Will communism get me a boyfriend?

Will communism get me a boyfriend?

Communism will give you a boyfriend.
National socialism will give you a husband to breed a family with.

But I’m a girl(male)

Google Bookchin

Why will he be my boyfriend?

Also jokes aside I have read some communalism.

Communism will give you a boy to breed your tailhole with

He's dead but under communalism you will have a bf

I'll be ur boyfriend, I'm pan and you sound cute

Sounds shit

This started as a shitposting but I’m genuinely interested. Have a contact?

Google Bordiga

No it will only bring you suffering

I live in England btw. You can email me at [email protected]

Hopefully it will get you a gulag for posting trash

Yo it's not letting me post email
I'll put it in the email field to see if that works

Gulag me daddy!

Sorry no it is now
I really fukin tired sos
Is there any better way of trading contacts on leftypol?

You could just put spaces between it like
Examplename @ Exampleemail . example

lordoftheonionrings1 @ hotmail.co.uk
I'll check it like some time today

I made it years ago but my other emails have my name in the so nah

What area you at?

I'm south West

Bud it posted lol

Also I already sent an email

Also here’s my email for anyone that’s interested throwawaylazyleftist @ Gmail . Com

I live on the east side, London, newham area
Is a shithole

I might have to send you an email from my private email if the old one doesn't work
It'll be an Indian name, I'm Indian Irish

I'm outta here