Leftist game development thread. Are any code developers here?

Leftist game development thread. Are any code developers here?
(I'm one, but specialized more im embedded, not gaming)
Don't you think it would be great to produce more leftist propgadana via game industry?

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Yeah man it would be beautiful.
I don't think it would accepted by the gaming community. Producing good games and valuing creativity over sells would be good enough imho and good enough of a propaganda.
do You like silent hill?

not really tbh
I think it can be acceptable if gameplay would be good.

Also we can do some subversion.
For example, in Poland leftists have made anarcho-communist mod to Hearts of Iron IV which applies to nationalist concept of "intermare", but subverts it: you can, indeed, build strong, independent "Poland" in XX century, but when you overthrow Polish bourgeoise, create libertarian socialist state and lead alliance with Machnovists in Ukraine, which is interesting 'alt-history' and caused many nationalist youth actually play anarcho-communists in this game.

We can do the same type of thing, but in larger scale and appealing to international community.

In context of these type of games yes. It would be cool too. Like really fucking cool.
My concern about propaganda in games is when is too obvious.

Big stories about history and stuff can be told in comics or novels. I think the best way to put a message in a game is to tell it through the game's mechanics, and if your mind draws a blank here, maybe you should do something else than a game. If you come up with mechanics, ask yourself whether these would also work in a board game or card game.


Crisis theory is dope and I think more straight-forward, low-budget games should follow this example by making the economic structure blatant. I'd like to see a business management sim that actually highlights the value of labor vs. the wages paid and includes strikes/unions as a mechanic.

I am working silently on a game.
Since I have work to do, I am optimistic, that I will finish around 2032

Got anything more to tell us?

Will it be possible for a game studio to be a cooperative? How can it profit by releasing its games as libre software?

Protip: It can't.

Toady (Dwarf Fortress) live on donations. With a big enough audience that model (or Patreon or something) might work for a larger group. There's shit like pay-what-you-want systems where you can display the average payment so people have some idea of how much to donate.

Personally I like the idea of playing for free and afterward giving a donation based on how much you feel you got out of the game.


whoops forgot my shitpost flag

I'm studying to be an animator.

You mean To Build a Better Mousetrap? It has multiple endings too.

I can help you, what you need to do?

I plan to do something like this. We hhave ~5 people interested in starting a development cooperative and sending earned money for development of local anarchist organisations.


No thanks

After BroQuest fell apart I was kinda bummed and started to do my own thing, without the idea guys butting in and pretending to be as equally important, but can't code for shit, just shit out more and more inane thought I am tired to hear from.
So I scratched that and started doing something from Zero point onward.

That's neat, but the project is resting, until I figured out how to code properly. I you can point me to learning sites I would be grateful.

I'm an amateur dev and college dropout. Working on something lefty in godot, but I don't want to talk about it before it is somewhat playable.


COD WAW Russian campaign was straight up Red Army propaganda, go to YouTube and watch the cutscenes. Rightists would flip out if it got released today.

Holla Forums is too reactionary

You will get banned gor saying capitalism is why the game industries suck