Socialism or Barbarism had another debate and was kinda shit again

The last time he had a debate with Jason Unruhe. this time with AltHistoryHub. Both times he was kinda shit, and considering he manages to get those big names to debate him, should we do the same thing we did to muke and encourage him to read some books?

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Angstreich should be canonised as the patron saints of leftist internet debating tbh

muke is illiterate so i hope not


Break it down for me, what happened? I'm not watching a long video, and few others will too.
The fuck is this channel doing debating? Last I saw it was just a blatantly speculative and often incorrect fantasy channel.

Yeah. This is the only time he's ever done anything even remotely politically
He must really fucking hate communism.

have you seen his videos? They are politically charged.

The whole things was a masturbatory ode to muh human nature. He barely explained his positions to make it short. For example, he didn't really explain the difference between state and government, or despite being asked to, he didn't really explain how a communist society would work that well.

How could Socialism or Barbarism get BTFO by a dude who drops truth bombs like "Fascism was actually a form of Marxism and if Marx never existed, Fascism wouldn't have!". This is hilarious.

This is so fucking pathetic to watch
I agree AltHistory didn't have the vocabulary to get his points and questions across efficiently. But it took SoB so fucking long just to understand what he was saying.
when he finally answers the question about human nature he completely fails to understand the difference between causation and dialectical relation. this is why you all need to fucking read, so we don't get embarrassments like Socialism or Barbarism representing us.

Why did i used to like AltHisHub, he's so full of ideology

God editing. I’ll watch anything of any ideological massage if the editing is good. I stumbled upon Badmouse before I was a leftist. I disagreed with him, but continued to watch because the editing was good.

Again with this liberal meme?

Four minutes in:
lmao, nevermind the constant Russian airstrikes on ISIS, the ground operations of the SAA and massive support from the USA. Without support they got steamrolled by ISIS and almost lost Kobane.

Anyway, both of them are retarded. AltHistoryHub drops muh human nature basically from the get go. How does SoB get to debate a +1million subs guy anyway? If it was FinBol the debate would have been over after 30 minutes.

He tries so hard not to say human nature. I wonder why?

Because everybody who isn't a flaming Holla Forumscuck knows that by using "human nature" as an argument you corner yourself beyond repair once the other side doubles down on it and asks you what you mean by that. And unless you aren't an anthropologist, neuroscientist and evolutionary psychologist you will only be able to answer such a loaded word insufficiently.

PopHistoryHub vs Retarded version of bat'ko the idiot.
It's nice to see anarko idiots outing them selfs these days. Between this and the catalonia referendum idiocy they are showing how ML, or "le tanckie", are the smart ones

go shill somewhere else, the amount of retarded tankies is unbearably large.

Soc vs barb is fucking retarded, even if he read an entire library of leftist literature he still couldn't articulate a simple fucking point.

He's so bad at debating that I think he's a plant; self-sabotaging fucking retard.

Can we please stop getting idiots under the age of 25 to debate on our behalf? Some of them aren't even fucking 18 yet and they're debating. STOP.

I've honestly thought of debating or doing a take down of one of AltHistoryHub's videos before. I thought of this because it would be incredibly easy. This Socialism or Barbarism guy should probably focus on something other than debating.


Considering he's an anarchist, yes.

considering I am also an anarchist, yes, we have enough bad rep. And also, black is the new red.

But that was his only argument. One would think a non-Holla Forumsyp could come up with something more rigorous. Anyways, he definitely lost any respect I had for his videos. I should have seen the ideology behind his content since day one.

I hope AltHistoryHub reads this. He seems open-minded.

I kinda lost interest in the dude after he said he didn't care about imperialism in the Roo debate. I mean sure, support Rojava, whatever, but at least have a better way of justifying it than just straight up declaring that you don't care about imperialism.

Send him the screenshot.

I did

The dude should stick to making memes and propaganda. All his debates/"debunking"/streams are fucking horrible.

Jesus. respond with this so he will finally shut up about his human nature argument.




Don't bully muke, pls.

Whats the point of these youtube personality debates? Its just a bunch of spectacle shit with two retards that know nothing about what they are defending. Fucks sake

What's the point in the whole youtube e-celebs debating? I don't get it

no I’ll just tweet the thread link.

He's a anarchist so what did you expect.

being educated on Anarchist theory maybe