Holy shit

At last I finally see…

Capitalism and Consumerism are literally the root of all modern problems. From economics, class division, racism, to even health problems.

Why didn't I listen until now? "Da Jooz" aren't the main problem, Capitalism is. Government doesn't exist, it's just a big group of rich capitalists playing monopoly with eachother.

It's all just a game to capitalists. It isn't to people like us. We need a revolution asap!

welcome to the #resistance my man now start reading

I dunno if this is a false flag or not.
Also I'd recommend downloading Richard D Wolffs lecture series on Marxian Economics from yt and listening to it on your commute or something if you're still new to actual theory.
It made all the reading I did afterwards make a lot more sense.

Maybe start with this, it's very grounded in critical theory of contemporary society. It's also phenomenal and moving, by my estimate


Welcome, Holla Forumsyp. Time to read.

Capitalism and consumerism didn't cause incel. Even if it did socialists hate us and they want to castrate us. Don't fall of these guys cheap tricks

but we "are'' incels, user

how about no

good list, seconded

Appeasement is a curse.
You can always opt out for prostitutes, its relatively cheap. Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.

this tbqh

Why are you part of a movement that does nothing but ridicule you and refuses to acknowledge you

Why would I give my life for people who are nothing but cruel to me

I'm acknowledging you right now boi

That cruelty attempts to cull out your weakness as individual. Stop being an weakling and give yourself for greater good of humanity.

Who cares about fucking. Nobody cares dipshit the world is going to shit and all you care about is yourself and your unwarranted self importance.

This is the world in only 60+ years. The entirety of the Western European coast is swallowed up as sea levels continue to rise. People have to migrate inland. Of many disasters yet to come, slowly, you never think about because of their gradual nature.

And you just care about fucking. Because that's what you are, you're a fucker.

because I want to rectify that

Ok thanks. But you also must offer a solution. That Angela nagle chick also acknowledges, but she refuses to offer any alternative.

You first.

I don't care about fucking. I care about meaningful long term relationships.


government-appointed gfs :^)

Do you have to ruin every thread about how much you want to have a relationship with someone. Go away. You care more about love than you care about preventable death. There are more important things in life than what you want.

What an worthless,apathetic, constantly gratifying yourself in self-pity and weak individual you are.
Cease purpose and die, since clearly you don`t want to even have purpose.

my property…

Ironically, you would want there to be more important things than what you alone desire.

Obviously this my ideal, but I know that you are joking.

You are trash as well. Lead by example. Let's see you blow up wall street

Capitalist's irresponsibility leading to accelerating climate change means, quite plausibly, the end of everything we now understand to constitute our humanity. And you're worried about how much your chances are with a girl?

If you want a long term relationship I could off my services. Im male though

also no

I want whatever pleases my ego, which is in no way the antithesis to altruism.

You will be disappointed.

Insurrectionism died for a reason. It alienated the masses and weakened the movement. Only real hope lies in the authority of the party and reform.

I will lead form there were my contributions hold any value, otherwise it would be pointless.

I'm kinda not joking. But really it just depends on what people want.
If people want appointed gfs, it will be so. If not, I can't really say you'll be so lucky.
Society won't be as severely limited by material conditions, social issues aren't as difficult to resolve when people aren't fighting for scraps from the upper class.


I don't think about that shit. I don't have any power to affect it an neither do you.

Good luck

I would think people would want it given the dating atmosphere nowadays. Of course I'm extremely biased. The hope is that in the absence of consumerism and capitalism people will naturally only go for long term and everyone will get a partner. That's what other leftists who are pro-incel think. But from my perspective I'd at least want some other option if that doesn't work

The stubbornness of our denial will be what kills us.

Why do you think you are lonely?
I think for me it is economic, mental health, childhood reasons, which could have been or could be fixed by political change.

Don't exist. At best people become comfortable with one another and don't care about finding someone else, but for the most part relationships are doomed to failure. People start to look at their significant others the way they tend to view things they own: better to get rid of this old thing and try something new. Our culture of hyper consumerism encourages us to constantly look for the next, best thing, and it's no different with relationships. My advice to you is to stop caring about relationships so much. Realize that for the most part it's just people lying to one another in an attempt to market themselves. Find something else to occupy your time and thoughts.

and these rich assholes are …..
both Holla Forumss look at the same problem but from two different sides. if you didnt even realize it you are probably too retarded for internet

Don't buy that bullshit op. There are plenty of lefty incels out there. We just don't blame all our problems on da jooz and lizard people. I myself am a wizard.

Removing Capitalism alone will go along way in getting outcast laid. Girls won't be nearly as stuck up on needing to feel that they will be financially secure with their partner for example.

Google Bookchin

Please tell me you're a recovering Holla Forumsack. I really want you to be the one white nationalist Holla Forums managed to get through to.

Ok mate time to start working and learnig.
Get a gym membership and start working out, if you want to make some change probably being fit will help you.
Now its time to start reading. Read Marx,Engels, Lenin even Stalin(you do not need to be a Stalinist to understand thathis works are pretty good and on point)
Reading is much better but if you are some sort of brainlet start by watching communist youtube channels like TheFinnishBolshevik ( he has a great series as introduction to communism), Comrade Hakim( his videos are more advanced),Tovarish Endymion( he makes short but really good vids)Badmouse( he will not teach you theory but will help to despook yourself), and other such as Mexie, Libertarian socialist rants if you have the time.
Come back here if you do not understand anything or need advice

Loser. If the world isn't ok then don't lament it get strong individually for your own sake. Thats what I plan on doing, I'm a sovereign individual I like being in company, I sure will since I have always been attractive to others but at the same time I'm not weak to rely on others, I can help myself & my friends even if I'm apart. I don't want to be dominated. By no one.


fuck off /r9k/

Every single one of the problems listed in that insipid, self-pitying picture can be solved or overcome with the application of effort.