Nukes were a mistake

How huge mistake nuclear weapons are?
They have killed off large scale wars, forcing humanity to devolve into asymmetric warfare, where developments in both the medical and weapons technology have slowed down, turning them into even more expansive endeavors.

All the positive sides of warfare have been killed by them, the feeling of belonging in a war, need for total mobilization and looking for more effective and cheaper means of production. Developments in military strategy and states are at standstill due to this, along with any realistic revolutionary potential that has always historically been born out of war.

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There are no positive sides to war.
Nukes made the world a safer place.
The revolutions were unaffected by them, the countries with real revolutionary potential already have nukes, thus being somewhat impervious to them.
I doubt a country would ever nuke itself to stop an uprising as it would be suicidal.

Nuke wallstreet

Nukes are the only reason that the rate of profit has continued to decline, unabated, for decades now.If nukes did not exist we would have WWIII already.


Do you have any idea what would be going on in the Middle East and in Korea right now if nukes did not exist?

Most of modern medical technology and methods were born out of ww1 and 2.
Radar,nuclear energy,synthetic fuel etc. were born out of wars.

War transforms the human spirit to the next level. Peace breeds weakness and stagnation on society.

Nothing would be different, since Only Turkey,Israel and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and all of them are USA aligned.

Korea would be better off since Norks would collapse along their fascist regime.



They wouldn't be allied. That's the point. Also Israel would be instantly destroyed.

Six days war was fought without nuclear weapons, I doubt that with the level of military capability of Arab states they could never overtake Israel in symmetrical warfare.

Nukes are why you will never have your revolution and why capital's power is forever cemented until the end of time.

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You have it backwards. Nukes are why capital cannot start massive wars anymore. Nukes are why capitalism has stagnated in the west and will continue to stagnate where it develops fully.

It also slows communication,optics,production methods and medical technology down.
Russian revolution,Chinese revolution,Paris commune etc. were all born out of wars, not by peace within capitalist system.

That's what space programs are for

R&D caused by wars is lot higher than limited government spending that can be counted in single digits of government budgets.

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how is that fascist?
look up the killer ape theory and then the gombe chimpanzee war.
stateless and classless just means no power gains a monopoly on violence, not that there is no violence at all.

Humans aren't basic primates you philistine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with nukes whatsoever. Nuclear war is revolutionary war. Google J. Posadas.

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but we have common ancestry with them.
intraspecies violence is something unique to humans, and has only been seen in chimpanzees (our closest relative) in very, very small amounts.

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I have served my mandatory military service in the military already, I know what I`m talking about. A real coward’s only reward is to live in fear another day.

You might want to go look at some stealth ships, railguns or autonomous machine guns.

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Arguably, they were the factor that (mostly) ended colonialism, replacing it with marginally-less-shitty neocolonialism.

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This, especially since a lot of that is manipulation of public opinion. It's easier to kill independent thought than to kill your enemy.

read Orwell's The A-Bomb and You

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Considering the point that timeline diverged from ours would probably have to be before nuclear theory was developed and what changes it would take for it not to be developed, it would change a lot more than the middle east.

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