Did we mess up with gamergate?

Did we mess up with gamergate?

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gamer gate was a joke. It gave fame to the people it hated the most and came off as a bunch of nerdy whiners.

Yes, we should have used it as an opprtunity to attack the liberal "woke hipster nerd" crowd. Unfortunatly we didn't and they are as annoying as ever, posting with #theresistance on twitter.

What’s wrong with gamergate?

we messed up and fucked with the wrong crowd
some even think it delivered Trump to his white house throne

nah you didnt
you arent idpol neoliberals right?

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what the fuck is wrong with you faggots i just saw this posted on 4/v/ and cringed… but it made me think.

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We call those people "retarded". The fox news uncles in the midwest don't give a fuck about gamergate and would probably punch sargoy or iam miles in the face if they had to put up with them for more than an hour.

Hell, Rogan actually did have to put up with Sargon for that long and was visibly annoyed multiple times throughout

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It's almost like the left could be more successful if i bothered to engage instead of writing off anybody that's not lefty enough already. It's almost like a lot of the left are a bunch of larping kids who want to feel righteous but are afraid of anything approaching a real challenge or conflict.

the point is is that a lot of people might have been radicalized or at least turned anti-left by goobergate. makes them into internet lumpenproles.



t. hypocrite

nice self critizism

Based on what?

Not so fast bucko

Based on the mindless complaint that we should have engaged with GG (somehow) which evidently you didn't do either.

Weren't there people here who actially did?

Would hardly anyone have even heard of Holla Forums if it wasn't for #GamerGate ? And would the alt-right even be a thing if it wasn't for Holla Forums?

I wasn't involved with the left back then. I was involved with GG. I'm talking from the perspective of someone who was worried about Holla Forums and would have been receptive to leftism that just wasn't there. When I started reading Marx in ~2015 I immediately realized that I pretty much already was a leftist, I just needed some theory to fill in the gaps and properly expand on things I had already become aware of. I'm not special. There definitely were more like me.

GamerGate got what they wanted.
Steam silently updated their guidelines to prevent collusion.
So even if journos don't want to, they have to disclose their connections with the devs and any gifts and goodies they received from them.
Also the word of Sarkeesian is no longer law. Just turned out that here massive support was just by people who strategically placed themselves in PR departments of various companies.

Probably. Holla Forums is such a mass of shrieking teenagers it likely drowned them out.

Aren't you in another thread complaining about people trying to do exactly what you're complaining nobody did for GG but this time actually important and in Spain?

More than one person uses this flag fam. And more importantly it's possible for more than one person to have similar ideas that you disagree with.

More pointing out your ideological inconsistency, but I'll take ancom inconsistency.

What is inconsistent exactly?

One is giving helpful advice for several years ago that the left should have got involved in GG, and another is saying we shouldn't get involved in Catalonia because it doesn't presently involve the left.

Listen up newfag, many of us were PART of GG. We just realized your shitty little "consumer revolt" wasn't going to solve any core issues with the gaming industry, or realized it later at least.

GamerGate was a Mercers/Koch astroturf from day one. You just got tricked.

I know the thread will get anchored or deleted or whatever. I thought I had this capped but it seems I didn't, so have a summary.

Back at the start, GG was ripe for the taking, especially by the left because GG was mostly milquetoast liberals. Given they were fighting SJWs, it unsurprisingly attracted rightwing retards, but the left fucked up bad by not joining in either, because they largely frequented the same social circles than SJWs. So even tho the left knew liberals, and specially the media, are full of shit, it still believed all the nonsense that SJWs spewed about GG. Thus as the left became useful idiots to SJWs, the right mass-joined GG, coagulated within it and helped form the alt-right, and God forbid, helped elect Trump. If the left had taken the shot, it could have kickstarted a more organized leftist presence on the internet (I'll refrain from calling it "alt-left") at the same time as it prevented the alt-right from forming, all while driving a very clear wedge between the left and SJWs, thus making it harder for SJWs to LARP as us, and for the media to conflate us. And last but not least, Trump might have been avoided. And before some faggot goes "lol you think GG elected Trump": snowball effect. It takes one snowflake to start.

tl;dr: if you didn't join GG at the start, this is all your fault

>"consumer revolt"
Shit was myopic af

Just because people have similar or the same ideology doesn't mean they'll agree on everything. This is "Holla Forums can't make up its mind whether X game is good or bad" levels of reasoning.


More like the contrarianism is tedious and unhelpful, while ironically arguing over how unhelpful the left are.

Are you seriously saying that people with the same ideology disagreeing over praxis in specific instances is contrarianism?

You are completely full of shit, many of the early members of GG were Neo-Reactionaries from the very fucking start. The term GamerGate itself was popularized by a right-wing celebrity. The whole thing was full of ultra-conservative hacks from the start.

Not that it matters, as soon as Breitbart and Milo joined and the GG masses accepted them it was too late. After that there was no way a single liberal or leftist outlet was going to support GamerGate ever again.

No, I'm saying you're both engaging in contrarianism for the sake of it.

No one's denying this, they're denying the gamergate influence on getting Trump elected

Look at most of the famous pro-GG people, almost all of them receive money from either the Mercers of the Koch Brothers.

retard (remember LESS Dems turned out for Hilldog than 'Bama, and they still outnumbered kekistanis 2 to 1).
Also you talk as if electing him was a bad thing in the first place. As if the radical left had anything to gain from having one bourgeois spokesperson for United Snakes or another.


GG is why your average neonazi is a bitter gaymer incel instead of a hardened ex-con. I'd say it has backfired on them at this point.

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you the same guy that used to shill gamergate constantly here?

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Nonsense like GG is just one of many of the desperate attempts by the right to slow down the general "liberalization" of young people. Whether is effective is hard to say though, but it's obvious it cannot stop the inevitable change.

Of course some were from the fucking start, it began on Holla Forums. But the majority was still liberal, and when the hub moved to KiA, it became overwhelmingly so.

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