scream bloody murder if a cop got a bruise

And this is how America cedes their power in Asia.


my man

Absolutely based


Is he even trying to demean him?


No, they have proclaimed when interviewed on both French national and regional media that they are not interested in it

They won't declare independence either way

honestly as a colombian i didn't even know what they belived in until i googled it, they fought guerrilla, and paramilitary, mainly trying to fuck up the army. however they are painfully weak in the colombian guerrilla tier list, first were the farc, until they made a peace treaty, the second are the paramilitary, a right wing group, they are still free tho, because why would you stop when the goverment almost supports you, and third are these guys, honestly they are kinda boring, they'll probably retire and form a political party that no one will vote for because people hate them, or maybe they will be succesfull, in which case the goverment will probably genocide them all, hey it has happened before

Mass shooting happening in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Casino

Details are scarce at the moment will update as news comes in

Police Hunt Active Shooter on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas (AP) – Authorities have shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip after receiving reports of an active shooter.

Officer Aden Ocampo-Gomez says deputies are heading to the scene Sunday near Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

University Medical Center spokeswoman Danita Cohen said the Las Vegas hospital is taking in "several" people with gunshot wounds. She didn't have any more immediate information.

No further information was immediately known.



video from Dan Bilzerian's snapchat

Is it happening?

what am I looking at here? a shooting but don't state the obvious. who? why?

Said it was a fat white dude. The robot uprising has begun gentlemen.

As many as 70 victims at local hospitals after shootings on the Las Vegas Strip, local TV station KTNV reports.

Flights in and out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has been halted.

too early to tell

Is the shooting still happening?

the shooting isn't happening anymore to my knowledge. The police just posted this which could mean the shooter is down if he acted alone.

Supposedly the person(s) were shooting down from high somewhere, possibly in the hotel.

Thanks for the updates, NewsAnon.

more video.

you're welcome!

I imagine that burger-hating stalinposter is jacking off to this.

There screams fill me with horror

Maybe he's the shooter

Honestly the shooter could have done better if they'd taken the time it took to get their MG properly suppressed. They obviously had picked out a time and place and were firing from a distance away. Suppressing their firearm would have likely lowered the very audible noise to below that of the concert itself, meaning that people wouldn't notice for quite a while longer until the casualties started really piling on.

You think he did for her?

yeeup, he should be here any time now to jizz all over this and then claim it's 'part of muh Holla Forums culture' when people tell him to piss off

We both know that the shooter wanted the glory. A silencer would have silenced the noise of his righteous yadda yadda. Let's not delude ourselves.

I hear silencers aren't as good as media makes them out to be, and that they fuck with hitting targets at long range so that could be why

I know how loud guns are with and without suppressors. The important thing is that there's a concert going on and he's shooting from a good 200m away at least.

And yes, they do have a marginal effect on accuracy. But this guy isn't trying to snipe one person in particular, he's going full spray n pray at a target the size of a building.



well, time to buy more guns before President Obama takes our gu… oh, wait. Never mind.

That's a load of shit. "50"? No way…

For real and that's coming from a guy who only ever calls burgers "The Eternal Eagle". At least wait till the bullet holes ain't smoking before going full anti-imperialist…

right? white people are shit at mass shootings. Only based muslim active shooters can get those numbers.

Well, they deserved it…

It's 50+ now.

What a passive shooter do, may i ask?