National Bolshevism is the future

National Bolshevism is the future.

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Wrong. Globalization is the future. It is the direction which history is pointing towards.


heil hitner, hitner trortsy and stain were broth, 14/88 wsa the mtoto of nationa.lsit reivliton start in rusia in 1912 by btorkyso end nhis daughtr STAKIUN READ THE NATROT BIOGRAPHYU OF JEW lenon. we explain and DEBUNK claims of ane fronk. lenon was a jewush cartographer HE devbelop anti-HIOTNER theiory, buyt trotsko killd him, then he mevod to gremny to help HITNER make his OWN c omunism revlution. we are not marxists, fuck marx, he was a nigger. but no carolus marx was not marxist marxist is creation of donaldo trumpe (not TUrmb he natrot) HE wqsa the murderer of trotkso, he ASSIST his killingment, marx was a national trotksi as we proiobev in video "we are coming" marxism is jew and barack husein musolini CREATION! to defamation national trotk marx. later we delveop the theory of permanent national revoltuon BUILT UPON napOLEON theory and practicre. we despise niggers, the logical conclusion of socialism is the eradication of inferior beings, niggers are the prime xample of htis as quoted by bo mao in his obok, red socialism. sterber was a nigger too, hE with HIS theory of anti-hitnerism hATED hitnerism and hitrel that is why post-right gang is OXYMRO!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

WE fucked their moms and wil fuck YOUR Mom too if u ARE:


thanks forw atqhcing , also we must leglaise heroin and marijauna but not cocain, agudally no, we must legalise all drugs. thanks for wathcing spread positivity and JOIN the natrot empire, man

stop pretending to be /ourguy/ muke

why live

Wrong STANCAP is.

you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker

This… makes a lot of sense actually.

More then you might think



the future of mental illness maybe

Weren't the Bolsheviks the Jews who ruined Russia, then came to the US when things got shitty? Why would you want that future?

read a book

They still vote for Yeltsin&Putin, right?

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Don't know what I wanted to say with my post.

Dugin’s Faction

Limonov’s Faction



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